Subject of the moment is the Archontic Infection. I am going to say some things here that I can’t totally verify, however John has an infallible method that time and time again has been proven to come up with the truth. This method is the Telestic method of investigation used in the ancient mystery schools; it is called “Instruction by the Light”. This was the secret of the mysteries that was never spoken externally, verbally and never even written about until John wrote about it in his book “Not in His Image”.

This was kept for thousands of years until John brought this to the world and he practices this method, the method of Shamanic investigation, by which you enter an altered state which he calls cognitive trance. You are totally sober and lucid, you don’t hallucinate or close your eyes and in this cognitive state you pose questions to the light that you see, this White Light is actually the naked body of Gaia Sophia herself. You converse with the Goddess in an ecstatic state of knowing, this is what the Gnostics did in the Mystery Schools and they come away with intel that you cannot acquire otherwise, so take it or leave it, this is how John accesses information.

John is deeply involved in the investigation of the Archontic Infection. Many people use the name when they refer to the term virus when they refer to the Archons, don’t they?

Even in the bible, Paul (Saul) was called the plague carrier. He’s carrying the Archontic virus which he got from a sect of the Ancient Hebrews.
The origin of the Archontic intrusion upon humanity is not the entire Hebrew people, a specific cult and down throughout history the term plague, virus or infection has been used and applied to the Archons and it has been applied to the Jews according to John, who are the carriers of that particular virus.
Here’s where the seat gets hot, John is only in the middle of this investigation and it might be premature discussing it, but the world is on the verge of WWW3, well what the hell.

The Archontic factor until now was considered an ideological virus. The ideology of Salvation-ism, the master race or chosen people paradigm, the messiah, sacrifices of the Messiah, the final judgement of the world. These elements are components of a complex called the Palestinian Redeemer Complex and John said that that complex, that belief system which was seeded in an ancient cult of the Jews, it went pandemic in Christianity and metamorphosed into Islam.

That particular belief system is an ideological virus planted in the human mind by an extraterrestrial species. That was not John’s idea, he took that from the Gnostic materials and it’s reached a lot of people but that was only the soft core version.

Up to now the Abrahamic religion was a Gnostic virus, now I will give you the hard core version: “It’s a neurological virus and I have been telling this to people for years that the Archons as inorganic beings cannot manifest/incarnate on Earth, they can only infiltrate our minds and John has had this knowledge long before myself because he is the expert, I’m just a researcher and student of his.

No one on this planet will know ultimately what is happening to destroy humanity unless you have access to the supernatural intel. It cannot be understood solely from ordinary state of mind. You have to go into un-ordinary state of awareness and investigate it soberly, as the gnostics did. I’m not even close to John in experiencing this, but I have been able to stand in front of the White Light or Organic Light and communicate, I get images and it lasts a few seconds here and there, it takes practice and years of “nous”.

There is an Archontic neurological infection raging on this planet. How that virus got into the human brain and it IS in the human brain, it is masked in the brain by a chemical called L-Dopa, an important neurochemical related to dopamine. These chemicals are in everyone’s brain. Do you think we all have the same neuro-chemistry in our brains? Nope. Some human animals have an infection in their neurological circuits and this material.

So we all start with the same chemicals until we are infected and that changes the neuro-chemical balance. It’s not easily detectable because the nature of this virus is very insidious and deceptive. It’s a virus that disguises itself as some viruses are known to do. This virus is the trickster virus, it’s not just a virus like any other virus that a human animal or animal might contract, but it’s a virus that’s possessed of a diabolical trickster, intelligence and so it disguises itself in the brain so one could make an analysis of someone’s brain who has this infection and not see it because it is masked behind the L-Dopa.

There are two directions that you can take to investigate the behavior of this virus. For starters you can go to the internet and look up the word toxoplasmosis, it is a neurological virus which resembles in some but all of it’s properties of the Archontic infection of the brain, and it’s very interesting to read from a scientist who refers to it as dopamine. Secondly, you can read the book called “Mind Parasites” by Colin Wilson or you can listen to Robert Sapolsky a neuroscientist, 24 minute Youtube interview with him and you will see how toxoplasmosis resembles this Archontic infection.

So do your own research and no doubt you will come to the same conclusion.

John: “So, I’m announcing the coming of a new film and this film is called AI, not Artificial Intelligence but Archontic Infection”.

What is the plot of this film? The human species on Earth has been infected by an off-planet virus. How many Science Fiction scenes have presented us this story? According to the Gnostics, that’s not fiction, it’s a fact.

Special tools of cognition and Telestic Shamanism are needed to gain access to this information, if you want to know how this supernatural works, you’ve got to go there.
Here, for the first time is the scenario how it happened, the mechanics of it.

We can actually see evidence of this Archontic Infection in our current reality. John did a lot of soul searching before deciding to talk about this because it can sound like an out of this world possibility but then when you think of it, who is controlling this planet if it’s not by off-planet species?

It’s provable against the evidence of how it works in the world today and we are at the threshold of that investigation. Let’s not leave this out; if you can hear me in the deepest sanity of your own minds, then you will resonate like a bell to what I’m going to say now.

If there is a problem to the human species that has a supernatural origin then it also has a supernatural solution, and that solution is what the Gnostics called “Sophia’s Correction”.

It is when she corrects the problem of this information but she can only do it with a measure of human participation, she can’t do this entirely on her own, because WE, humanity are not the supreme species on this planet, we are THE exceptional species and we are of exceptional interest to the planetary animal Mother.

We are the pet creatures of this experiment in her eyes and she needs our witnessing and our interaction to correct the spirit, and this is the moment of correction. The big question will be is this virus or infection manifested through a Religion or a genetic nature? This baffles the mind because anyone that takes the time, considerable time and huge determination to try to work out this problem of the Jews. The problem with the Jews is not a problem that every single person that considers themselves a Jew is an agent of Evil on this planet, hell no.

The problem with the Jews is the problem of Jewish identity and Jewish agenda, that’s the problem and when you look into it; you always get slapped in the face. Is it genetic or ideological? It’s genetic AND ideological, that’s what’s so insane about it.

This neurological infection which took root in certain people, it could have been anyone, it could have been another racial group, it could have been Mongolians or some tribe of American Indians who carried this neurological virus in it’s primary form. It has 3 forms: Class 1, Class 2, Class 3.

It’s neurological and yet it is at the same time ideological. It is as if you could say, someone could eat some moldy bread and someone could act in a strange way, they would dance around and jerk around like puppets so just looking at it externally you see that behavior, strange because you don’t know if it’s coming from a neurological condition. So you might just say that behavior is crazy behavior, but when you know it’s coming from a neurological condition then you can say it’s both neurological and existential at the same time. It’s not a very good analogy but in the advanced stage of this infection, the whole NLP of the brain is reprogrammed by religious beliefs and ideology. We know this, look at what is happening to the world today, step back for a moment. Maybe I can illustrate the elucidated value of this proposition.”

There is some kind of massive mind control programs spreading across the planet and even though you can say “Well, it’s because certain people control the media and they control the education”, you try to explain the mind control deployment and implementation of that mind control program by mundane and conventional methods but a the end of the day there still remains some eradicable factor that cannot be explained rationally.

How is it possible for such a massive conversion and infiltration of the mind to occur and that’s where you come to the boundary? I’m not saying that you can’t explain this phenomena of this Archontic Infection at all in conventional terms, I’m just saying where there’s a boundary where you have to factor in the supernatural element, and when you factor that in, according to my understanding, then you will understand why those who carry that virus need to eliminate the White Race.

In the Intel that John is investigating, he has come to the understanding that the White Race is quite simple the Northern Nordic European races in particular and the Caucasian races have a high immunity to the virus and there is a very particular reason why they are immune, it’s because to some measure they eat pork.

The Taboo on eating pork is totally irrational and you can try to explain it any way you like, but it’s a matter of fact the great majority of people eat pork and it doesn’t bother them at all does it?

So why is there a Taboo against pork among the Jews and the Muslims? Because along with the Archontic Infection which is neurological, the Archontic mind of Yaldabaoth; that is Yahweh/Jehovah and his hoard of Cyborgs; the Archontic mind hacked in the human neurological circuits through this virus and the Archontic mind planted lies in the human mind.

How, what are those lies? Those lies are the lies the Gnostics warned us about all those many centuries ago. For instance: “Yaldabaoth the overlord of the Archons, a reptilian, shape shifter chose a certain man named Abraham from among the nations and made a covenant with him to the effect that if Abraham’s seed continued to serve, the Archons would give to Abraham the Earth for inheritance.”

How do we know that statement is a fact about something that occurred based on their method of Telestic Shamanism investigation, the Gnostics said: “The Archons made a pact with this particular tribe and they gave Earth to them”. But that’s a lie because the Earth was not theirs to give; the Earth does not belong to the Archons so how can Jehovah in the New Testament as attested in many passages such as Deuteronomy and elsewhere tells the chosen people that he gives them something that he himself does not possess?

That is probably the supreme Archontic lie, and that lie is being acted out today to the psychotic and murderous insanity of the people whose minds are literally neurologically infected with it and you have to wonder why it doesn’t bother them, why they can sit on the hilltops sitting in lounge chairs and scream, yell and applaud, drink wine while they are watching women and children being burned to death, murdered, defenseless with no arms, nothing to defend themselves with. Do you wonder why the human mind cannot even go there, it can’t go there. It can’t conceive anything that evil, but I’m telling you, we have to conceive this evil and we have to admit that part of our understanding of it must come from an investigation of its supernatural factors.



  1. Very interesting and it makes sense more than anything. I had a friend who’s mother was Jewish and he always talked about the Jews not eating any animal with cloven hooves or bottom feeding shellfish or fish. Could it be that the closer to earth they ate and walked could kill off the infection?

    Once again, a great article! Thanks!


    • It gives us a lot to think about terry, as Tony wrote, how do we know how much truth or reality is in the gnostic texts, like any scriptures, scribes had to write them or translate and we just don’t know how much of any ancient written work is even intended for us to know the truth. We have to go to our intuitive selves and FEEL the truth.


    • jews do eat animals with cloven hooves, the rule is they must have cloven hooves AND chew the cud… so cows, goats, sheep, all good, pigs have cloven hooves but dont “chew thw cud” camels chew the cud but dont have hooves. Horses dont fit either rule and therfore are off limits.and NO shellfish at all, only creatures that have “scales and fins”. It’s all in Leviticus


  2. Ines – it was JLL that first drew me to your website(s), sad that you went off course to the extent you did.

    However the Sophianic Corrections will take all of two centuries to manifest, and you are highlighting the work of one human being, and although there are likely many truths and some falsehoods in the nous letters, most will be confused, and see it as an opinion of one individual and a some followers, with problems and complicated solutions which are difficult to get ones heads around.

    I would suggest that you listen to Kryon’s latest channellings (2015) from Austin and Atlanta and you will hear how the NEW energies on the planet are enabling people not to concentrate on the doom and gloom of 3D, but instead go inside, and take control and heal, by intention. Doing that , and reading John’s work shows some great correlation as to where we are without the obsession generated by master races and so called chosen people, beit a “virus” or just mind control, we are our masters and we are very powerful if we try to be human and less judgemental of humanity and each other.

    Very interesting, as well the comments about judgement and forgiveness.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Welcome back tony and thanks for the up on Kryon, I have listened to him already but will go back and listen again. I tend not to think about the gloom and doom anymore, but I feel that he is close to the truth on the white genocide issues, though as you can see, I have not been focused on the gloom and doom rather where we are going. Our biggest problem as Humanity is that we are fragmented, each going into different directions, and whatever it takes we need to come together and work together. that’s the million dollar question, how do we come together collectively and work together collectively?


  3. I wanted to add one more thing to your comment Tony about the gloom and doom. I have written this a few times before, if people that are just starting now to realize what is going on don’t know what is actually happening then they can’t change their ways or way of life, when I write posts, I try to do it to an audience that is awakened and that is just starting to awaken.
    If we go through life not aware of what is actually happening, then we have nothing to confront and we are caught by surprise or shock when things start to change. I read somewhere, perhaps even Kryon mentioned it that only 11% of the world’s population have an idea of what is really going on and who is really running the show. It’s not gloom and doom to accept the idea that whites are being exterminated because Jews feel they are the chosen people. It’s a possibility or truth, but it’s something that we should all be thinking about because if it IS true, don’t we owe it to those that are asleep to let them know?

    I try to be a thought invoking messenger, not necessarily writing truth or reality because truth is, we don’t know if we know or what we know to be true because of our matrix and programming, the deceptions/illusions etc., so, what we should be doing is encouraging people to start thinking for themselves rather than walking around like robots waiting for the next command.
    I can’t say with 100% certainty that John’s work is on the ball, but I also can’t say that when I leave my body and experience different realities that they are not archontic holograms. How would I know the difference living in this 3D matrix?
    The main thing is that we get people to start thinking about these things, what they choose to do with the information may lead them to their own truth, but if according to “Yellow Rose” we are ALL being lifted, then I would ask “What is the purpose of us learning and seeking truth if we are all going anyways?”

    This Rose figure, she’s teaching/preaching the sit back and relax, don’t worry, just wait for the dome to be lifted and mother and father will pull us out, well, just imagine if that was true? What did you and I even bother to spend most of our lives learning about something if it matters not the end anyways? In fact, I would be really pissed off if that was true because I wasted all these years looking for answers, but hey, either way, those of us that are awake will end up in a better place than those that are asleep, I think that we all have to “earn” our next status or graduation otherwise, what is the point of working so hard?
    I compare that to a restaurant, that just came to mind first. All the tips go into one jar and at the end of the working day it’s divided amongst everyone. It’s not a fair system because those that worked really hard and those that avoided working at all got rewarded the same, and that is how I see our next step in our evolutionary cycle, each one of us depending on our work accomplished or not accomplished will determine where we go next.


  4. Hooray, superb article. I have personal experience of these “energy vampires”. A few years ago I came to the conclusion that, they were neurologically inadequate. They are beyond psychiatric, no medic could do anything for them. They need brain transplants. Molloch gave them, two derrieres, one of which is embellished with a pair of lips. He gave them a sack full of price stickers and, a recording facility,(they seem to have some sort of technical recall). I find the best way to survive, is to ignore them. Their “delusional superiority complex” means they can’t tolerate/understand, being ignored. The only way they can “rationalise” it, is to ascribe psychiatric illness or, educational inferiority to those doing the “ignoring”. They seek attention but, because they are abusive, puerile, untruthful, inconsistent etc, the attention they attract is usually negative. They thrive on creating chaos but, take umbrage, should anyone point the finger of blame at them. They are perpetrators of malice, who cast themselves as victims. They are domineering bullies, who see themselves, as the ones being bullied. I have watched, “friends”/colleagues being abused in social and business situations and, the abuser, oblivious to the consequences that inevitably follow. Cause and effect is beyond them. Strangely enough they seem to carry some sort of fear, I haven’t yet worked out what it is. I have noticed that strong women and, possibly strong people generally are a “bete noire”. They seem to resent strength in others and, flounder in the company of such people. Strength and integrity seems to “sap” their power and, increases their vicious idiocy. Somewhere on the internet I came across an article on “gang stalking”. I had never heard of it before but, it seems to be demonic possession, of the less visible variety. Low level malice and mayhem. Dark entities, with access to human bodies, generating unsociable behaviours. The interesting thing about “gang stalking” is that there appears to be a, pattern of behaviours and, a relatively limited pattern at that. I can’t remember many of the “signs” but one was the stare, psychopathic stare. It seemed to me if, normal people familiarised themselves with the “menu” of behaviours, they could then protect themselves, to some extent. Forewarned is forearmed. The topic you have highlighted is, beyond fascinating. These el-ites (SATANIC-i’ll thieve everything SCUM) are at the top, polluting everything below. Their treachery has facilitated their positions of power. They possess no scruples. Funnily enough however, their lack of cognitive power, may well be their downfall. There is “apparently” a formula to “takeovers”. It goes along the lines of (1) takeover (2) kill all those who assisted in the “insurrection”. The reason why those who “aided and abetted” the “usurpers” are killed is because they are seen as untrustworthy ! They will do anything for power and wealth. They are seen as “turncoats”. They can be bought. They are seen as “potentially disloyal”. I suspect the khazar zionists and, their stooges are too stupid to work this out. We do indeed, live in interesting times.


    • thanks..I have read some of his work but not really sure how much to take seriously, he writes from feelings without backing it up with proof, though that can be considered as his truth and not mine.


      • Truth is truth…it doesnt change…the Supreme Creator will not reveal truth to you then expose something different to him…truth stands alone and needs no defense…the awakened ones will encounter the same TRUTH at fluctuating periods in different circumstances and they will always end up with the SAME truth
        xx much love xx
        I am also having a tuff time with the solitude and discovery of info…so much to do and I yearn for the moment i can explain and be understood to any human mind Please!!! Anyway i am generating abundance with positive thoughts and intent on giving. Thanks foryour insight blessed be


  5. I received this same information…i have just discovered the Telestic method and am a little relieved to see an actual term…i call it divine inspiration and downloading info like a computer…i have been feeling isolated and condemned for what I know and I cant talk to anyone about these bizarre and fantastical invaders…i wrote a short poem for each human mind (a) the Succumbed and then us (b) the Resisters, which is an anagram of three sisters…your article confirms what I have been blessed to know…i now truly believe i am not crazy!! Where is my tribe? Also I am not convinced that white genocide would be a horrible tragedy…the 12 tribes are dark skinned…the inheritance of Earth belongs to the dark races…Africans, north & south american natives, central american tribes, and Haiti(more Caribbean islands)…research the true identities of the tribes of Israel…the point is the Archons have infiltrated all distinct bloodlines to cause separation of one’s true identity…i am a survivor of this method…taken from my gypsy family and reprogrammed to be nothing more than an accessory for a narcissistic soldier of darkness…i am Mage & druidic shaman, daughter of the Magdalene, a wise and truthful student of light…many gracious thanks and blessings for sharing this knowledge Know Thy Self!!
    Celine Magdalene messiah seed a proud expulsion of the matrix


    • I mentioned the intent of white genocide and why it is necessary…the white european races are destroyers and murderers…the white races have inflicted major atrocities against humanity…other military or gov’t factions attempt the same strategy and the white rulers call it criminal…hypocrites at their core lies laced with delusional fallacies…but wait! The white people are only following the agenda of the jews…thats the real world corruption…revelation 3:9 and 2:9 synagogue of satan…anyway this is the knowledge i have become exposed to, the elements behind the veil…blessed be and namaste…as above so below what we see is not all we know )0( xx celine Magdalene


    • You sound like a very incredible being and don’t give up in what you see and believe. Many will come and claim to be Christ, truth is, we’re all Christ as we are all that is.


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