The Education Propaganda and Deceit

I have wanted to write about this subject for a long time, this video gave me the perfect opportunity to do so. Firstly, Jean claims that the video below is “probably” the most important  educational material she has ever published on her blog, which is sad because she’s an experienced blogger, she’s been around for a long time, she deals in truth and the subjects in this video is  nothing new.

The first time I heard about it in detail, in particularly The Iron Mountain Report was several years ago from James Horak and Crystal Clark, you can find their videos on YouTube. I have a special admiration for both because of the way they present information and James claims to be of not of this world, which is interesting in itself and if you listen to him long enough, you get the feeling he is telling the truth about his origin and purpose here at this time.


But the video or the subject is not what I wish to write about, it’s truth and harsh reality, a perspective that we outside of the U.S. view and experience Americans and the harsh reality because we are witnessing the agenda daily.

Before I proceed with what I have to say and have wanted to do so for a long time, hesitating about it for fear of insulting someone unintentionally, it was heavy on my mind because it’s about Americans but who are/were unknowing victims of one particular subject and that is Education. Starting the at 14:00 minute mark, Deborah discusses the agenda of education what we today call “dumbing down”.

So, please, if you are an American reading this, take no offense and do not take anything I write further personally, especially because I could use the incorrect word or phrase or you might perceive it differently than what my intention is and that is not to insult you in any way.

As a Canadian Citizen living in Canada for most of  my adult life and in the U. S for several years, I mingled, worked and had American friends and co-workers, but while growing up in Canada, we often made fun of Americans for being so dumb.
We knew it was because the educational system was “different than ours” , but we didn’t know then, that it was a planned out agenda. My co-workers would often tell me to slow down because I was making them look bad.

Nothing has really changed since then, looking from Europe over to the North American continent, the educational system is still very useless and Americanized but with the advent of Internet, those that chose to further learn and desire more information grew intellectually on their own, but those that didn’t even today can’t find France on the map or even know where Croatia is.

I noticed the area of ignorance in the 80’s and 90’s being in International events, knowledge of geography, cultures of different countries, their industries and history etc, yet by 7th grade in Canada we learned all the 52 U.S states and their capital cities.

Our neighbors in Washington State ( I lived in Vancouver B.C. ) thought we were Eskimos and in the 80’s with the Canadian dollar being stronger, we would drive to either Bellingham or Seattle to do our shopping and get gasoline as it was cheaper as well and just spending time with Americans either in the stores or restaurants, we noticed they knew nothing about our culture or way of life yet we were 2 hours away.

As I said in the start, it is and was no fault of the Americans, but then we made fun of them because we didn’t know the dumbing down was done on purpose and intentional. Our views were that Americans were arrogant and they were taught only American related subjects and history, that their culture promoted exclusively, positioning themselves as being the best.

There are huge differences in education between US, Canada and Europe. Europeans 8th grade is equivalent to North America’s 12th grade.

When my family returned back again from Croatia to Canada in 1971, I was half-way through 7th grade and I would fall asleep in class from boredom, as it turned out, I was recommended for re-evaluation and testing and I had tested the equivalent of a grade 12 student. Because there would have been a wide gap in age had they pushed me that far up, they placed me in grade 10 and I graduated by the age of 14 and was one of the youngest PhD students by the age of 25 and that is having 2 children in between I took time out for.

When I returned back to Croatia in 2004, my education was not recognized at a PhD level, I was classified as BA of Psychology but since I was already practicing Chinese Medicine, I wasn’t interested in continuation of my career here anyway.

My point is that in my opinion, North Americans have the lowest quality of education in the world. Even poor or developing countries such as India, Africa and China have excellent education, the differences there are that there are more poor people who simply can’t afford higher learning, but if you look around North American medical industry, many doctors now are of Non-caucasian origin. In Canada there are more East Indian and Chinese doctors than Caucasian ones.

Just as Canadian doctors feel to the south to make a better living because of the social medical system, so are Croatian doctors leaving Croatia and I hate to say this but most people claim or are of the opinion that less and less caucasian doctors are practicing medicine and so they are in demand for fear of being taken over.

My cousin who had just completed his Specialisation in Oncology was hired over Skype to work in Sweden, he didn’t have to travel there for an interview, all they requested from him were his test scores to see how he rated in his specialization, just because you graduate from medical school doesn’t make you a good doctor, it’s how well you learned that will give you the advantage/potential of becoming a good doctor.

Our first graders here have back problems because of the amount of books they carry. It is a requirement in Croatia to take subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics, algebra and 2 languages by grade 12.

Granted, no educational system is designed to teach us life, how to start our own business or become entrepreneurs, the system is designed that whatever you graduate from or whatever you study, you will be serving the corporations for them to profit. In essence, we pay for our own education that doesn’t benefit us really, the companies or corporations we go to work for take OUR portion of taxes, unemployment insurance, health plan, pension plan etc., and you leave you with crumbs to survive with.

So, if Jean feels the video below is one of the most important educational materials she has published, why did she wait so long to post it or did it take her this long to learn this information or is her audience just ignorant so this would make the video important?

This knowledge has been around for at least 10 years but like Deborah states in the beginning, she refused to believe it to be true and so we have ALL at one point in our lives denied any possibility that our whole life has been planned out, that our governments willingly co-operated in the deception and destruction of this planet and humanity, so Deborah is not the first person to disclose this information, especially The Iron Mountain Report, and therefore, this information IS important and we should be posting this on a regular basis because it does take time for us to even consider any of that can be true.

Croatia is a small country, a smart population, a developing country so we are not in/under the agenda’s directly, but the people in Europe have been radiated by Chernobyl, then the NATO dropped DU weapons into Serbia , then we have Fukushima worldwide and our cancers here are mostly thyroid and large intestines because we not only inhale but we ingest it since most of the Eastern Europe still grows their own vegetables, so we suffer in other ways.

For instance, EU laws now do not allow me to use any seeds that are not approved by the EU Commission, and those seeds are heirloom seeds, they don’t want me to reproduce vegetables, but nobody pays attention to the laws because there is nobody to enforce it, in fact, there are people that drive around for years with expired car plates because the laws are unregulated so we can get away with it, for now at least.

So please Americans, don’t take offense to what I wrote, it is not a personal attack, way back then it was out of ignorance and today you can choose to educate yourself, but even if you did know about the agendas, what could you have done to stop it or change it? From what I see now, if you fight for the truth or try to expose your government; they will try and destroy you, your credibility, charge you you as a traitor or terrorist, you can’t even fight for FREE Speech let alone get away with it because you are being spied on in every aspect of your lives.

So. do pass this video on to anyone you can think of, it’s not pretty, it’s fucking ugly, it’s horrible, but it’s not the future, we are already living it, so we can’t deny it anymore. Perhaps 20 years ago, nobody would have believed it and would have called you a crazy, but today it is evident, so pass it around and do your share in helping humanity learn the truth.

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