Updates and Coming Back Soon

Hello dear reader,

I hate it when I have to re blog something because it means I don’t have time to write, but this time around it’s not that I didn’t have time, it’s because I have been transcribing a 2 hour long John Lamb Lash interview as he’s gotten more information on the Archons and what is happening there. Although he’s not done with the research, what he’s got so far is incredible. John uses a method he learned called Telestic Shamanism that he learned through studying the Gnostic texts and although I am able to access that information, I am no where near his level but I can access the White Light but it’s very intermittent for me, whereas he can stay as long as he needs to. As I wrote once, I was a crew member in the experiment called GNE, Gaia’s Navigational Experiment, it lasted from 2011 to 2013 and it was incredible journey to watch John map out Gaia’s travels (correction) so if you are interested in that correction you can access that at gaiaspora.org.

Also, my partner being away for 3 weeks now in Australia attending his son’s wedding, I had the opportunity to clean out his basement, he’s a carpenter and a HOARDER. The condition of the basement or ground level space was such that I literally had to watch every step I made to pass through to the back door to access my garden. He keeps everything and it really gets out of hand, so while he’s been gone I have  been cleaning up. As a carpenter my home is filled with sawdust and woodchips, I make good use of them for my garden and composter, but it also comes upstairs on our clothing and shoes so I get frustrated after cleaning the house only to see it back in it’s dusty condition a few hours later.

This project took a lot out of me as I always overdo it, and then I suffer the next day, but I still have about 1/3 of the shop to get done. Also, I have removed the plastic off my strawberries, cleaned out one raised bed to prepare for broad beans, taking advantage of the sunshine. For 2 weeks we had minus Celsius temps, which is rare for this region and hurricane strength winds, there were days when we have no ferry service.

I am excited about spring and tired with collecting wood  but once I get my approval from John for this article I am writing I will then post it. Although he allows me to use his work, I like to ask him each time because this one is a 2 hour interview and if I transcribed each sentence, it would make a book, so I break it down to important information and twist it around a bit because it’s one thing to talk and another to write it down. I don’t want to be accused as a plagiarizer again, truth is, we all do that every day because taking some one’s ideas or thought and then writing it down is the same for me. Just look at the MSM, don’t they just copy each other?

It’s one thing to take a persons life’s work and give credit to one self or scientific research material or new invention or discovery, but taking a few sentences here and there I don’t consider to be a bad thing not only that, how many times have you seen me write at the start of a  post I re blogged: “I could not have written this better myself”. Well, we share energy, thoughts and therefore, who is to say that David Icke didn’t read my mind or thoughts, you get the drift.

But I won’t give the trolls the pleasure this time, so once John sends me his OK I can proceed with the essay, it’s fairly long and it will probably be in several parts.

Things are going crazy aren’t they? Rose’s 7 days were up, but she now claims it could have been 7 days to an airshow yet when she wrote that she said with confidence it was  7 days. You see, that is the difference between me and her obsessed followers. Even though nothing happened, they buy the excuse and keep believing. Why? I have to assume that the lives of these people that are obsessed with leaving this planet are just plane miserable and have unhappy lives, otherwise, what would be the desire to leave here, what guarantee do they have it will be better someplace else?

Here is another way to look at it, and this is how I look at it. If someone is contacting you from higher realms or higher dimensions, they have direct access to AKASH, therefore, they cant be wrong, the Akash doesn’t contain the future, but come on, a mother god and father god and they can’t get their dates together,  their excuse is always that’s it’s because of us, it’s our fault it didn’t happen, well, then why don’t they say : “There is a good possibility that this and this might happen but it all depends on you”. Would that not motivate you to do what it takes to get the results? Instead, they use that AFTER it didn’t happen, it’s only logic and common sense folks, it’s a no brainer.

So here we have Rose who communicates with EVE and ONE yet she doesn’t know a whole lot…they don’t tell her, but they tell her it’s 7 days? It ain’t gonna happen, it didn’t happen and it won’t happen at least not from this EVE and ONE entity.

This is the essay I am going to be writing about, the archontic infection some of us are suffering from, and these so called people that have followers because they have certain access to certain enlightened beings are infected with the Archon virus, and it will be interesting to read I am sure of that.

In the meantime, be happy, rejoice, live for the moment, things are changing if you don’t see it by now  you’re legally blind and need to see an eye doctor, but the day when it all changes only Mother Earth knows, she created this planet, she became the planet, she accidentally created the Archons and she will get rid of them through her correction. I trust her 100% and because of knowing this, I live my life in peace and joy knowing that we are almost there.

Stay tuned,
I love you all, even the trolls.


3 thoughts on “Updates and Coming Back Soon

  1. The ones that hang on Rose’s every word and the rest of these folks really do try the patience of many. I came across this video today and thought you and maybe some of your readers would enjoy it since it kind of goes along with this topic.

    Though this guy is usually kind of harsh on Santos and Kate… I think his synopsis is pretty close to how many of us are feeling these days.

    Have a wonderful weekend Sis!


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