I am not surprised to find the new post on the 7 day thingy. Ascension is a thingy now, how embarassing to tell people that such an incredible event is about to happen and then call it a THINGY. For those of you that follow Rose and have left me some nasty comments about my FAITH, I wasn’t talking nasty to you or Rose, I was asking questions. I want to know why only a handful of people get this information and why your Loving Father “chooses” whom to give it to. That’s all I wanted to know, but it’s also been my experience that people who’s lives are really fucked up want to believe this crap because they have no hope or no life here, so it’s just nice to fantasize about some journey to visit Eve. Sorry Rose, I’m not impressed. So many people had their bags packed, but I guess that’s a good thing, you know, a pregnant woman in her final days before birth has her bags packed for the hospital so I guess it’s good they don’t need to worry now, don’t forget your toothbrush or will have you teeth up there?

I posted this on the day that Rose announced the 7 day timeframe:

This was the post that announced the 7 day lift off for the GOOD ones. Here is a quote from Rose’s post: ““I think we leave before 7 days. It seems part of those days are the pour and clean up before the vah is pulled in. 7 days here is something like 14 hours upstairs.”

I predicted that as time neared and nothing happened there would be an explanation as to why it didn’t. If you are not laughing or feeling like an idiot right now, I don’t know what to say to you. This is typical for ALL these people that receive “fake” messages or dreams, the shit never happens and they will now tell you rather than at the time of the announcement that that is Rose’s reality and may not be yours. Why didn’t Rose just say that then? She sure sounded sure about it.

This is the link for the latest post on the 7 day thingy:


Yeah, we’re watching that 7 day thing. Not sure, of what that count down was for. Could be air show, could be something else
The el can see the hour now though. Which means they are so close its no longer hidden

(after talking about some calculations that could mean 7 days above would take us until the last days of april or beginning of may, for the leap)

We arrive in their May. But we’re late. Not sure if its still may there, or june now. Time is dif. Here. But, time here ends, its sets clock that zeros out
Really Rose? So why didn’t you bother to explain that to your followers at the time you made the announcement, why the explanations now, not sure? How do you hear and see the tow chains attached?

We did see & HEAR the tow chains attach

Which is the final tow of the vah thru the eye

That was 3 days ago




  1. INES, Hi again, this is no different than the year 1000 ad, when the then pope said the the new jerusalem would land outside the gates of rome. Al the sick were taken from their beds and placed on the ground outside the gates. All the rest of the believers waited for the great moment, and ‘GUESS WHAT’ the day came and went and nothing happened. The pope recalculated his timing and decided that he had read the moment wrongly. The same thing happened when the religious guru who invented the Rapture, told his followers that the return of Jesus was imminent, so they sold all their possessions and waited in a field for the great happening and Guess What, nothing did. This was sometime in the 1800’s. Then more recently there was the y2k bug. What a load of shit, but it made a few people very rich. Now we have it all over again, What a load of fools.


    • These are lessons John, those that haven’t figure it out yet have to get fooled a few times, we can’t say that we didn’t get fooled a few times in our lifetime? I have, not by spiritual gurus but by money fraudsters, it all sounded so good. 🙂


  2. Hi Ines, been following some of your posts and note the way you get attacked by the EEKs when you question anything about YRFT so i’m going to put this one out there for you in relation to recent posts from Christine about non availability of YRFT.

    Could it be that Rosy can’t come to the phone right now or get internet access because she is at her prepping retreat, Is Rosy in fact BexaPrepper
    Listen to the voice and the pattern of phrases


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