The Void Before the Opening — Arcturian Message

This is what I experience and try to write about when I do to sleep at night: “Since, these other worlds are outside of and beyond your 3D time, you can only maintain the conscious awareness for them for what appears to be “a few seconds.” Then, you likely experience that vision as being “gone.” I talk about the connection and how it can be short and by the time I wake up, I have forgotten so much of it that it took years to put all the different simultaneous realities together.

Jamil - The Future Trend

Found this information relevant for many.. – Jamil

Arcturian Message, channeled by Suzanne Lie –

The void before the opening is much like “the darkest night just before dawn,” but with a multidimensional twist. The difference is that the void will offer you as many possible realities as you can imagine. In fact, the only limitation to the myriad options of reality that you can experience is your own ability to trust your imagination and KNOW that imagination is fifth dimensional thought.

Since the void is NOT bound by time or third dimensional thinking you cannot enter it with your third dimensional consciousness. However, the void contains all the portals to all the dimensions. The only limitation is your own state of consciousness. If you enter that void while in fourth dimensional consciousness, you will only experience the possible realities of your fourth dimensional multiple, parallel and alternate realities.


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