Before I continue with this transcript, I have to tell you that it IS a transcript and I lost the link, all I can tell you is that it’s the UFO TV series and I could not find it today, so it’s not my material. THE Video itself is over 1 hour long but I took out about 27 minutes and transcribed it because it was very interesting.

“How the Grids Were Placed to Enslave Us”.

We are so powerful, we can alter the size of this planet, control the seasons, adjust it’s distance from the sun; guide it on it’s eternal journey along any path we might choose, through the debts of the Universe.

We could make planets at will, the birth and death of matter would be man’s grandest deed, which would make him the Master of Physical Creation, make him fulfill his ultimate destiny”.

Returning now to the research of Michael Tsarion, the fierce galactic war that raged in our solar system some 50,000 years ago reduced the major planet beyond Mars into fragments and forced the renegade Annunaki to seek refuge on planet Earth.

However, before departing our solar system, the enemies of the Annunaki cautiously placed an energy grid around the earth to keep them quarantined here forever.

About the time of the 15th century, as they were congratulating themselves on their progress, the hidden brotherhood of Annunaki descendents detected the presence of this quarantine barrier. They found themselves facing the hard reality that even if all their lost technology was successfully reconstructed, they still could not escape planet Earth and Babylon had been to hurry mankind forward to subjugate the Earth, to mine ores, to recreate lost technological hardware and yet even with all that other super technology restored, they would still be trapped by the quarantine barrier.

Undaunted by this discovery, the Annunaki progeny decided to press ahead thus we see at the same time the spectacular surge of art and scientific thought across Europe that became known as the Renaissance.
The world’s greatest intellectual minds would be assembled to grapple this problem to see if a solution could be worked out believing that anything technology can erect, technology could also take down.

If you look at history properly at just this single agenda, the exponential rise of scientific intellect for the last 11000 years has been to raise a new technology that will enable the surviving generations of the dark brotherhood to ultimately escape this planetary quarantine.

Out of the 16th century arose the most powerful Monarchy that enjoyed directed descent from the Annunaki bloodline, The Tudor Dynasty of England. The word TUDOR comes from the word “Tutor” which means Teacher, the educated ones with knowledge.

The leader of the Tudor Dynasty during this period was Elizabeth the First, the Virgin Queen who wore reptilian motives on her gowns and it was under her reins that the quarantine was secretly undertaken.

The person that Elizabeth placed in charge of this research was her court astrologer Sir John Dee. Dee was the founder of Innakean Magic and a cult practiced by which can talk to secret Chiefs beyond our world. John Dee originally formed the British Secret Service and his personal Code was 007.

The Royal political Elite such as Emperor Rudolph of Pragg and Elizabeth the 1st employed John Dee to summon spirits discarnate entities who according to John Dee himself recommended himself a formation of a New World Order where the armies and navy’s of Great Brittan would be set up to conquer the America’s, India, Southeast Asia and Austoasia.

Dee composed a manifesto of world domination to which became the single goal of the occult Elite to enslave the world into a psychic dictatorship and to create a single world government ruled from Great Britain using black magic.

Sir John Dee; one of history’s most powerful black magicians determined that the only way to solve the quarantine problem would be to consult his occult Innakean Masters. By using his complex devices of magic and divination and the psychic visions of Eduard Vellae, he succeeded in gaining the assistance of 4th dimensional entities or oversouls. This was not the first time in history such a forbidden right was undertaken, such as ritual magic foreshadows the most severe repercussions on human history. Dee knew the assistance from his Innakean overlords came at a high price and that price was blood. Blood is spiritual currency. Blood constitutes life force energy thus John Dee literally offered up the entire human race as a blood exchange in this great black mass.

So desperate was the Alien intent to escape Earth quarantine and for centuries to come, great wars would provide Dee’s Demons with virtually unlimited blood payment.  “To attain a serious end it behooves not to stop at any means or count the victims sacrificed for the sake of that end”.  Protocol 15 (The Wise Elders of Zion).

The vast channeled information Dee received explained that there were two fundamental technologies which needed to be mastered before an escape Portal could be opened. The first concerned creating matter, from energy, revealed in 2 main stages. The release of energy from matter followed by the creation of matter followed from energy. A second fundamental concerned unlocking the properties of the element Silicon.

Dee realized it would take hundreds of years before human intellect and industry could arise to accomplish these feats so to launch this Herculean effort an efficient means of genius to unlock these intellects and gathering knowledge was required.

A Manhattan style of Project Centralized effort would be needed to manage an operation of such scale. So along with his hidden masters, Dee devised a scheme to bring scholars to one place to study and amass the acquired knowledge. The gathering places for great intellects would be known as Universities.

Contemporary John Dee with the Elizabethan court was a Rosicrucian Sir Francis Bacon who like Dee called for a Universal reformation of the entire world, in the renewal of all arts and sciences. Bacon’s book “The New Atlantis” published after his death described the Utopia and a secret brotherhood signified by the Rose Cross. It called to all men of knowledge that united they might perfect a new method of all Arts and Sciences. Sir Francis was a passionate proponent of Britain’s colonization and development of it’s recently acquired North American territory of Virginia.

In 1606, the so called Virginia company was granted a Royal Charter by King James I which allowed virtually unlimited power of government in the Colony. Bacon had been instrumental in the creation of this charter.

Baring this in mind, it’s not surprising that his new Novel “The New Atlantis”, Bacon referred to as his mythical island “Bensalem’ as a Virgin of the world; a fitting analogy of an unspoiled world awaiting in North America.

Queen Elizabeth Tudor Dynasty was served by the Pirates or men of fire (symbol skull and bones) headed by adventurers such as sir Frances Drake and Edmund Spencer. Leaders of British Imperialism, a progeny of these enterprising pirates settled on the lands they conquered and opened great Universities where the education of their sons and daughters. They employed the fraternity structure to ensure that only the chosen would be exposed to the real occult history of the world and to be groomed as the future leaders and thinkers.

Over world and underworld figures educated and funded to skillfully lead rest of mankind down whatever roads became necessary.

” The Great Work of The Ages”
How do we account for the unified occult operations stretching over a millenia that somehow countless generations into individuals to function almost as a single organism focused to complete a single task?

Such as a plan seems unthinkable from the miniscule perspective of a fleeting brief human lifetime. it would seem that such a vast working could only be managed by some superhuman intellect that exists outside of time and space.

Many occult traditions which are related to the birth of Freemasonry speak of the hidden masters. Some occult historians and authors claim that just such a group of hidden masters control international freemasonry. Ancient Masonic text suggested these hidden masters are in fact Alien entities from another world.

Some masonic texts state that a secret to control and influence society and politics behind the scenes was passed to the highest initiates of Freemasonry from a race of Reptilian Aliens who invaded planet Earth and landed in Ancient Iraq.

For thousands of years, knowledge of these so called Annunaki Aliens has been the most important secret of the Royal Political Elite.

The 17th and 18th century saw the intricate expansion of secret paternity networks throughout Brittain and Europe, a cult societies that revered the Esoteric knowledge originally expressed in the art and craft of stone masonry, from ancient tradition Egyptians.

“Sacred geometry, which comprised the core teaching of any genuine Mystery School of antiquity, was incorporated into the design of buildings that enabled them to function as resonant cavities, which were attuned to the dynamic energies that pervade the cosmos”.

In cities around the world many famous buildings use sacred geometry designed to create and magnify specific resonance that is in the etheric field just like the temple of ancient Egypt.

America: The Masonic Atlantis
The colonization of the New World encouraged the greatest ambitions hidden brotherhoods to advance the Annunaki agenda. Contrary to popular understanding the US was not founded on the ideas of freedom and democracy. The US was founded as an Occult Freemason enterprise. The Freemasons needed a base for criminal activities. US freemasonry was used in the 18th century to protect organized crime including opium smuggling, piracy and later illegal slave trading, and to deceive the public and to rewrite history.

George Washington tried to restrict the rising influence of the aggressive Bavarian Illuminati but without success. All Freemason presidents who succeeded him were Illuminati.

One of the real causes of the civil war was that Freemasons under a confederate general Albert Pike tried to establish the worlds greatest slave realm in Cuba and Mexico calling it the American confederation with it’s capital in Richmond Virginia and although the various lodges acted to bring this about election of non-Freemason and republican Abraham Lincoln derailed this ambition.

Lincoln was voted into office in 1860 by the great dismay of the Freemasons. Shortly after assuming the presidency in 1861, he was the target of an unsuccessful assassination attempt in Baltimore Maryland.

So Masonic grandmaster Pike chose another solution, the Civil War which started April 12th 1861, a conflict that would serve the Annunaki agenda to transform American from an agricultural society into an industrial society and the rise of the Industrial age would serve a two fold purpose that would both advance technology exponentially and create wars for limitless blood sacrifice.

The conspiratorial nature of Freemasonry was explicitly defined by Albert Pike in his Lexicon book titled: “Morals and Dogma”. Masonry like all religions, all the mysteries, hermeticism and alchemy, conceals it’s secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled; to conceal the Truth, which it calls Light, from them, and to draw them away from it. Truth is not for those who are unworthy or unable to receive it, or would pervert it. The trust must be kept secret, and the masses need a teaching proportioned to their imperfect reason.


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