More Clap Trap Announcements – Got Your Bags Packed?

We are so missing the point. The truth movement, love and light movement, alien movement, galactic movement, light-worker movement, new cage movement totally disenfranchised and fragmented.

We have been deceived for thousands of years, the deception continues and those that deceive have either infiltrated all of these movements or invented them to keep humanity confused.

I too believed in many of the above movements jumping from one to another as soon as something didn’t feel right or make sense to me, so I didn’t spent much time in any of these movements. My question was always: “If what you are saying is true, when why do only a handful of people know about it?”. Actually, I spend more time now but as an observer since I try to do my best in exposing the frauds and the false light. In many cases, it’s not the messenger that is involved in the deception but the entities that contact them.

Most people who channel these messages are good people and believe their contacts are positive beings, or beings of light and simply do not have the ability to “know” if they are of the light, that is why they are chosen as channels, they simply do not have the ability and denial is strong in that they know we are in a free will universe and that alone means that any contact is a breech of that Law as it interferes with our free will and free choices that make.

You cannot tell me that your life will take the same course after being contacted by an entity claiming to be from higher realms or posing as an Ascended Master, Angel, Saint or a hierarchical being. Of course your life changes, someone has interfered with your thought process and your free choice.

They know this yet continue to receive the messages because they perhaps feel they are special in a way or convinced by these entities that they already agreed to this communication before they incarnated here.

Let’s go back to the different movements and look at the condition of this community. It’s fractured, it’s separated, each group insists on being on the right track, each group has it’s own “savior” that it follows blindly and if you question them or their loyalty to their savior they will attack you.

The HOT saviors of the month right now are Cobra and Rose, isn’t it coincidental that Cobra just announced “The end of the Quarantine: and Rose is telling everyone in her group that they will be meeting Eve in a few days?

The others are babbling on about energies and how they are affecting us, while the Ascended masters are repeating how much we are loved and how far we have come in our evolution.

As I wrote about many times before, how does someone just staring their journey in seeking truth know who to believe and what to trust?

I am very confident in saying that we all long for the same. We want peace, prosperity, we want to live out our lives with dignity, with good health, not being told how to live our lives and how to think and what to believe. We want to enjoy the fruits of our labors, we don’t want our lives to be a struggle for survival, we don’t want wars and chaos, we want global cooperation, equality in everything, equal distribution of wealth.

Cobra states: “The end of Quarantine”; and everyone that follows this idiot is jumping up for joy not having a clue what that means. Most will think that we are now free, but what that means is that others can now enter our solar system and openly attack and cause more galactic wars, what exactly does success in Taiwan mean?  Cobra has been involved in opening portals so that aliens and reptilians can enter, I have written about this before.

Cobra states the event in Taiwan was a great success, how so? Is seems that he is the only one that was there, because I have not read from any other  person that they were in Taiwan as well, in fact, all the portals that Cobra has claimed to be successful I have not read about any other person being there, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist, I have not come across anyone yet.

So Rose is now saying: “It’s time to meet Eve”, The mother earth that I know and speak to is called Gaia and I don’t plan on going anywhere, if you leave, it’s because you made that choice long before you incarnated here.

There are literally thousands of websites and blogs dedicated to our current reality and what is about to happen. There is only one truth so which one of all the thousands of messages out there do you believe? There answer to that is: NONE.

Your answer lies within and when you finally accept the responsibility for creating this reality you are in, you can finally and only then be free of the deception you chose to accept as your truth.

If you believe that One is coming to pull you out of here, you will get pulled out because as you create the thought you will create your own reality but instead of reading what others are telling you, why don’t you grow up and start looking inside for the answers, you are your own master of destiny, the deception has intertwined with every level of our consciousness because we cannot find out the truth, the truth is your key to the door you must go through. When I type in “ascension” into google, I get 74,000,000 results, how does that sound? Which one of those 74 million are true or real or explain what ascension really is?

Do you get my point now? Whatever is out there is designed to deceive you, confuse you, separate you from me, fragment  you, distance you from source. Lets be real and look at all the different movements, how can they all be right or have the correct information?

When my children were pre-teens, old enough to understand the difference between honesty and truth, they would deny something or one would blame the other. I would tell them that so long as one is lying I considered them both dishonest and that they would have to work together in order to bring me the truth. Most often they did on the spot because the one that was lying could not stand their sibling being punished for their lie and suffer the consequences for something they did.

As a society, instead of searching for truth, we first need to cooperate together in what we want and from there create those desires. If one takes the blame for everyone, it changes nothing, we are all still responsible for the lie or the crime. We are one remember, if one hates another, another will hate another, we are all one. You can’t find the truth in a society where everyone wants something different, cooperation leads to truth and to Unity Consciousness, we have to create together to create the world that we want.

If you are following anyone or any movement out there you are escaping from your own reality. I would compare that to a drug addict, as long as they are high, they don’t have to think about their problems or situations they are in. If you are seeking a solution to your problems outside of yourself, you have not taken responsibility for your condition because we all contributed to it. It doesn’t matter that we were deceived, it doesn’t excuse us that we didn’t know, there is no longer a reason to say we didn’t have access to information, we have all that now. The point is that we created this reality and we will reap what we sow, there is no escaping that.

You can’t produce a product and sell it on the market damaged, the customer will return it back and request a refund, we can’t just create this mess and then expect that we can just run out of here or wait for a savior to fix everything.

There is no external savior because you are a co-creating GOD, why would you need someone to save you?

Yes, we have help, we have divine help but we have to let go of the matrix, we have to live as co-creators, believe that we are that, know that we are that and through our thoughts change the paradigm.

Why would you want to leave this planet? It was created for you and me. Sure, we have had unwanted and unplanned visitors that deceived us, but think about it, why would you want to leave this planet that was given to you? Do you really believe a few pixels that we live in is a construct just because someone said so?

Do you not ever ask yourself why a loving God/Creator has not passed the message to all of humanity rather than just Rose or Cobra and that this loving Creator is making decisions for us, co-creating Gods?

Instead of asking these questions, you’re out there looking for redemption, looking for an easy way out, the only easy way out is go with these “false” gods, they are running out of blood and energy, they are desperate so go if you wish, but before you do that ask yourself why you know about this while people dying in wars don’t know?

Is that a loving GOD, choosing who to save? I think not, but if you feel you must leave, leave, the new earth is not going to be religious, it was religion that almost destroyed us, you would be part of the cleansing of the Earth process.

Your selfish self wants something better, but you can’t have both. You either love your mother Gaia and stay to restore it back to Eden or you fly off with someone to use you as food.

The other earth is filled with souls that don’t have the courage to face this final cleansing, no place outside Gaia exists better than what you have here, but all you had to do was ask the right questions.

You don’t ask what about me, you ask what about the rest of humanity, how does my decision affect my fellow humans not whether you packed your bags and if you can bring your dog with you, how selfish you are.

So do what you feel is correct, but do it for all of us not just your selfish egotistical self.

It is getting intense, the messages are coming in daily now, can’t you feel the desperation in their messages? Can’t you feel their deception because they are not teaching you anything on how to act upon your free will, they are simply telling you something you already know and that is that you are a Co-creator God, this what the deception has been for eons, not wanting us to know what we truly are.

I love you all.


2 thoughts on “More Clap Trap Announcements – Got Your Bags Packed?

  1. What is sad to me is how many unhappy people are ready to get on ships and take off to where ever. I enjoy the posts and find them interesting but have felt since the beginning something is not quite right and don’t believe any of this is going to happen unless CERN destroys the planet or Yellowstone blows and kills us all. The followers attack anyone who poses a question, no one has met Rose in person and they take all this as gospel. I can’t imagine how devastated all these people will be when nothing happens and Rose just disappears. If this is a game or a social test it certainly is not a nice thing to do to these people.

    Thanks for the great article Ines!


    • Terry, I enjoy the posts from Rose as well, makes for a great fiction novel, on the other hand, I could be wrong so I take everything with a grain of salt and I always say that in my posts when I hear something that sounds really good “I hope I a wrong”.
      Whatever it is Terry, it will have nothing to do with any of these so called “saviors”, it will be the evolutionary leap into higher dimensions and these folks know this and are giving themselves the glory and credit for it. One man alone can’t save the world, Jesus didn’t save the world, he didn’t die for us, he was simply trying to teach us something the EYE didn’t want us to know and he as killed for that, but then was JFK and many others to dare to speak the truth. Trust me, if any of this was true, these folks would not be alive right now to tell their story.
      Maybe I am delusional Terry, maybe I am way out there in crazyland, but I don’t FEEL what they are telling people and it doesn’t make sense to me. There is no logic to notify a few people and let them know that there is a universal evolutionary process going on while the rest of planet struggles to stay alive without any hope for a better future. I hold to this logic, because I am one of the fortunate ones and have a great life, but we see the deaths everyday, imagine if these folks knew what Rose was telling the world? They would put their guns down and go home and wait for this “sucking out” of this construct server.

      It sounds great, but you know, when I see the comments from these folks that believe this shit, their lives are not very good and I can’t blame them for wanting something better, but hey, why did you get yourself in that situation in the first place? You made bad decisions and poor choices dude, can’t blame anyone but yourself.
      Until we all get up and say ENOUGH nothing will change. Imagine, that we alll agreed to stop using money for 3 days, everything would collapse, we would end it all in a few days, so there are solutions but we are so fragmented that we can’t seem to agree on anything.
      Thanks for your lovely comment as always.


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