7 Days of Hell – Waiting For Miracles

YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : Global Instant Rendezvous … from Ally and Rose : Our veil is being pulled off … 7 days, seems to be the time of end



Ally: “Man it was cool to wake up to an email from our girl sayin about the ships and all. Noticed she wrote it at 11:37 last night. So I’m just going about my mornin, drinkin coffee, checkin emails and all, lettin my brain wake up.

Well my partner just woke up about 1/2 an hour ago and asked me what I said last night. I just gave her a funny look and told her I don’t remember sayin anything. What did I say?

Fortunately she wrote it down. It happened around 10:30 last night.

Here’s my latest sleep talk:

Ready the ships and let’s start the final tow. Will take 7 days. GO… end transmission

“I’m so EEKed out right now!!! So I got that message before Rose did or maybe at the same time…WOWZERS!!! So of course I had to write ya.
Rose responded: “Well, that’s very cool confirmation. Ty Much appreciated.

Now for Rose’s update:

“So the ships are in motion. Over central North America now, stretching in a line to China. We think they’re tying off the cords to them, for those pulled to ships. We speculate the ships are part of the big show. More appropriately, they are the GIR. Global Instant Rendezvous. That’s when we get the air.

“The 7 days, seems to be the time of end. When all is done. So we get the air, then leave, & the pay back takes up days remaining. Upstairs, it’s just hours.

“I think we leave before 7 days. It seems part of those days are the pour and clean up before the vah is pulled in. 7 days here is something like 14 hours upstairs.

“We think the GIR is imminent. We leave, & we take what is going, (matt/netted) with us. That takes only minutes in our real time. Then the pay back happens…then the pour/pit…then the clean out. Then the vah is towed off the rail and through the eye.

“The biggest thing is ma net appears to be going off.

She’s posting errors.

The ef can see us in the event window.

They’re screaming “it’s the hour”.

They tried to make the window, but all of them are sticking.

They’re stuck to the negative mast.

“The papal coven oaks are dying.

Rome sticks.

So does NASA & the Nordics.

That’s it for tonight.

Except for one last thing…Our veil is being pulled off.



2 thoughts on “7 Days of Hell – Waiting For Miracles

  1. Hi Ines. Have just started following your blog. I love your no nonsense approach.

    The YRFT stuff is some of the most bizarre info i have come across! I consider myself to have an open mind but…. this stretches the outer reaches to breaking point…. and it’s all so complicated. I’m not buying it. And I’m surprised at the ones who are. Ah well… ‘aint nowt so queer as folk!


    • I’m a no nonsence person, I ask questions, I demand truth, it’s simple. We are all on our journey here trying to learn about who we are, when people don’t want to answer your questions, it’s time to question the truth they are spreading around. Thanks for commenting!


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