While listening/watching this video, several issues popped out that didn’t sit right with me. I get really frustrated when I hear so called experts in their so called fields of expertise talk about getting information from “higher” sources, or “higher intelligence” but don’t want to reveal the names. If you are a truth seeker and truth worker, if you are truly helping humanity, you have no reason to keep secrets I don’t give a damn who you think you are protecting, you sure as hell are not protecting me.

Without judgement, Alexandra Meadors supported Cobra for a while back and during our communications I mentioned to her that I visioned him in a lucid dream as a dragon and that he was opening portals to let reptilians/archons in, not to help humanity. Her answer to that was that she didn’t care, she was using him for information, a few months later, she stopped interviewing him and she had not made it public as to why she removed herself from Cobra.

I have not trusted her since then, she’s accused me a blackmailing her when I ethically warned her that I was about to post an expose on Kathryn E. May. Alexandra posted her “channels” on a regular basis, she believes that “Galactics” are going to land and help us. I did this out of respect so that she could choose to post or not, so that she knew in advance, but she took that as “blackmailing” her as if I give a damn what she posts on her website. I considered her a friend and thought I was doing her a favor by letting her know in advance what was coming.

Both individuals are big promoters of galactics/star family helping us and even landing one day soon here on Earth. I do believe that UFO’s are real, but I can’t comment on who these entities are in these UFO’s and quite frankly, I doubt many people know or have access to this information, so I can’t prove or disprove Jame’s claims about his communication with them but I picked up some very obvious contradictions or double speak and when I hear things like that, I start to question.

The first part of the video is about the RV, i was shocked I must admit that Alexandra still believes this is going to happen, but hey, I have always said that I hope I am wrong about that.

I pulled out a few questions and answers that I thought were important to me, the ones that didn’t sit right with me, but you should watch and come up with your own thoughts or conclusions. My journey over the years has taught me to question everything and never take information from anyone without validating it’s veracity or truth. There are times when we simply can’t find that information or disprove something. If James is communicating with aliens, I can’t disprove that, so you kind of have to go through his history, background and come to your own conclusions, but personally, I don’t feel that James is on the up and up. That’s just my thoughts and Ken from redefininggod.com did an expose on him last year which I re blogged.
I didn’t transcribe word for word because James will use “you know” 5 or 6 times in a sentence therefore, I have written it in short form, the video below is for you to watch if you choose to get the whole picture.

2:44 min. Alexandra: The big day was December 12th, can you share any information about that? (The RV).
James: My understanding is and I have been talking to some people at the “highest” levels, even the one they call “grandfather”, after that phone-call I just “felt” some amazing energy coming from him and the people he is with, very high energy, kind of like 5th dimensional Christ consciousness and I go “wow”, these guys are on the right track here. Some of the money has already been moved, but the interest is being used to cover the US because the Petrodollar is worthless right now. The low oil prices and whatever they are doing is not going to work but create a lot of cheap gas.”
Me: This is a prime example of James speaking of “higher levels”, what exactly does this mean?  The higher levels of who or what organization? So James feels a Christ consciousness coming from this dragon family, therefore, they are on the right track. Well let me tell you something. The archons and other higher dimensional beings that are controlling us can create that “wow” feeling, they can create that Christ consciousness feeling, there is nothing they cannot do including creating a false sense of higher dimensional reality. Many, and I mean many channels experience this with the entities that communicate with them, and this is why they believe these entities are of the light, they are NOT, they are masters of disguise including energies and creating feelings that we think are christ consciousness. Having said that, I am not saying that James is lying or that he is wrong, but just because he feels it doesn’t mean it’s truth.

Alexandra: “I love it, (the cheap oil prices), haven’t seen them since the 80’s, it’s $2.35 in my neighborhood.
ME:  I have to guess here and say that she must have been a baby in the 80’s so, she’s got a pretty good memory.
James: “Wow, better get on it quick and fill up my CARS.

6;20 Min. Alexandra: “Speaking to the ambassador and doing some research on the Dragon Family, they had a sign supposedly over the sky in Beijing and it was a Phoenix coming before a Dragon. What do you think? It was supposed to represent a new start, as an official beginning and everyone is feeling it.”

James: “I think the sign probably inspired them to bring some things out a little earlier cause they are feeling better that they are able to put a stop to this Cabal situation. My information is that a long time ago the GCR, Global Reset or whatever  you want to call it is already been done quite a while ago. Money has been moved here and there.. Some of the people I talk to are actually people that have their fingers on the accounts, that are actually moving the money. There is just a lot more to the story that people are hearing and I kinda warn people that are thinking they are going to get gazilion dollars and they have nothing to worry about, that if you haven’t been doing humanitarian work already and if your projects aren’t in alignment with the awakening and healing process with taking care of the needy and whatever, if you’re not part of this and if you think you can now just jump in and say you’re a healer, it just doesn’t work that way. I would love to give ECETI a chance and finance it, I have been doing this on my own for 30 years and living on a shoestring”.
ME: First of all, let me cover the last sentence. In the start, James talks about bringing his CARS to get cheaper gas. Now he says he is living on a shoestring budget. He lives in Maui and his ECETI ranch, he just came back from an oversees trip, he travels around the world as he states, therefore, I can’t see how that is living on a shoe string budget, not to mention the fact that he depends on donations, which seem to be very generous if he’s able to have CARS and travel.

I will admit that I have not done much research on the Dragon Family because it’s not my area of interest, but I have seen recent videos with titles like “The Dragon Family giving the Cabal an Ultimatum”. Wait a minute! If this Dragon Family has all this wealth, what the hell do they need to warn the cabal about anything? All they have to do is form a  new alliance bank like BRICS and put all their money into it and they have destroyed the Cabal, or am I being so naive and it’s too complicated as James claims? From what little I have read, the Dragon Family has enough gold to give each person on this planet $1million, that is how much money we are talking about, and with that kind of power, do  they need to warn the Cabal?

As for the financial part, he never does answer Alexandra about the RV, she’s stuck on this RV and he’s claiming again that it’s been done, you know, only the privileged have access to this information. But the first sentence gives it all away, I THINK is the motto of the day. He claims to have access to higher levels and the Dragon family but he THINKS certain things MIGHT work out a CERTAIN way. Also, the way I understand the financial part, if you’re sitting around doing nothing, you are not going to get anything, you have to be working on something in order to “qualify”, so this whole “prosperity” for all seems to be a bullshit con game according to what he is saying here. Something stinks here.

17:50 Min. Alexandra: “What do you think about the vibration that had just entered this realm in the last couple of months on the planet?
James: “I just found out that 4 major portals opened up for star gates you might say. I know there is one that opened up in Egypt, there’s one that opened here in Maui. I’m not sure where the other two are, but I could GUESS, but don’t want to. Last time I asked that question, they said: “Well, you shouldn’t put that out there right now because they’re new and could be tampered with”.
ME: I have issues with the question and the answers. If James communicates with the Positive Annunaki as he states, should he need to be guessing anything? Not disclosing 2 portals because they can be tampered with? What about the 2 just mentioned, they can’t tamper with them? I always have a problem with people claiming to be in contact with higher dimensional beings yet have to guess at things. Don’t these beings know everything?  So, a big contradiction here, he’s claiming to have information from higher levels, star family members, but he’s not sure about things, he’s guessing or thinking it might be so.

Alexandra: “I worked with another person on the inner plane and it just gives me incredible amounts of credible information what I have experienced and as you know, coming back from South Africa so much more information has come forth as to what really went down with the 2 portals that I opened up there. One’s in Russia, it’s probably out already all over the internet but the last one is secret they’re not letting anyone know where it is which is smart and I’m glad to see that. But he’s saying that all of these portals will be up and running by January 8th. These portals (she is reading this) are receivers of light transporting the occupation of the heart space of mother Earth. They will create change, they have harmonics that can necessitate the change necessary and an octave higher than what we are used to.

ME: Wow. Here we have a woman talking about we, she, he, they, another person. No explanations as to who we, she, he, they, another person is. Why the games? If you have truth, then spit it out and let us know who we, she, he, they, another person is. She opened 2 portals and yet THEY are not telling anyone know where the last one is, BUT she knows they will be up and running by January 8th. What year?  How can you take anyone seriously with information like this? I’m not saying she is lying, but she’s not convincing me much of anything with general statements and nothing to back it up with. Are we supposed to just believe this? And last, Gaia doesn’t need anyone to open up portals, she does the work herself when the time is needed to do so, I don’t buy into this crap, I’m sorry, I have yet not found one person, one ounce of proof, one scientific explanation or WITNESS for that matter that can define, explain and educate what that means to open up a portal. What is it, what does it look like, what does it feel like, what is actually done when “opening” portals?

22:49 Min. James: “Regarding love and the soul, we know the basics, you know, we know what universal law is, it’s basically focus on Universal peace, brother-sisterly love, individual freedom and prosperity for everyone, equality, unity consciousness. It’s very simple but it’s written in the very hearts of all of us and it’s very easy to operate under that Law when we do that then we are in alignment with Creator and also the Earth’s ascension process because that’s where she’s going, so this whole archon gird and draconian programs that are running are completely imploding.

ME: First of all, it is my understanding that we have Universal Laws, not a Universal Law. Under Universal Law we have the 7 different laws. I compare this to a country’s constitution with several chapters. This is my understanding. I don’t know how and where James gets his ideas of universal law, but the laws are clearly defined and one site I really like is this one: http://www.totalpresence.org/universal-laws.php
James claims that if we don’t follow the law we are not aligned with Creator. There is no alignment with Creator, we are connected to Creator/source at all times, it’s a matter of being aware of this or not. Universe doesn’t give us what we want, it gives us what we already believe to be true. I think James just makes things up as he goes along.

27:30 Min. Alexandra: “Both you and I received the same messages, in different circumstances that God had given his decree that enough is enough, it is done, and we are moving on. And would you agree with that right?
James: “Yes, and that’s just like the gold reserves, all of that has happened on a very “HIGH LEVEL” and it’s coming down, to manifest to the people. People in charge of those funds, that’s why they gave me a call cause they said I was the first person that actually understands the players, the multidimensional players involved in this situation and so for some reason they wanted me to get involved, I don’t even know what my involvement is yet so I’m not going to toot my horn and say “yeah, me and grandfather are buds”. Things are getting done on a very high level.

ME: Well damn! Imagine that, all of us are fucking stupid and only James figured it all out. God gave the decree, it is done! Of course you low life humans, all of this happens on a very HIGH LEVEL. People (who are these people) called him because he’s so smart but he doesn’t know what his role is yet. Do you accept job proposals without asking what they are first? James, toot your horn for being a dumb ass accepting a job and not knowing what it is. sheesh and he’s telling us that he is the only smart guy to figure all this out but he doesn’t know what his role is going to be.

Alexandra: “Just the fact that you have been contacted is also a confirmation of information that I have received, so it just goes to show you that we truly are in the moving forward, progressing, we’re not just talking about it and not just stuff that is going on in the background. People are starting to see it.
ME: Are you kidding me or just talking down to me? We have been seeing this for years now, we have known for years now that things are changing and moving and you just figured this out now? You are stating that if you and James received the same information that it must be correct? I have no further questions your honor.

James: “The karmic backlash is fast approaching, a lot of the Elite and a lot of the spiritual new age people say “well karma doesn’t exist, cause there is no judgement and things like that”. Well, it does exist because you carry it on a soul level, it’s written within your soul, your own soul is taking notes so although you can intellectually say it doesn’t exist, that’s not going to stop the reaction unless you go into total forgiveness and release that situation.
ME: I have an issue with this. If we are all co creators, we create our own reality, therefore, why would we be punished for creating our own reality? We came to experience God in all forms, being here is not fate or an accident, it’s where we end up that will matter based upon our actions. Karma is an invention of the Archons, it’s matrix programming to make you believe that after your death, you need to go back and work on your karma. I’m surprised to hear this from James as he seems to separate himself from the new age folks yet he’s all new age talk. He speaks of ascension, alignment with Creator, isn’t this all new age talk? My thoughts on karma is that it is an invention, what kind of Creator would create us, give us free will and then punish us for exercising our free will and experiences. It sounds more like a Christian God, you know, if you sin, you will be punished, if you’re good you will go to heaven. When the time comes, evil will be separated from non-evil, the good will move forward into the new era, the bad will eventually just be placed someplace or recycled, they will have to pay for their evil done to humanity, but this is not karma, if James talks about Universal Law then he should know that there is no karma debts, we simply create or duplicate what source has given us to experience.

Alexandra: “That’s exactly why there is soul fragmentation. That’s why we fragment our souls is from the Karmic implications and repercussions of what we think we should have done or what we think we didn’t do that wasn’t sufficient or enough because of our own virtues.
ME: She speaks of herself or us as humans with souls. We don’t fragment our souls, we ARE souls and we fragment our selves  in order to experience multiple experiences if we choose to. Older souls can do this, younger souls often wait until they are more mature. I feel this is more about not being in tune with our intuition/higher self and use our mind to make decisions that turn out to be wrong and thus create a negative state/outcome, not karma. What we think is not the soul, the mind is thinking, the Ego is thinking, the Soul KNOWS, it doesn’t fragment because the MIND made a bad choice or decision.

Alexandra: “How do you see 2015 unfolding?”

James: “I just think it’s a year of personal responsibility that, you know, we’re in the Apocalypse which means everything is being uncovered, everything is being seen for what it is. The false flags, it doesn’t work, they get uncovered instantly. I “think” it’s going to be a real year of prosperity and a real year of extreme assistance in turning the planet around and when we get there and you, the Star Nations are waiting to get our act together and then step in to help clean up the planet”.

ME: For someone who has access to higher level information, who is in contact with  higher dimensional beings, who supposedly has access to akashic, you would think you would KNOW what is about to happen rather than THINK. This reminds me of the channel Hilarion, typical Psychology 101 information, stuff we already know or we can just go to a shrink and get help. What is the purpose of having contact to higher dimensional beings if they are not sharing any information with us? Just questions that I ask, I don’t have the answers, but at the same time, what is the purpose of these beings contacting humans if they are not willing to give us a bit more divine information other than Psychology 101.



  1. Ines, there is something about the Akashic records that is worth knowing. The records only contain previous history, not future. They don’t contain information on events before they take place. Until they take place there is nothing to record. Isn’t the grand delusion, as portrayed in this article, so revealing when you know that the future has not yet been recorded. Happy hunting.


    • I know about the Akashic…and I wasn’t referring that James should know the future, just in terms of enlightenment as he claims to be, not in this video but in other ones. I am able to access them sometimes, need to work really hard though…it’s getting tougher to access them as we are being blocked. Problem is how do you prove or disprove someone who claims to be able to access them?

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      • Ines. the point I was making is this. Most of the spiritual gurus out there are telling us about future happenings that are going to, or about to take place. That information is not in the Akashic records, so they have no reference as to where the info is coming from. That’s most likely why they can’t tell you. They don’t even know themselves. They never question their source as they should, they just take the info as is and go with it. The end result is that all their followers are misled, The Gurus don’t like being questioned. They most likely will go on the attack. If they claim their knowledge of the future came from the Akashic records, you know instantly they are liars.


        • I understand what you’re saying, I also understand that the future is made/created by us, perhaps we do know it but not are yet aware of it, but I have a problem with these folks that have contact with aliens and higher dimensional beings because they are not teaching us anything that we already don’t know, furthermore, each one of these so called Divine masters or whatever they call themselves all have different versions of what is “supposed” to happen.
          Take the Wingmaker material, or Jane Robert’s Seth, or the Alien from Roswell a book was written about her, or thousands of different entities contacting humans, they are all guessing because they don’t know the future either, we are all part of ONE, the future is where our consciousness takes us, although it seems that game is over and it’s time to end this madness.
          These folks that ask money from people have not accomplished anything, other than “share their truth”, what about peace? What about prosperity? What about human rights? Yeah, yeah, it’s coming soon!

          These 2 individuals have been on their galactic agenda for years now, and now to see James move over to the Dragon Family just tickles me tummy, I guess donations dried up from the galactic followers.

          This interview was a typical bullshit “pass the information on” that they all create to spread their disinfo or oh wait, I just opened up 2 portals. It’s this kind of stuff that sets me off because people actually believe this yet she offers no explanation, no scientific explanation, no witness explanation, no procedure, she just says ” I opened 2 portals”. I don’t like to insult, my job is to expose their stories/lies/theories and get people to really question and think before they start “following” some guru.

          the only guru in your life is YOU, you have all the answers if you learn how to connect to source and your higher self, no, you don’t know the future but you will know what is true and what is not, what you can do and what you should not know, what you can believe and not believe, most important of ALL, you get to finally figure out WHO you are and once you know this, once you feel this, once you live in that knowingness, there is no need to look outside yourself anymore other than to prepare for the next step in your soul evolution. I wasn’t referring to you directly John, but to those reading this material, I do believe that we can see into our future, because here on this linear timeline the future is in front of us, but in a no time/space reality. It is hard to write into words just like it’s hard for you to write about the future you saw, it already exists that’s my point, from a linear standpoint it IS the future, but from a timeless reality that the soul resides in there is no future or past, there is only different realities. I know this because I experience them in dream time.

          When I first started to dream these realities I thought they were really just dreams, but then I started to dream the same scenarios in different nights, and I would return where I left off sometimes during one night I would be in 2 or 3 different space time realities. It took me years to figure it out because I can’t remember them when I wake up, maybe some pieces here and there, and as time went by and I left myself open to the possibilities ..I started to remember and connect the different realities ME as a soul was experiencing, so, to say that we don’t know the future in linear time yes we don’t, but outside of this density and 3D prison we are in, there is only reality that you create and choose to experience. I’m in a dream walking through hundreds of snakes are swirling around my feet and I”m not afraid, I’m just in awe at these creatures, this is just an example of my experiences. I don’t fear snakes in real life either in fact I have wanted to catch a baby here and raise her in my garden as they are good for the insects 🙂

          So, the bottom line is we are here in this 3D reality, we chose to come here, but we got hijacked, the whole planet got hijacked and we are living on this prison planet, our DNA de activated from 12 strand to 2 strand and memories wiped. What is happening now is that the veil is slowly thinning and our DNA is slowly starting to activate strand by strand, I don’t think we can do this on our own, activate each strand to completion and this is why I believe we will get divine help because our enemies gained a lot of power over the millions of years.


  2. …yes Ines dear…it’s ‘wee me’ again. ‘Sorry’ if I dragging you ‘backwards’…but I felt I wanted to comment. I , synchronicitously, also was ‘acquainted’ with James…’trust me I’m a minister’ Gilliland…as well as others whom you have written of.

    Don’t ‘like’ Alexandra Meadors ‘energy’ either, the Kween OF Vague…(read bullshit) and I have seen through James for quite some time too. ECETI’s…er…um..WINGED DISC LOGO…gives it away.(Yer on fire kiddo…way to rock an awakening process).

    James’ recalls these ‘contacts’ as though they were erroneous or ad-hoc messages which just ‘crossed his path’…as almost ‘asides’…WTF?? I detect also that he senses himself as ‘superior’ to these ‘so called higher ups’…(which for my money do NOT exist)…

    Furthermore, apart from his embarrassingly obvious perception of himself and his highly inflated ego, he seems to have an incredibly LOOSE grip on the entire scenario and be utterly blind to the (supposed) IMPORTANCE of said ‘messages’ or ‘contacts with Highest Levels’…Sure!! I mean..’HE’ isn’t impressed…how are YOU going to be?

    THE CABAL…JUST LOVE A TIERED SYSTEM…which is precisely what James is describing here and the ‘money’ has ‘been moved’…ACROSS THE TOP NO DOUBT!! No explanations or ‘receipts’. Dratzo & Yawn…. I read ‘Kenny’ too and will go back and look for the article on James…fanx muchly for the tip…(Moving On)

    This ‘RV’ crapola he describes is all terribly ‘top down’…’the money has already been moved’..by WHOM? What utter hubris and arrogance…neatly sandwiched between huge slabs of utter ignorance. It’s all very ‘I’m alright Jack…you can haul up the ladder nooh’!

    …yet another New Age shill and $3.00 is how I would describe them both…and I did…several years back…so I thank you again for y our clarity and confirmation with this piece…wonderful stuff. ‘Just give em enough rope…they hang themselves’..

    Also, you’ve nailed it again…playing ‘I am the smartest man in the universe’ is actually NOT a ‘smart place to come from at this juncture.’…go play with your C-A-R-S James..leave this to the people, who want to makme a REAL difference, outside of their own egos. Great article Ines…always Annabelle!


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