We ARE HOME, We Don’t Need To Go Anywhere

I would love  nothing better than to sit back, close down my Clinic, take money out of the stash I have been keeping and just go and blow it on silly things I don’t need so I can spend it and enjoy it before we get lifted out of here (According to Yellow Rose From Texas). It sounds great doesn’t it? It sounds like Ashtar Command promising for years that Lord Sananda that Michael Ellegion so much admires and communicates to will land on the ship called Jerusalem after disclosure which was supposed to happen 4 years ago (it’s in his book Prepare For the Landings).  This galactic family or galactics as the believers call them will walk around, introduce themselves to us and bring us technology such as Replicators so we don’t have to manufacture anything anymore or do much of anything, just replicate it.

You can believe the version of the galactics landing to scoop us up out of here because Gaia is about to shift her poles and needs to cleanse, so we will be taken into these huge biospheres that Tolec, spokesperson for Andromeda Council speaks of and we can live there for the next 10 or so years while Earth is prepared for us to return, or we can choose to be taken into the Hollow Earth and live amongst the higher dimensional beings. Yes, they even have their own sun inside and they grow food.

Yellow Rose For Texas claims that Eve and One are now working on removing the planet from it’s shackles that is connected to gears existing in a Server, a false construct. The message is the same: Don’t worry, be happy and soon we will be out of here!

I have written many times that I would love for ALL of the above scenarios to happen, problem is that I am not involved in the decisions, nobody is contacting me or humanity and asking us what we want and where we want to go. It seems that ALL of these entities claiming to help us or save us seem to be the ones to DECIDE what should be done with us, as if we don’t matter yet at the same time telling us how much they love us and called us “Beloved Ones”.

What was the purpose of incarnating here 100’s or 1000’s of times if ONE or EVE were going to pull us out of here anyways?

The problem I have with the ‘story’ that Rose is now telling us is that very few people have access to this information. How is it that someone just shows up out of nowhere and expects us to believe them? Where is the proof? SOHO images can be altered and 4 tiny pixels are supposed to be Earth being pulled?

If this is really what is about to happen, why is it that only an American Woman (she claims to be ) is talking about this? I have not read anywhere online that there is another human on any part of the planet talking about this . Would it not be logical that if such an enormously important event is about to happen that more people would be contacted?

Think of the ramifications of this so called “knowledge”. Ukraine is in a state of war, so many people suffering, living in fear, dying of hunger and cold, no home to return to; would it not be easier for them if they knew this is about to take place? Instead of living in fear and feeling such despair, I am sure they would deal with their plight much easier if they knew their suffering would soon be over.

What about all the wars across the planet? I believe there are currently 47 wars happening on Earth at this moment. Would they not feel much better if they knew their suffering would end soon? If they knew this, do you think that the soldiers would put their arms down and go home to their families and wait for the event to happen?

You see, there is nothing logical in this story that Rose is the only woman being in contact with these entities yet this event will affect the entire planet. So, I have many questions that Rose has not yet answered, why the whole planet is not being notified or at least been given this information so they can choose if they want to believe it or not that we are being lifted out of this hellhole? There’s a few hundred people (fans and followers) excited about this event, how do you get in touch with the millions of people that have no electricity, some don’t even know what the internet is let alone access to it, yet Rose is spreading the word via the Internet?

If someone was contacting me and telling me that we are about to be freed from this construct and will be going to the “real” Earth; the first question I would ask is: “Who else knows about this and/or who else have you contacted?

I posed the same questions to the channels: “How do people get your messages  who have no access to internet?” If htey can’t contact you or me, you would think they would do this with at least one person in each country so they can pass this message, in other words choose an ambassador for each country that is enlightened enough to accept channeled information and start spreading it to others.

I really want to believe that something like this can and/or will happen, so many lives would change with this information, many wars would end because there would no longer be a purpose to fight, people would stop borrowing money or walk out on their mortgaged debt, get rid of crap they don’t need, there would no longer be racism or classes, no protests, people would just hang in there waiting and not stressed from their miserable lives.

Don’t you think if the planet is being “towed” out of this construct server that more people should know about it? We are talking about an event that is going to change our reality, and don’t they have the right to know that decisions are being made in their behalf rather than keeping them in the dark? Why is it that Rose and a chosen few only have access to this information/knowledge? Why does this “savior” propaganda always come out of the US?

Each time I read a new post it’s the same shit: “We’re just hours away”. Is this Earth hours or God’s hours, yet days have gone by, weeks have gone by since Rose said it could be hours away.

So, if you really believe this scenario, should you not be traveling to the countries that can’t access Internet and tell them what is going on? Maybe not about the event so much as the history behind it construct and what is really true, then explain it’s almost over with and that we will be freed? After all, can’t take money with you, so charge up your credit cards and get moving, there won’t be money on the New Earth, instead you’re worried if your pets are coming with you. The selfish followers are only asking about themselves, what to take  with them, what the signs will be, yet I have not read ONE comment asking how does the rest of the world get this glorious and divine information.

So wake up folks, stop looking  for someone to save you, you created this mess that we are in and now you believe that perhaps EVE and ONE are just going to lift you out of here? Think about the fact that you have chosen to incarnate here for many lifetimes, to help and assist with the transition, so when reading this crap from Rose, why don’t you ask her why only a small certain group of people have access to her information and what is she doing to notify humanity? It’s a good start, and it’s always my start, so when I see 250 followers or 2400 views on YouTube, one must wonder why truth doesn’t travel very far?

I have never denied the possibility that we are getting help, I don’t think that we can do this alone, I’m talking about Divine Assistance, but we didn’t come here to just sit now and wait for someone to pull us out of here. Anything that teaches you to sit disempowered is using exactly that program to keep you from doing anything. I sure I’m wrong because I would love to get out of here, but reality is that I love Gaia and I want to stay here and help her, she needs me, she needs us. She sustains us. Without her we would be dead because we were created and designed to live on this planet in this bodysuit that we use. We drink her water, eat her food, breathe the air she creates and without these we would die, therefore, she continues to provide for us and she will get us to where we need to go. If you want to leave this planet, go for it, it’s a free will universe, but you can’t runaway from something you created, we created to play out to the end. Just think about that.


One thought on “We ARE HOME, We Don’t Need To Go Anywhere

  1. Aa’m-a-geddin out of here. I love it. Yellow Rose’s and all the rest of the ascention gurus are adding to the plot. Their ‘new earth’ scenario is a repeat of descriptions in the book of revelation, in the bible. All be it somewhat modified. What they ask for they are going to get. A brand new dimension especially created for their enjoyment. As they will all be stripped of their earthly cocoon, they will need to build their new shells using what their new home has to offer, without Gaias help. Once they realize that their spiritual friends where nothing but consumate liars, the great Wailing and Gnashing of teeth will commence, in their new home. Gaia won’t hear them as they removed her from their presence. And so their ‘god’ will have deserted them. As their new dimension is a brand new universe, It will appear as they if they have been cast into outer darkness. And so the Prophesies will have been fullfilled. They wanted it, so they will get it. The stage has been set, when the Fat Lady sings, the Opera is over. We are all players on the stage. “When God cranks the handle, we all dance to the tune”. A favourite Quote of Reischmarshall Heidrick.


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