Our Learning Never Stops

The best part of keeping this blog is the wonderful people I meet. Sure, there have been some dark experiences, people I thought were true and good until they disagreed with my choices and attacked me for them, but I recover from them quickly. I have also accepted the reality that once in while someone is going to come along to shake up things so to speak, there was a purpose in it, we learn from our mistakes. This post is not about learning from our mistakes, who am I to tell you this kindergarden subject, we have gone past that lesson. We know that our choices and decisions create results whether they are good or not so good, they are part of the learning process. What we still need to learn as humanity is respecting each others choices and decisions. Because the program created to fragment us into nationalities, regions, colors, religions, social societies also worked well in instilling this “uniqueness” in those very same subjects they created to fragment us. So, we are taught that we are each unique and individual but at the same time separated into different aspects of religion, culture, geographical location etc. In order for this happen/change, the borders have to come down, I’m talking about the physical borders dividing countries, imagine that. Crossing over into a different culture/climate and yet feeling you’re part of it and not just a visitor, that all under our feet and over our heads belongs to us/humanity.

Most of you that are here from the beginning ( I hate using the term following), in fact, that’s just another Cabal program, but those that have been reading this blog since the beginning know that I don’t judge readers or their comments. In fact, I work really hard at being objective and finding the right way to communicate my disagreement without using the word “disagree”, after all, what is the purpose of leaving the comment section ON if I disagree with everything you say? You would also figure that out too and think “Why am I even bothering to comment when she’s disagreeing with me all the time?”.

I respect everyone’s views, and I have learned so much from my readers that I keep the hopes up that they will contribute their own posts and share their views, their experiences and their belief systems. Once in a while a reader’s comment will get my attention and it excites me to know there are many wise people out there, someone I can look up to for an opinion or thought process and lately I have found such person whom I trust and respect very much, his views and experiences have given me a lot of things to ponder.

Last night while watching a YouTube interview with Alfred Webre,

I started to think about some things, some things that I had firmly believed and thought to be reality for ME. I find it interesting when these folks that Alfred interviews ALL have different views and so called knowledge on who we are, how we got here and how the soul exists etc. I don’t think that any of us really know our multi-dimensional self yet, we may have some ideas or fragments of ideas, but as souls existing in a 3D reality, we are not able to really even understand that concept yet, as much as we want to, as much as Alfred thinks he does and his esteemed guests. Although I respect the man for the work that he does, I’m not sure he’s on our side, and as time goes by, I am starting to feel he is NOT. I’m not saying he’s not brilliant  or that he’s not a very knowledgeable person, I’m questioning his motives and purpose for the work that he does do.I question why he brings on idiots that make a mockery out of humanity, out of the existence that we are in and especially those guests that claim to know what the soul is and how it exists. Excuse me please, unless you have died and gone to heaven you don’t have a fucking clue.

I use the term “heaven” as something beautiful and enlightening, something warm, something familiar not like the term in the Bible or Kathryn E. May’s group that are called Company of Heaven or Sheldon Nidle’s Heaven Company.

So, I started thinking again about my NDE   experience and what it really meant. Could it be that my experience was also an Archon setup, an illusion or holograph they created for my experience? Cameron Day coined the term “Karma Lords”, does it matter whether they are Archons or not? No. What matters is that something/some entity in another dimension that we must go through after leaving the body blocks our trip home to source.

I think that we can now firmly agree upon the experience of reincarnation, meaning choosing to incarnate into another body/life. Michael Newton has spend most of his professional career plotting out what happens after the soul leaves the body, and it corresponds with what we call the “Karmic Trap”, in  other words, the people/clients he worked with did have different experiences upon leaving the body, but we can now connect those experiences to the Karmic Trap where we are greeted by someone we know or a religious figure if we were religious and we go through a certain process and then choose another character to play and return back to Earth.

He also mentions that “old souls” are not greeted by anyone, they simply go to the docking station, cleansing process and right into the room with all the monitors and pick out bodies, lives and experiences, they don’t need to be greeted as they have done this many times before.

I had none of the above, I simply left the body and was at/in/feeling/experiencing my place of origin. I was aware of who I was, I was aware that the place/space/reality I arrived at was a place of familiarity, I simply knew this is where I was created and where I come back to each time I leave the body. I am still trying to figure out what the purpose of returning for only a few minutes was, but it was a confirmation for me of sorts and at the time of my life when it happened, I was a very deeply disturbed mother to be, perhaps I needed that experience to awaken me to my true reality. It took me another 30 years to figure it out, not the experience, but why I chose to return home for a fleeting moment.

So, I wrote to one of my respected readers and commenters about this subject and what he thought about it, this is what he answered: “Ines, I feel that when people die and apparently see their dead relatives etc, I believe that they have been given a vision within their own mind by the archons, who are able to influence our minds in death as they can do in life. Our minds are not the same as our souls, but I feel are a holographic field of energy that exists outside our physical body, seen by some as an aura, and contain our memories.

We ourselves generate the images that we see during the death process. If we bypass the archons we don’t get those images, we jump through the energy barrier that contains the archons and proceed directly to source. That is where we find the peace that always seems to elude us during our physical life. If we are returned to the physical by source, we are given a new directive to work on, as you are doing. What we need to remember is this: The purpose of creation is to create. We have been sent back to continue that process. Source is replicating itself, from spirit into physical into a new life form, the one that is referred to as Ascension.

Source intends that some of us undergo that process before others, those who do are to be the mentors, for the rest who survive ‘judgement’. (that’s how I know that Veronica’s center in Ireland is deception, You and I are not invited to  join). As ‘ascension’ has never taken place before, the process is unknown to the spiritual gurus, who rave on about it all the time. The crap they keep on spouting is actually doing the opposite, it is causing decent-ion, ie trapping us in a lower vibrational field. That is why all the crapola going on around the planet is increasing. In effect they are helping the process in ways they would never believe. In the end, all will work to bring forth the plan of source, laid down in the beginning of time.

                All we can know for certain, is that we have been sent back from death for a particular purpose. That purpose is to obtain the next stage of our creation for and on behalf of our creative source. That is not a deception for us, it is a real experience, which others haven’t obtained. To obtain that end we must wait for ‘judgement’ to take place, the sorting of the wheat from the chaff, so to use an analogy. This world is a giant farm, we are the crop. The farmer is Gaia, and also the Judge. Of course I will rejoice when the madness is dealt to. Like I said before, I will enjoy the music of wailing and gnashing of teeth. When the Fat Lady sings. The interesting part is how the madness will be dealt to. It’s design is based on biblical prophesy, that’s why I had to find out what man has done, and let the council find a way to fix the problem.

                There is no fear in death, only continuing life, Wherever you find your conscious awareness, is where your life exists within that time and place. When you know you have been connected to source, Alpha and Omega become one. We are here for this time and place.

                 The madness must be ended first, before we can advance into our ‘golden age’. I have seen a vision of that future, in which we are in, what I call an interactive garden. All the plants, animals, birds, trees and fauna are linked to our thoughts, if you pass a flower and think how beautiful it looks, it blushes and gives off an amazing scent, everything in the garden has a vibrant life, which interacts with everything else, we experience that interaction emotionally. The beauty of it all is astounding. The peace that I have already experienced, is a part of that future. If you experience that already, enjoy. We will grow the future, as the future grows us.

All the best for now, John. ps: I find it difficult to express the future in words. I can feel it, but how can you explain intangible truth. I hope my basic description touches your heart. You can’t fear death when you know it doesn’t exist.” –John Fowlds

Comment: In my email, I asked John why I didn’t fear death, why I was feeling excitement as the world was going to hell. I am not responding to the madness in a negative way rather excited because I feel that all this is part of the game we came to play. Many souls are now choosing to leave, they have done their work and have left, therefore, we need to let go of the sadness of those souls leaving because we are immortal and eternal, leaving this reality is the choice we made just like the choice we made in coming here. I like what Dolores Cannon and her daughter are saying: “Only the very very special and ancient souls were chosen to come  here in this time/reality”. Billions of souls answered the call to help, but only  a few million were chosen. That’s an honor, and it  should be to all of you wondering what the hell you are doing here in this reality.

There is no difference between Politics and Religion. They both work towards stripping humanity of their dignity. Neither one allow humanity to think for itself.

Your thoughts are welcome!

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