For some reason WordPress is not allowing me to re-blog today. Perhaps it’s the nasty energy from this blog owner who chooses what he/she wants to post. I get offended when the blog owner says “I will allow this comment”. Hey, are you not in the truth movement? ARE YOU NOT A LIGHT WORKER? So why the moderating of comments you don’t like?

This post is not about the blog owner, they have a right to post what they like, this is about the post itself the bullshit and the message that is going around viral today on WordPress how “Light-workers” are being attacked. They must be jumping for joy because they say that when someone is attacking you, you must speaking the truth. It’s not a rule, I don’t believe in that because many bloggers write bullshit and get attacked for it, so, it’s not a general rule that I would go by.

Cobra is making more excuses as to why the EVENT is not happening, more bullshit stellar/scalar physics that the typical human like you and I don’t understand, but hey, this event has been going on for 2 years now at least that I have been following it and now it’s not possible according to Cobra “The Event will NOT happen until the scalar plasma grid is taken care of.

We all know there is a quarantine around the planet, but it’s also coming down gradually and as I have stated many times before, Cobra has nothing to do with this. This is between Source,Creator and Mother Earth,together they will coordinate the right time and place for all of us to transcend/re integrate.

These entities that are being channeled by humans are regurgitating the same crap over and over again, don’t worry dear ones, we love  you, you are so bold and brave, you are so close to your goals, we love you and support you”.
In other words, sit back and relax, do nothing, just enjoy the ride, because of this fails, then yellow rose for texas has her Eve and ONE to save us.
May god help us all!

The truth is not out there, the future doesn’t exist, we create our reality through our thoughts and expressions of how we want to be, if this construct was truly a construct, then why can’t GOD just blow it away and let us live the way we were meant to live? That’s the million dollar question isn’t it?

Well, reading the comments on this post, I can see most of the commenters are starting to question everything.



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