Blogger Thugs Now Policing the Blogosphere? Another Rant (Unique Content!)
You can read the comments to his post here:

Last time I checked I didn’t reside at Stalag 13, but below is a copy of an email sent to me by Ines Radman and her “Donation Detective Team” AKA DDT (just sayin’), proposing more policing of the Internet—and more specifically—bloggers. Pardon my snickers.You can snicker all you want, but I nor my group proposed any kind of policing, so why make this up? Where in anything I wrote do I mention “policing, controlling”?
So it’s the Lightworkers’ blogs that require regulating now, is it? I cannot sit idly by and say nothing while a self-appointed panel of bloggers-come-judges sends out emails like this. It makes me hot under the collar. You and your team are out of order.

BLOGGING IS NOT ABOUT DONATIONS!  But they’re attempting to make it so.

We are not attempting to make anything, we are attempting to create a site where we can list blogs according to their value.  We believe that if  you are going to ask for donations that you should offer something of value. It’s that simple.

Ines has her own blog, and in the past has done some Cobra-bashing at Starship Earth and left acerbic remarks with a link to her blog, I suppose to siphon traffic from my blog to hers.
Gosh, why on Earth do I need to take your bloggers?  Is that how you think about people that don’t agree with your views? I wasn’t bashing Cobra, WE have exposed him for what he is, a very wealthy disinformation agent. Come on, you sound like you are whining.

Apparently she’s feeling like an authority figure and plans to drum up additional traffic for herself and others she knows by rating the blogs that have donation buttons. She wants unique content!

Apparently?  Did I mention Authority? Did I not mention that WE  a group of people are doing this and you know a few of them as well. Additional traffic to drum up for what? I don’t rate for content but originality, Let’s face it, there are thousands of blogs posting the same contents and many people have commented to me where they can find blogs that don’t repost and write their own material.  WordPress is FREE so not sure what it is that you need to get paid for?

Ask and you shall receive, my dear. Here’s some unique content. But I have a question:

By what and whose authority do you propose to undertake this task—and why? I mean REALLY, why? They say ‘follow the money’, so…

…even if you were to gain more donations at your blog, Ines, are you okay with taking those away from someone else—perhaps from someone who needs the donations more than you? That IS in essence what you are proposing, is it not?
Fist of all, we are not asking for anything. We decided that IF we can create something of value and people are happy with it then we would ASK the community if we deserved it, I don’t know where you get this idea that I or my group or any blogs we have ask for donations. I really don’t think you have read the mission of the blog yet. You are making assumptions based on the email I sent you, but I will answer here. I don’t undertake this task under anyone’s authority because we are not acting as authorities of anything. We are simply gathering criteria on donation blogs and placing them in categories. .I’m not a lightworker, I don’t recognize myself as a lightworker, I am Service To Others and Lightworkers do not hold a special status in my world because if you were truly a Lightworker you would not be doing this and seeing it in the negative light, you would take the time to visit the blog and understand what the site is for.

What happened to the Lightworkers’ truth that there is no shortage of anything? Apparently you believe that in order for some to get what they ‘deserve’, they will have to take away from others. That’s some solid 3D thinking, isn’t it?

More importantly: why at this point in our evolution when we are casting off the chains of false authority and grabbing back our long lost freedoms, would you even attempt to add more rules and regulations—especially to Lightworkers who freely GIVE their time and energies to this monumental task of waking the slumbering masses without promise of compensation? Why would you want to complicate that process? Don’t you have anything better to do?
I don’t know how to answer this question without you feeling that I am insulting you, obviously you’re in a very defensive mode yet I have done nothing to you. In fact, because I am a regular reader of your blog, I sent you email out of respect so that you would personally give me information about your blog so that WE could rate it. What promise of compensation are you talking about? I thought you lightworkers were supposed to get all these prosperity funds years ago? So I must ask why are lightworkers being treated different than those in Palestine who have to live outdoors in the winter and fear that they will die at any moment? What makes you better than them that Lightworkers would get the funds first? Where are these funds? You have been duped into believing that Lightworkers were chosen or that you are special, so please explain to me, how is that you are special? Do you cook in free meal kitchens? Do you collect all your bottles and use the money to give a child a school book? Do you treat people for free? Yes, we all need money to live with, but you see, my philosophy is that when you do good, when your heart sings with love and joy, money comes it just comes, you never lack, because if you keep telling Universe you NEED, you will always be in NEED, but if you thank universe for all the abundance that you have, you will get abundance. Don’t blame me for your lack of, because that is what you are doing, I’m not responsible for your lack of. And nowhere in this world does anyone expect to get paid for something that does NOT create Value.
I do have other things to do, I have a terminally ill partner, I have a huge house to take care of, an organic garden, I have a TCM clinic in my home where I treat clients and many for free. I do have a life and I do this because I can.

I’m a freelance writer, and I have been giving away my content for nearly three years, and until more recently when I needed financial assistance, asked nothing. I don’t put a copyright notice on my personally written material and trust that people will credit my blog if and when they use it. Most do, but if not, whatever. IT DOESN’T MATTER. There are far more important things unfolding on this planet. 

My posts have been reblogged A LOT, and I’m glad. And if the end users get donations for sharing them—great! I’m happy for them. I don’t have my hand out.

That’s awesome. But what exactly are you accusing me of? It’s great that you write and others re post, but that is your opinion and you don’t need to bash me just because you don’t agree with me or what we are doing. Who are YOU to criticize me? We don’t judge anyone, we don’t rate based on their content or spiritual beliefs, in fact we don’t give a shit what is on your blog, we are simply putting you in a category so that people who are new and don’t know where to turn to can take a look at the blogs available. This is for you dear blogger to get more visibility. How the fuck do you see POLICING in this?

The DDT bloggers seem to be of the mind that if we have a donation button that we need to be policed so that we don’t acquire too large a slice of the finite pie if we are routinely reposting other bloggers’ material.

You are using the word “policing” again and creating a negative environment for everyone reading your post. Please refrain from using words such as policing or control. We use words Exchange energy, exchange value, creating value to create more donations. Where the fuck do you see Policing in this mission we are starting? We are simply placing blogs in different categories. What is wrong with that? Do you feel that someone who writes 100% of their content should be equal to someone who COPIES content? Do you really feel that way? Don’t you feel that bloggers who write their own content deserve to get more credit for it; ie. donations?

Don’t blogging platforms have a “REBLOG” button for a reason? Now suddenly ‘reblogging’ is an offense punishable by the retraction of YOUR gold star because you say it is? This is one twisted world if that is the case.

Nobody said reblogging was an offense, again, you are using terms that you choose to use that we don’t even mention. You are turning all this upside down and making a negative statement about a project where we want to build a community. You don’t have to be part of it, nobody is going to force you to be listed, you have the right refuse, so you see my friend, you have not done your homework.

ASIDE: As a reminder, any donations from this blog currently go to Lightworker29501 for his assistance in keeping Starship Earth in orbit while I was unable to, and doing webmaster work for me. He’s having a rough time and I appreciate his friendship, advice and technical tinkering. I, and he, blog for free, because it feeds our souls.

If you blog for free and don’t ask for donations then we don’t care about you, we only rate blogs that have a donation button. Nobody asked you what you do with your donations, we don’t care what you do with it, we don’t care why you ask for them, and there is no Archontic grid, obviously you know nothing about Archons. Go read or listen to John Lamb Lash, he is the ORIGINATOR and discoverer of the ARCHONS, so he will tell you that I am not part of it. LOL

I just thought you’d like to know about this organized neighbourhood patrol, my friends. Take their ratings as you will. Perhaps the archontic grid is promoting this new brand of thuggery.

Personally, I am of the mind that each blog is unique and bears the stamp of the individual blogger, and the material posted carries their energetic signature and heart because of their desire to help in whatever way they are guided. Every blog has its own flavour, and that is what readers respond to, and it comes from a variety of elements.

This ‘energetic soup’ is what connects readers to the blogger, and will continue to do so, no matter what ratio of shared or unique content they offer.

If you’re not getting the traffic and/or donations you desire, Ines, perhaps you need to look at what YOU’RE doing, or NOT doing, rather than what others are doing.
Dear friend, I don’t care about traffic, and it seems that is all you talk about so it must be important to you. I don’t need traffic nor donations, I write because I like to write, because I’m curious and I ask no donations, I enjoy abundance in my life and you are taking everything out of context and I am so sorry you are being so defensive when I have done nothing to make you feel that way. Your reaction towards our project is your right, but to bash me, that’s not fair, you’re starting to show your true colors and I always wondered what was so special about people that called themselves lightworkers.

“If you build it, they will come”—if you’re doing a good job. Did it ever occur to you that maybe you’re just not providing what readers want in a blog? Maybe this isn’t your calling. It’s not for everyone.

What the fuck are you talking about? Sorry about the language, What has this got to do with me and my blogs? I don’t have a calling, none of us do, that’s the illusion of the new cage movement. I am Service to Others, and there is Service to Self, there are only 2 type of distinct humans on this planet, and perhaps if you start seeing yourself as Service to Others, you might have abundance flowing, I don’t know, I am just making assumptions because most lightworkers I come across react the way you do, attacking others because they feel they need to defend something and accept poverty as part of their “calling”.

I’ve seen your blog, Ines, and you were in attack mode when I visited, and that was the last time. I’ve no desire to read negative, low-vibration bashing. It seemed as though you were under the assumption that posting the opposite of what most blogs were, that you felt unique and therefore entitled to readers. It was a cold, prickly place and I left on the double. If I felt that way, then others undoubtedly do, as well.
That was your perception, but what you are doing now is just giving me more attention and traffic. There is no negativity on my blog, in this case I am calling you for what you are a LIAR.
Attack mode? Where is the content to back it up? I don’t attack anyone, I allow ALL comments, I don’t moderate, even those that attacked me. I am not opposite of you or anyone, I am simply doing what I came here to do, to be of Service to Others and instead of us coming together and respecting each other for our different views, we are bashing and fracturing  and this what the cabal wants. They have actually tricked you into believing that you are lightworker, but you’re actually working for the dark thinking you are working for the light and if you take a  look around, I don’t see any person calling themselves a lightworker that is problem free, debt free, and financially comfortable. Doesn’t that tell you something?
This is what I tell my cousin all the time. You go to church every Sunday, every holiday, every spare moment  you have, praying to god for something better yet your whole life has been misery. Does it not strike you that most Catholics who are very religious are unhappy, broke and in debt and dying young? Sorry, nobody wants to hear the truth, so ATTACK the messenger right?

Getting back to the DDT agenda, I don’t subscribe to this gang of Internet bullies’ opinion that to enable people to leave donations is a crime unless our blog measures up to some standard they have the gall to arbitrarily establish. You’ll see their list of criteria below.

You don’t have to subscribe to anything, didn’t I ask for your contact? Didn’t I ask that you fill it out? You had the choice of saying No Thank you, why attack me for it? 

I don’t believe it’s a bad thing to reblog posts from other blogs. We each have a network of blogs and websites we follow because they resonate with us and we will share what we feel is most important to share and our readers appreciate that. We are guided to specific material for a reason.
Great, that’s your opinion and your right, but do you see me bashing you for it? Hey, nobody is attacking you for your belief systems, nobody is attacking you for your content, why are you making this as something bad? What is it that you are afraid of? What has this got to do with policing or freedoms? We are not forcing anyone to do anything, it’s a choice, you either want to belong to a community where you will benefit from more donations, where does it say We want to take that away from you? Nobody can take anything away from you.

Do any of us MIRROR another blog? I haven’t seen that, but let’s not overlook that the time we have available to us in part determines how much writing, digging and surfing we can do to provide unique content. There are mothers, fathers, and people with full time jobs and heavy overtime blogging on top of it all. I think they do well to have a blog at all.

In addition, there are costs associated with running a blog of any size for a long duration, and many Lightworkers require assistance to cover those costs.
Here we go again with the POOR ME LIGHTWORKER scenario. What costs are there running a WordPress blog other than time? Enlighten me please.

For those of us living in the West, we are hours behind bloggers in the east and more often reblog the main events we learn of on rising in the morning so the content is not exactly fresh.

And have you overlooked the fact that not everyone can write, Ines? Some bloggers are not comfortable writing at all, or don’t have the time. For some, English may not be their first language so they feature other writers’ and bloggers’ work—some in a split second on the fly with their smart phones or iPads.
I’m not disputing your right to blog, what’s this all about anyways?  If you can’t write, go do something you’re good at. After all dear friend, there are 2 billion people on this planet that don’t have electricity let alone Internet, so these folks that can’t write, why can’t they find a way to help those folks that can’t access the internet. How do we help those that can’t read or come online? There are many other ways to help then just blogging, Why does it all have to be online? Just a comment, because your excuse is pitiful at best, but again it’s your choice, who is attacking other than creating value for what you do.

That in no way detracts from the job they are doing to share information and get people organized enough to participate in mass meditations, physical rallies and demonstrations, or anything else we feel compelled to do as awakened souls collectively.

Many new bloggers have joined the ranks lately in an effort to do their best to share information with friends and family and they may not have the background to share their own material so they feature what they found useful in expanding their spirituality in lieu of unique personal offerings.

The Internet has been key in uniting humanity and enabling us to get ahead of the dark ones.  The whole point of sharing information on the Internet is that it can be done at lightning speed. Reblogging facilitates that.

In my opinion it’s not only the subject matter that attracts readers/viewers, but the images bloggers source out and feature on their blogs. There are some powerful ones and as we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Is it their own unique image that they created? Rarely. I have even left a positive comment on a blog to thank them for a particular image because it resonated so strongly with me, and that blog is mostly beautiful images and links and very little written content. Does that mean she doesn’t deserve the donations she gets for her time and effort? That’s preposterous.

I rely on bloggers to send me their posts via email so I am apprised of new information and updates. I appreciate their efforts to share and if I were in a place to donate, I most certainly would. We all contribute to this massive awakening effort in our own way. ONE IS NOT BETTER OR MORE DESERVING THAN ANOTHER.
I donate $200 per month to a few blogs/organizations. You see, you’re missing the whole picture. I am not against donations, we want to raise visibility to those blogs that create value so they can get even more donations. You have twisted everything around because you didn’t do your research.

Where you choose to put any particular blog on your list makes no difference to me because I have my own connection with their work and I reckon many other bloggers feel the same way. You’re wasting your time, Ines, if you think your ratings will override SEO, algorithms and energetic connections.
Nothing I do is a waste of time, because I do it from the heart and because I can, because I can afford to, because I don’t NEED to accomplish anything. Those that want truth will come, those that don’t, that’s their choice.

As I see it, the single most important purpose for Lightworkers’ blogs is the effort to wake people up and keep them apprised of what is developing on the many fronts at this juncture, when the liberation of Humanity is at our doorstep and we’re wrestling with the devil, so to speak. Is that occupation not grand and selfless enough?

May I remind you that it is time to unite, not divide. Frankly, I feel this initiative to rate Lightworkers’ blogs is petty and the energies would be better directed elsewhere.

I agree with you 100% and if you bothered to look deeply into the blog you would see that it’s about community not policing. It’s about all of us being in one place where we can create more visibility and where people come to seek a topic and see what blogs are there, but at the same time, put the best at the top. You can’t tell me that we are all of the same caliber, we are NOT, I write at least 50% of my own content, so I do offer more value than someone who just COPIES other content. Let’s get this straight and honest, we COPY content that does not belong to us, you call it sharing, whatever, but technically and legally, you are copying with the consent of the owner, but it’s the same shit, YOU COPY work to put on your blog, to bring visitors, to be a good lightworker and to hope you will get paid for your service to humanity.

If you want to rate my blog, Ines, go ahead. I get my own steady stream of traffic without your seal of approval. My readers know who I am, what I’m about, and why I blog. They are getting what they want here, and I will continue to provide it from the gut level, so we’re all happy and we know to a great degree what’s going on in the world—and off.

Again, you misinformed, you are not forced into anything, you can refuse, you do not have to participate. This is why I don’t understand why you are attacking us? I say US because this project will require a lot of people to keep up with correct stats and up to date views of blogs.

I am of the firm belief that readers will find us if we blog for the right reasons. I began my blog for friends and family only, but the rest of the world quickly found me and the rest is history. I love my readers and if at any point they choose to stop visiting, it will be because they are not getting what they wanted, not because of some silly rating system, and they go with my blessing.

Since I don’t have a conduit to intelligence sources, I will continue to REBLOG as I see fit, and like most, to quote Mike Dooley, I will “do the best I can with what I have from where I am.”

As a busy blogger, I have better things to do than answer your prying questions. What are you—a new arm of the NSA?
I’m a nobody dear friend, just doing what I believe is good like  you are. I have nothing to do with anyone, it was an idea we came up with because I felt that need that we as bloggers COME TOGETHER in one place and become a directory of sorts.

You DDT “donation detectives” should be ashamed of yourselves. Greed is a most unsavoury attribute, and to suggest that your criteria and rating system are going to guarantee ratings and additional traffic and donations for some bloggers is a big ask. I doubt if most are that gullible, or even care. I, for one, will NOT be consulting your Blog Directory.
Well, we didn’t make any guarantees for promises and we can’t promise it will be a success but we are willing to give the time and try. What is wrong with trying?

Perhaps you missed a chapter in the Book of Life. Don’t judge unless you’ve walked a mile in someone’s shoes. Better yet—don’t judge at all. It’s not your place. Look who’s talking? We have not judged anyone, yet you spent 4000 words attacking me? Let’s just let this go, I’m sure there was a misunderstanding on your part on what we are about, I really do not want to have this kind of relationship with you. You have a great blog, and sure, I don’t agree with some things, but that doesn’t make me different from you, after all, we are all working towards the same cause: Freedom from Slavery. Do you not agree with this?

Without prejudice…  ~ BP

The contents of the emails and vision is on the website

In our defense it changes daily as it is work in progress and we have not yet officially announced it existence.
We are not asking for anyone to agree with us, or participate with us, you have the right and option to ask to be removed, so I am not sure why this guy is making such a fuss.
Yes, we disagree on many points, but we feel that are creating a positive place not a POLICING place, we don’t own or have the right to do that or authority to police anyone, even WordPress doesn’t police anyone and I’m sure they would shut any blog down that tried to kill free speech,so this defensive rambling was not necessary. We are different, we have different views and belief systems. when I “bash”someone it’s because I have done my research and found enough evidence to accuse them.
Lightworkers like to blame their lack of money on their “giving”of time, and I don’t agree with this, it’s such a lame excuse.
I have abundance in my life because I see it around me, I live it and therefore, the Universe gives me what I believe in, not what I want or need.
This “lightworker” agenda was a setup for the New Cage movement, it’s been over 10 years now of people calling themselves lightworkers and yet very few are in good financial situations. NO, GOD does not want us to suffer or sacrifice. It is our given right to live in abundance, the Universe is abundant and there is no need to lack of anything.

Your thoughts are welcome!

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