FREE Ebook Handbook – How to Become a Better Multidimensional Being

I highly recommend this book to read, it’s Free and feels good. I have read it twice and really enjoyed it, learned a lot and most important, learned how to rely on myself and not on some spiritual ghosts.

Provides the best foundation for a multidimensional, subtle realms, healing journey?

This is a handbook for you to work with that acts as a guide in your own multidimensional self healing in the following ways;

  • Become aware of more of yourself beyond the boundaries of this physical body, this human life and even this particular reality with exercises to help you do this, including to protect yourself while you are doing this work.
  • Take on these larger concepts and to not only perhaps conceptually step beyond these boundaries but to actually start to become more sensitive and directly engaged with these.
  • Understanding that the cause of some of what you may be experiencing as limits, problems, challenges, traumas and difficult patterns in your life here may in fact originate from beyond your physical body and this life’s boundaries and so may be in an ‘energy’ body, a past life or maybe even in another reality entirely and that they need to be dealt with where they originate else they won’t be properly resolved.
  • With examples and understandings to identify possible causes of issues while providing focuses and approaches to help you align with and resolve these.
  • To not only align your mind, your understanding and your attitudes but to provide established means to invoke guides and support that can help you bridge these none physical boundaries in a safe, effective and a self exploring ‘aligned’ way while having the expertise and abilities to help you in alignment with what you are asking for.
  • This book is not about ‘this is the way’ but about offering an emphasis on helping you move beyond your boundaries of knowledge, information and understanding.

This book takes a direction with an emphasis on revealing what is limiting you, what is holding you back both within and without yourself. Only by having these limits revealed do you stand any chance at all of resolving them.

This book will appeal to someone with no or little experience whom wants a head start in terms of advice and orientation it as well as medium to advanced self explorers and healers whom want to go deeper, push their boundaries, stimulate a stronger movement or are ready for broader understanding. There are lots of ‘assumptions’ made of ALL of the spiritual areas and this is one of the few books trying to give people a foundation of TRUE openness. It’s not about ‘This is IT’ but about ‘What is IT?’.


Your thoughts are welcome!

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