I finally get it. I finally get it. I finally get why people calling themselves  “light-workers” turn everything into negative events. Light-workers that I know of, run from negativity, they can’t handle it, they have been programmed to stay away from negativity because it would lower their frequency thus their chance for Ascension would be diminished.
As my regular readers know, I have never said anything negative about Lightworkers, rather I have questioned it’s term and it’s value. I find it interesting that lightworkers that I read about or read their comments, all have one thing in common: Money and lack of it. Calm me naive, but every blog that I have visited, there is always some kind of feeling of “lack of”.

Lack of means lack of self love, lack of self esteem, lack of belief, lack of understanding and lack of respect to the laws of abundance. I would even go as far to say that “lack of” is a programmed state. I mean let’s look at my country’s main religion which is Roman Catholic. I am surrounded by Catholics, in fact, I don’t know many people in my surroundings that are not church goers. I look at their values and their lives, their dreams and their desires, they are no different than yours or mine. We all desire health, abundance, to live a normal life where “struggle” is a foreign word. Where we are rewarded for our work and not punished, where we can offer our children a better future. These are all common dreams for humanity, it’s all we know for now. Yet when I look at my Catholic community, they are all suffering in such horrible ways.

The first thing I notice is their sense of helplessness. When I ask my clients after they get up from their massage table how they are doing, they most often answer: Good if God willing. Catholics are taught that they are mortal humans, with a vengeful father that will punish them for their sins. They are taught to pray to their God for forgiveness and that IF they are good they will be rewarded. Well, when do they get rewarded? Their lives are horrible, rather than being proactive about what they want, they sit around waiting for god to send them a job or send them a cancer cure or throw some money down to them. Everything about their lives is sad because they believe and feel that it’s not their power to determine their destiny rather than what their god decides, yet they spend lifetimes praying in church and I guess they keep hoping “tomorrow”is the day god will finally listen to their  prayers. This in turn creates more hopelessness, negativity and it makes me sad.

I see the light-workers in the same way. What are they battling really? They claim they chose to be light-workers to help people and shine their light, but all I see is blogs writing about it. I am not saying they are not out there in physical world helping people, but why are they all broke? Why are most of them having financial difficulties? If they were truly light-workers didn’t they know better than to get a huge mortgage to buy a huge home they can’t afford? Didn’t they know that money is the root of their problems, didn’t they know the system is designed to entrap you into debt so that you stay their slave for the rest of your life? Don’t light-workers have an ability to see much more than regular folks do? What makes them different? Why do they use “light-working” as an excuse for poverty? How do they compare not having money and being a light-worker?
I might as well become a nun, because there at least I know I am doing something for value. I clean floors, dust altars, pray for hours, create something of value to sell and raise money, so Nuns are not without, they too work to create value. They are in essence slaves to the clergy so the priests and cardinals and Pope can live a better life.

An attack on me prompted me to think about this. How dare anyone say I am cruel or negative? How dare anyone criticize me because I don’t recognize light-workers as legitimate givers to humanity? It’s just a term? No. They feel they are special, in fact they have been waiting for the Dinar RV, the GCR, the NESARA funds, the St. Germain Funds, the Prosperity packages and even Cobra states that he took the collateral accounts and hid them in a secret place. Well, Cobra why don’t you at least give the light-workers some money so they can stop whining?

I’m not attacking anyone. I am not calling light-workers stupid, or dumb or lazy or whatever, I am simply questioning how they justify their title? So when I write about these things, they attack me. Oh my, they run from negativity? Nope, they cause and create it. The blog that we just started Donation Detectives received such an attack and obvious hatred towards this because light-workers feel nobody should judge them, nobody should touch them, nobody should write about them, question them and or they can’t be part of anything that is negative. Yet when I read the comments/responses from these so called Light-workers; they were vicious, horrible attacks on me yet none of these folks knew anything about me. They took the post as “truth”and just sweetened the negative energy even more. You see, that is where they feel they are special. They can attack, but if you write anything about them, watch out!  They defend their titles like a mother lion defends her young, without impunity.

I was actually shocked, these folks are going crazy, on the verge of desperation, I don’t blame them, they have been waiting for Dinar RV’s, then other RV’s ; then prosperity funds, then global resets, I mean, I can’t blame them for sitting around waiting for saviors to save their asses, it’s understandable. But don’t attack me because I  have a different viewpoint. Don’t attack me because I feel that there are some bloggers out there that are asking for donations and don’t deserve them! They claim it is their right as light-workers, they need to support themselves, it doesn’t matter that they don’t create anything of value, they simply have the right to ask for donations.

So, when I intend on creating 3 categories of blogs; Top Value Blogs, Medium Value Blogs and Low Value Blogs, I am attacked from all sides and being called a POLICE or Authority. Really? I can’t create a list of blogs and rate them? Well according to them, if I write 100% of my content I should not feel that I am better than someone who just COPIES 100% of their content, because they are light-workers and they are entitled to that.

Ok, maybe I’m just crazy and delusional, I can accept that, but can somebody please explain to me what it is that Light-workers have accomplished in the last 20 years? They claim they share truth, cool. But who did the research? Isn’t Michael Tellinger, Michael Tsarion, Andrew Bartzis, Kerry Cassiday has hundreds of researchers that she has interviewed who have worked on uncovering and exposing the truth, yet these folks don’t call themselves light-workers. What have light-workers changed in the last 20 years? What makes them special and different from me?

Why are they afraid to confront the frauds and false light disinformation agents? Why do they attack those that wish to expose the frauds? I don’t bash, I expose people for what they are, by doing my research, by being very careful I don’t accuse without backing up my statements, so it’s not bashing, but they call it bashing because a few frauds that I have exposed are part of the “light and love” movement, you know, the light-workers environment and they get very angry if you expose one of their own.

What is actually going on right now is that they are really starting to wonder what their true role is. They are seeing their idols and saviors falling like dominoes and they can’t handle the truth, they are afraid that maybe just maybe they wasted all these years following these fake gurus and they will run out of gurus to admire. I’m trying to figure it out, I don’t have the answers to any of this, but I have noticed that the attacks from THEM are becoming vicious and uncalled for. They BASH because they provide no backup information, proof, but they don’t need to  because they are light workers, special, you know, the chosen ones.

Whenever I have written a negative article about someone, I have always stated that I hope I am wrong. I would love nothing better than to leave this hellhole, I would be the first to jump on that ship or put on some wings, my point is that I hope I am wrong because this place is hell, yes we created it, but partially only. The aliens came here and fucked us up pretty good, and without our memories we had no defense system or discernment system to know better. But, we can’t get out of here until these evil minions get arrested and pay for their crimes.. What would be the purpose of all that we are doing if we just get out of here and let them stay behind? Don’t we all want to see them pay for their crimes? Most of humanity are not going to wake up until they see this happen, they are so deep into the deception that only arrests and exposure of them will change their minds, so, we need to be real about this.

The deception of the New Cage movement actually has been the biggest deception of all times. I am not part of that deception, I call myself Service To Others. As far as I am concerned there are only 2 types of humans on this planet: Service to Self and Service To Others”. What you call yourself in between is your business and choice, but the name means nothing if you have no action to back it up. I must ask, what is your agenda Light-workers? I thought you came here to help with the changes, to create Unity Consciousness? Where is it? If anything, you have separated yourself from everyone that doesn’t agree with your philosophy. I am a very spiritual person, I don’t attack those that I don’t agree with, I simply question their motives and what their track record is. In Service to Others we should be working together, as ONE, regardless of our beliefs and spiritual values, we should not be attacking each other, but we also have the responsibility to expose those that are not working for the benefit of Humanity. I have been writing about my values over a year now, they are mine, my truth, but so far nobody has challenged me because I don’t claim to be someone or anything, I simply have the privilege of time and courage to speak up when I see someone bullshitting and hurting humanity.

So, please, let’s stop this bashing, let’s stop this immature behavior that is not leading us into Unity Consciousness, rather the opposite. We have never been so fragmented as we are now, but then we have never seen so many frauds being exposed for what they are. Sorry, but these are the very folks that claim to be of service to humanity.

If you disagree, I respect that, these are my views, my beliefs. I might feel different tomorrow, but today I feel hurt because I am being attacked for doing something I thought was a good gesture. So much for honesty and integrity. You don’t like what I have to say so you attack. What does that accomplish? Disunity. You are creating DISUNITY by attacking, so dear lightworker you should think about that.



  1. You make no sense at all. A world full of multiple variations of truth is a world in moral chaos. Who do you believe created the world? Gaia, Ashtar, Baal, Vishnu? How can all these gods co-exist? If one is right, the other is false. There are no variations on truth, only different opinions. What you are describing is a world lacking order. Our universe is so precisely created it couldn’t have been done by committee. Only one could do this. You are just all in denial about humanities basic evil instincts and our need for salvation. Anyway good luck with all that. The truth will be revealed in eternity.


    • Nan, the only proof we have today, actual real physical proof is the Gnostic texts, the ancient teachings of old civilizations of the Sophianic Myth and Her Creation, everything else is convoluted, distorted, fragmented. I can’t say the “name” of WHAT created us and this planet, it’s been millions of years of lies, deceit, our history has been changed, we have been re programmed, our genetics have been altered so many times, that nobody knows the real truth.

      Why don’t we stop trying to figure this out, why don’t we start trying to come up with solutions rather than waiting for the ONE to come and save you. I’m not in denial, I’m all for truth, but if I told you last night I went into my parallel existence, I know it’s my truth, but it’s not yours, it’s your choice if you want to believe it, but since I did experience it, it’s my truth.

      Nan, what is the truth? Does anyone know the real truth after millions of years of dumbing us down and altering our DNA? Does it matter? Will it change anything if you find out today that EnKI fucked with your DNA? It won’t because you can’t do anything about it.
      So, Nan since you’re so smart give us some solutions and please don’t tell me someone is coming to get us.


  2. I have made no claim on my intelligence. I just recognize that more harm than good has come from mankind trying to find “solutions”! If someone has a plan watch out! We live in a fallen world and we all have depraved hearts. I simply understand that fact and stopped looking for another mortal to solve that problem. No human being can overcome the problem of what resides in his innermost heart. If you look into your own heart alone, what you will find there is something flawed, or often nothing at all. We are all so influenced by individual experiences we are incapable of developing a coherent moral philosophy to guide us.Certainly 6 billion different philosophies sounds like hell on earth to me. You somehow think we can solve the problem of suffering on earth. It is built in. Only Christianity adequately addresses suffering. It is not that we will end it, but it is our response individually to it. It was Christians who instituted the concept of charity and caring for the poor. They took care of the sIck. It was Christians at the forefront of abolishing slavery. Anything that is good in this world , they started Don’t throw that Crusades and Inquisition stuff at me, I have heard it all.
    It comes down to the fact that people reject Christianity not because there is something inherently wrong with its precepts, it is because they won’t honestly examine their own hearts and prefer to continue in their fallen state. I am not personally claiming I am so holy either. It is just that the only way out of this problem is to go to the Source of all Truth which is Jesus who died that your sins will be forgiven.


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