Our ego is an aspect of ourselves, it’s not who we are and it thinks it’s running the show (if we allow it), it is so deeply conditioned. The older you are, the more deeply conditioned you are and just as deeply challenging to change. This is why the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, was invented to make us believe that when we get older, we can’t change.

Our ego is programmed to react to differences in thought, actually differences in everything that we are and anything that is not part of who we are is considered alien, therefore dangerous to it’s very existence. It sees others as a threat to its survival and yet it needs others to survive, such a dichotomy it is.

This is a very interesting and challenging situation to find ourselves in; assuming we are living in awareness and not allowing Ego to control us. If we see ourselves as Ego and identify with the voice in our head, it would be only natural to feel discomfort between others and ourselves, especially when we can plainly feel the differences between us.
Since every individual on this planet is unique, this feeling of discomfort is constant, if you have not taken charge and put your Ego to rest.
We feel really good when we meet someone who we share similarities with or share some things common, but sooner or later we start to notice the differences.
The uncontrolled Ego doesn’t ignore this, on the contrary; it jumps into action and points out these differences, judges them, argues with them, it will attack to protect its status, at times it will even try to change the other person or situation to suit its needs.

When Ego has opportunity to come across those differences, it can feel inferior, so it will defend itself by acting superior. It can be frightened at times that it might be challenged by something better or that it’s owner (you) will realize there are other options. The Ego may even feel compassionate, but in essence the differences can stir up an inner and outer conflict and many mixed feelings depending on each person’s character and programming.

The Ego doesn’t like relationships and everyone else is wrong. It just knows that the right person has not yet come along, it thinks if the right person comes along that it will live happily ever after.
Even people in relationships often feel and dream that they might find someone better than what they currently have.

Our Ego controls every aspect of our life and not just relationships. It always wants something better; it’s never satisfied with life no matter what happens.

Our identity for most people is tied to the Ego and it’s slave is the egotistical mind, and as long as we are connected in that way, we will never feel satisfied in our lives and relationships. This perception that we are our Ego is totally wrong, we are programmed to think that way, and once you realize this you can start to disempower your Ego and experience the real you; which is your Inner Self, your Divine Essence and you can continue to live your life knowing that you are the one creating your life and your Ego is no longer controlling you.
Ego can’t love, it doesn’t know how to love, it was never designed to love, it only knows to be selfish and take care of itself, it used a system of superiority and blocked access to your heart where love resides. True love is not possible if the Ego is in charge, in fact, it may keep you searching for the perfect partner all your life because it “really” does not want you to love or feel love because it also knows that once you feel the divineness of Love, you may forsake the Ego all together.

The Ego doesn’t know about love, remember that, it only knows about protecting its existence, and both love and Ego cannot co-exist together.

The Ego is selfish, its serves its own interests by constantly trying to take from others because it’s unhappy and afraid. It’s always afraid it doesn’t have enough to be happy so it holds on to what it has and continues to get more of what it thinks it needs to be happy.

It may sound like a sensible existence to the Ego but its totally wrong and a very erroneous perception.

We always have enough to be happy and we are living that existence which is the truth and will be for the rest of our lives, but if we allow the Ego to control us, we will never be able to give, because if we constantly feel that we don’t have enough, how can we feel good about giving?
I am not talking about material things, I’m talking about our spiritual essence and belief that energy flows around us if we don’t contribute to it. Once we start giving, the energy then passes around and we no longer feel the lack of anything. Even when living in a dire state of poverty, we can still be happy. It’s one thing to not have, but not having does not mean that we should be unhappy. Poverty doesn’t change our state of mind, it changes our living conditions, it makes our life physically and mentally difficult but it doesn’t take away our ability to love and give.

This belief/perception of not having enough or living in a Poverty Consciousness blocks our ability to give and receive love, which is in essence an outflow of attention, energy and giving to others.

When a majority of people believe they don’t have enough, the mass consciousness of the planet slows down but if most of us believe that we have plenty and live in abundance consciousness, love and energy will flow proving that our Ego can prevent us from feeling love and abundance if we allow it to control our thoughts.

We can choose the Ego’s way and hold back all that we have to give or we can live from the inner divinity, connect to our inner self and not only feel abundance and love but share it with others.

The results of these two choices are drastically different. When we give from the heart we feel complete; when we hold back we feel petty, unimportant and a sense of lacking.

This understanding is opposite of what we are taught, which leads us to believe that if we get something from others to fulfill our needs; we will fall into a state that keeps us needing constantly because we feel we never have enough.

The value of giving is one of the most natural feelings that is part of our innate self when born, but through programming we become fragmented/separated so that some of us take the Ego path and some of us take the heart/inner self path. It requires tremendous leap of faith and to trust that giving is worthwhile, is part of who we actually are. Once we start to trust this, giving becomes easier and the Ego recedes because one cannot co-exist with the other.

Feelings don’t tell the truth about life, feelings create a perception about life so we must outgrow the programming of the false self, of the ego based self and trust that our innate self which is the inner self knows best because it can’t be programmed, it IS who we truly are.


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