Well, the Event that has been so close since 2012 has yet to happen. Early in 2014, Cobra said in an interview with Rob Potter that the event is going to happen between then and 2025. Wow, that’s a long wait yet in the same interview he states that most of us will be alive to see that day. Hmmmm…I’m 57 years old, that means another 10 years of putting up with idiots that believe in Santa Claus.

However, since that interview saying the Event can happen anytime now to 2025 he keeps saying “Victory is near”.

We should ask Cobra what “near” means to him, but I have left so many comments asking him about many things and in the last year my comments have not been moderated or answered.

He sure must have a huge following, 2 million I read somewhere, if it takes months to moderate comments but then i see some being responded to within 24 hours.
I’m always skeptical about people hiding their identity. In fact I have commented on Cobra’s blog that he should post some photos of the Mass Portal Meditations since he claims that they were a success yet we don’t see photos and I have not yet been able to talk to anyone that actually attended any of them. It seems Rob Potter is the only man that has seen him.

It’s been almost 3 years now and Cobra is still Anonymous yet Robert Potter keeps saying he’s met him and that he’s a really nice guy, so if Cobra was at the last portal activation in Taiwan last October, someone must have seen him?

The last post on his blog was April 23, 2014. “IS-IS portal activation was a partial success. Although we have not reached even one half of the planetary critical mass, people participating were very strong in their dedication and we have managed to lay a solid foundation for the 2nd and eventually 3rd part of the IS:IS portal activation”.

Questions: 1. What does partial success mean and can you explain Cobra what exactly should have happened if it was not a complete success?
2. What exactly did you do to lay a solid foundation and what has having a strong dedication have to do with results? People that go to church every Sunday have a strong dedication. Volunteers that work at the SPCA have a strong dedication, so what are you trying to say really?

There have been no updates since April 2014 so that should set off alarms for those that still think he’s the best since slice bread and there is no update on the May 17th Pleiadean Portal Event, but maybe he got sucked up into an alien ship?

Isn’t it interesting that there are NO negative comments or questions on Cobra’s blog? I never remove comments even if they attack me, I actually want them to be there so other readers can see, it doesn’t bother me that someone is attacking me or insulting me because I don’t need to defend myself, have nothing to hide and always thank the reader for their comment.

A while ago I wrote about a letter intended for Cobra titled “Cobra Failed the Litmus Test”, sadly, it didn’t survive the file transfer to this blog, although all the other ones did, well that was about a letter from Karin Lacy asking Cobra since the event could be another 10 years from now if he could help her group including herself with money since he claims that the collateral accounts have been removed from the Cabal and secured in secret locations and he would personally oversee the distribution.
Cobra (Ishtar) is being mind-controlled by the Bafath/Gizeh Intelligence and the negative Aldebarans, allies of Dracos. He may have indeed been taken into a ship and “awakened,” but it was a Bafath ship and he was “programmed” to believe he is a messenger for the false light beings of destroyed Ashtar Command. I have seen him in my astral travel as “opening portals” to allow beings to enter inside the veil. I have only told this to Hatter so he can vouch about this last year when I wrote to him about it.

Karin asked for a contribution of $10,000. Her intent was to buy some land and become self-sufficient, start an Ubuntu community that Michael Tellinger is forming all over the planet to people that are interested.

None of that materialized either, Karin didn’t even get the respect of a response and yet she made her letter very public and posted it on many blogs.

How does it feel Cobra to literally deceive over 2 million followers? It must give you a big hard-on, assuming you’re a male and not an off-world species.

Imagine folks, he’s had 2 million followers yet nothing has ever happened since he claimed that in 2012, nobody can verify they have actually seen him, this small shithead/fraudster is hiding behind a voice modulator and a 12 year boy was able to reverse digitize it. His blogs updates have stopped and no comments posted since then. The moral of this story?

The more you hide, bullshit, deceive, digitize and write stories of illusive manifestations of some grand Event happening to save humanity from the Cabal and some Chimera group, you can be rich overnight. If Cobra truly has 2 million followers and if each sucker just sent $1 , Cobra is a rich man and laughing all the way to the bank, while Karin Lacy cries poverty and can’t pay her bills dedicating her life towards helping humanity.

But hey, when I wrote my first article about him on Jean Haine’s blog, she almost chewed me up, refused to post it and told me that I was not informed and needed to do some homework. Since then I have exposed and debunked Kathryn E. May, Veronica Keen, Kevin Annett although I didn’t expose him but I did write that he was not who he claims to be, Anne DeHart and many others, all of whom Jean posted on her blog, but because of insults I received from her, I chose to not be a member anymore.

Cobra is done, he may surface and claim he got caught in some galactic battle and couldn’t contact us earthlings either way you folks have to choose what you want: Ascension going upwards into higher dimensions, boarding spaceships that will take you to another planet while this flips poles, being saved by Ashtar Command in his Jerusalem space Cadillac, or asked to be taken to Hollow Earth where the Syrians will guide you into a Healing Chamber, wait for Yellow Rose’s One to suck you out of here and take you to REAL Earth and out of this gear built construct, experience soul re integration or wait for the Tsunami of Love to Arrive according to ARCHangel Michael, or just grab an emergency raft, tie yourself down because we are about to pole shift, shall I go on?

You have plenty of choices, but mine is home-here-now-with-Gaia. I trust her and Creator to pull this Matrix off us or pull us out of this Matrix, disintegrate this 3D construct and within a blink of an eye look down at my new body suit while at the same time remembering who I am.  The rest is choice and the ability to actually exercise my free will.

I must thank all of the fake gurus and dis info agents because without them making me question everything I believed in, I would have continued going through life thinking God just forgot about me or forgot to add me to his list.

My point is that nothing is as it seems because we are trapped in this 3D construct, I am sure there are entities all around us, living like we are, going about their daily business, but we can’t see them. Remember, you are where you need to be and at the right time. Some things may seem crazy right now to say that they are the way they should be, but you must trust that they are. Live from the heart and don’t allow anyone to shove their truth down your throat, one day you might choke on something.

I love you all.


3 thoughts on “COBRA UPDATE

  1. I’m leery of him too. Twice I sent a comment and both times were rejected/did not appear…. Meaning he is very selective of what he puts out there. There is way too much secrecy and mystery for my taste.


  2. Thank you so much for this! I have been suspicious of this self-proclaimed prophet for quite a while….mainly because he/she does not fit my primary belief: The Universe Makes Sense. Hiding one’s identity, and making vast but usually vague assertions about upcoming “events” (pun intended!) creates a lot of fear energy and also “nonsense energy”….both of which sap our strength and ability to cope with changes that are real and happening right now. It’s good to be the one who says “The Emperor Has no Clothes!!”….I think you may find that a lot of other people saw that too but have not said it yet. I seriously doubt that any one human being will have all the information….about anything. What I believe will happen will be a very gradual understanding and adapting…and life will go on. No bells and whistles or big productions. Thanks again for your courage to speak the truth.


    • Look at all the so called gurus and prophets now! September came and went…(sigh), I wonder what new event they will now warn us about?
      I have a philosophy: I will listen to everyone and read what I can, but if they make a proclamations, claim to have channeled sources or even predict anything and fail once, that’s it. Anyone that is in the truth knows that nobody knows what our future is, we create it as we go along therefore, the outcome is based on our cooperation not from some higher source or alien race. This has been my stand for years and if you go through the whole blog, you will see it hasn’t changed at all over the last 2 years. Using logic sometimes is more powerful that discerning. I wrote about discernment as well, not all of us can connect to higher self, therefore, we can’t discern. Not all of us can listen to intuition because again, if we can’t connect to it, what the use? Therefore, use logic. If something sounds plausable and logical, it’s possible it could be true.


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