LILITH’S SHINING ONES : Agarthans Galactic Federation Sananda and Ashtar Command

I like a lot of things that Rose has to say, I would like her to back up her explanations of their origins and where to get this information she is talking about, but at the same time, there is much truth in what she says, I have been writing about these higher dimensional beings ax being false light and that the channels are brainwashed or implanted, therefore, cannot get out of their system of deception. Eventually we need to know more, meaning, how do we know the White Nordics are Ashtar Command? Where can we get some information outside of Rose’s sphere, that we can check for it’s veracity, is what I would like to know. I cannot just take Rose’s word for it, I want to do the research myself and she should be more than willing to direct us where we can start. All in all, this is something to consider and discern.





Nordics The Galactic Federation

Sananda and Ashtar Command





Nibiru’s solar orbit is 3650 of our years,which is 1 year for them.
A person from this genetic line of decent has an average life span of 900 of their years. Which means a young 30 year old has be alive 109,500 of our years
. And someone who is 900 years old, has lived 3,285,000 years on Earth.

The Horned God – Nibiru
The Winged Disk – Nibiru

All the Gods of history as it is written now, are the Snake family collective. There are too many to mention each, but Zeus is the head of the Andromedian Fleet. And “biblical” Lilith, is the owner of the Ashtar Command.

They spread across the Globe, each group getting its own territory. But it is ALL one group, The Axis Powers…

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