The Kali Yuga—Age of Destruction

Author: Stuart Wilde

Before the age of enlightenment comes the Kali Yuga, which is sometimes spelt Yurga.

It is the age (yuga) of destruction. Kali was the wife of the Brahmin god Shiva (Siva). She has many names, including Parvati, Uma, Gauri, Durga and Haimavati. Shiva is an eternal Brahmin God so he sits in heaven and meditates, but Mrs. Shiva is rather deadly; she is the both the mother-goddess and the destroyer. She is depicted in Hindu art with four arms.

Kali the Destroyer

In the Hindu story, Kali first fights with the Shumbh and the Nishumbh, they are the demons of the three worlds: the human world, the astral and the celestial. That is the fight with the ghouls, which I have said has been going on for three and a half years, I’ve written much about that.

Then after Kali has sorted that lot out she sets about destroying the world. It’s hard to understand why the mother-goddess would want to destroy the world she has given life to and created, but it is a form of love. She is here to save the planet. You can understand why she might have to act. We have forced a disaster on the body and soul of the planet, something has to come and save it.

If you accept the notion of Gaia, you will see the planet as a living organism that is alive and aware of itself and self-correcting. There is a mass of biological evidence that supports the concept of a self-correcting planet.

Then when you think of our disdain and lack of awareness and care, and the tragic pollution of the Indian Ocean and the Malacca Straits, which is right next to where the earthquake took place, you might wonder if a tsunami wouldn’t be a perfect way of cleaning out waters that have now become human drains.

880,000 tons of bilge and raw sewage is pumped each year from ships alone into the Malacca Straits. Then there are all the other millions of tons of oil and human waste that flows from the cities and the land.

There is a whole series of anomalies coming in 2005. I think it’s the planet shuddering, shivering if you like, trying to throw off an organism that is killing it—us. You could say we own this place and we are the master of the animal kingdoms and that we control nature to serve our ends. But the planet might disagree. We don’t care about the planet and its animals; we treat them atrociously.
Maybe the planet has now started to not care about us.

So the Kali Yuga could be both the power of the goddess that has come from another world, and it could also be the planet now liberated from a ghoulish control over it that now has a chance to shudder and breathe. The tsunami was a great shock and the sight of those dead children in people’s arms made me cry. It all seems so unnecessary. But that is just my frail, human soul hoping to endure. It is sad to say but I believe now this magnificent planet may try to fight us to the death.

There is a massive earthquake yet to hit Japan—massive. There have been several small quakes there over the last month or so. Then I wrote a piece called Spanish Karma, in which I said the vengeance of the bulls would fall on Spain. It is almost impossible to understand but the goddess I have spoken of here and in my book God’s Gladiators, is a nature spirit, the animal kingdoms are her divine children.

She would consider the treatment and torment of the bulls in Spain as an abomination against not only her but the souls of the bulls that have fallen victim of the bullfighter’s cruelty. We know from watching the mirror-world that animals that come into contact with humans develop a rudimentary form of eternal soul. There is an afterlife for animals strange as it might sound. Some will meet you once you die.

There is an earthquake waiting for the Spanish. It may be on land but I’ve seen it out to sea off the coast of Spain. I think it is going to swamp the northern coast. I first saw it in May 2001. It’s coming. Now here’s a bit that makes me sound totally mad, but I’ll risk it and tell you anyway. Animals can communicate with each other in the mirror-world and I just saw a vision last night of the bulls coming together in a group; it seemed to me they were discussing something. They were very intense.

The vengeance of the bulls is not far away. Also, I predict a herd of elephants will run amok in Asia, destroying a village, killing many people. I think that is in India but it might be Burma. I couldn’t quite tell where it was. These events mentioned here are due this year, not next. I also reckon the Japan disaster is also this year. It will severely impact their economy for several years.

I feel terrible about our human losses and I wonder what we could have done to avoid them, but then what of the planet’s losses? We don’t give a damn about it. Perhaps one day we will see that we have outstayed our welcome and that the planet is vital and sacred and holy and that we are not so vital, sacred or holy. We are a curse to the planet if you think about it. Perhaps we really are, as it says in the Matrix, a terrible virus that has spread everywhere, consuming everything in sight without any care for the very organism that sustains us.

After the time of Kali we may see everything in a different light. It will be beautiful and spiritual and it will show us the way, for after the Kali Yuga, the age of enlightenment follows.

© 2012/14 Stuart Wilde

(Edit: Soren Dreier)


3 thoughts on “The Kali Yuga—Age of Destruction

  1. Quite interesting observations there. Even our epics had predicted similar views on how Kali yuga will bring about the destruction. Baghavata Purana, for example, had predicted that the earth will become a crowded place and people will accept hypocrisy as a virtue. Men will stop taking care of their elder parents and leave them stranded, helpless. We can find more information on the ill effects of Kali yuga by going through the below article.


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