Perhaps ALL the Bigger Spiritual Paths are ‘TRULY’ Equal because they ALL Enslave their followers?

In confronting the ‘pretend’ spiritual bureaucracy with these spiritual atrocities this is causing quite a stir, quite a few ‘official’ (read ‘USELESS’) beings are appearing because I’m taking a stand over this.

There should never ever be ANY forever and ever contracts applied to ANYONE on ANY path NEVER MIND A SO CALLED SPIRITUAL ONE.

Seriously this is INSANE, to have immortal beings CONTRACTED to be limited in their scope never mind to be limited in their SPIRITUAL explorations, options and possibilities is literally crazy. . .

ANY path whose USELESS MASTER con artist does this shouldn’t be considered ‘SPIRITUAL’ in the first place.

How do Spiritual Paths & Spiritual Masters manage to keep followers FOREVER?

Like I have said on other pages here, Spiritual Masters are ‘masters’ because they are MASTERS of the subtle AND it’s dead easy for them to put ANY FOLLOWER in sexual attraction energies and behaviours for example (as described here with more about these areas on the following page) OR alternatively to put a follower into ‘ACCEPTING, THIS SOUNDS GREAT, DON’T THINK DEEPLY ABOUT THIS AT ALL’ energies when they are approached by the spiritual master as he attempts to perpetrate the almighty spiritual con which has them being asked to sell themselves and their SOUL to himself and his ABSOLUTELY NOT SPIRITUAL IN THE SLIGHTEST PATH . . . FOREVER & EVER.

Because of the above I actually demand, AND focus on engaging with EVERY so called Spiritual Path that is CONNING & ENSLAVING it’s followers with this forever and ever subtle energetic binding bullshit . . .

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I demand that all paths doing this must be investigated AND that all ‘people’ permanently bound to these paths must be released from them.

Exactly what authority do the Spiritual Hierarchy shysters have TO LET THESE ATROCITIES HAPPEN IN THE FIRST PLACE?

It is said by the spiritual hierarchy that all paths are working toward the same end and that all are equal?

Are they?

Perhaps they are all equal in that they are all working to the same end of ENSLAVING their followers?


If just one path with a useless, insecure unspiritual master does this such that the useless bastard keeps collecting followers while making sure they are permanently bound to his brand of spiritual insanity AND NEVER ESCAPE then like I mentioned on other pages here it starts a great rush to the bottom.

A rush to the lowest common ‘spiritual’ denominator ‘because’ any REAL spiritual path (that doesn’t contractually imprison it’s followers) will over millions of years end up with no members at all. Anyone that is actually REALLY spiritual or even just vaguely SENSIBLY will check out many different so called ‘paths’ in the UNLIMITED TIME THEY HAVE AVAILABLE TO DO THIS.

Perhaps Spiritual Paths are ALL Equal because they ALL Aspire to Enslave their followers?

Except at the point when they get interested in one of the fake paths run by a master shyster ‘spiritual’ con artist whom is obviously only interested in collecting SHEEP AND where the so called master likely isn’t ethically or morally inconvenienced by using subtle means to manipulate people into accepting the ‘bound forever’ to their ‘dark spiritual’ path con . . . yes if you agree to be bound to our amazing spiritual path then you will ‘eventually’ have revealed ALL of our amazing spiritual secrets . . . almost there, just a couple more days and you’ll be an amazing ascended being . . . ok, ok maybe three days ‘max’ then ALL spiritual wonders will be revealed . . .


7 thoughts on “Perhaps ALL the Bigger Spiritual Paths are ‘TRULY’ Equal because they ALL Enslave their followers?

  1. At this point in time, I still believe that our connection to source has been intentionally severed, thus all humans are susceptible to manipulation due to the need for absolute answers on this topic. Most likely, this drive is inherently strong in humans. I would venture to guess the STRONGEST! Take away this connection and understanding and you can now see the results the world over.

    Happy New Year Leo! I hope things improve for all.

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    • Happy New Year to you, it’s 7 pm Croatian time so we got another 5 hours to go, but I got the carrot cake done, apple fritters, peach champagne for me, partner can’t drink so he will have alcohol free champagne, everyone is setting in their places and stoking the fire. Never in recorded history have we have -4 C here on the Adriatic Sea….brrrrrrrr. See ya next year and it is not going to be pretty one, but that means we are finally in the last stretch.


    • I agree with you NH, I wrote about that in a post a few months ago. I wrote that our ability to discern and connect to higher self has been disconnected or obstructed. I find that some days I can connect and some days I can’t, is it chemtrails, HAARP, the towers, is it some other technology or perhaps when we are not feeling our body frequency is lower, but something does disconnect. I won’t say permanently because I can connect, only not when I want, but when the coast is clear. This is why I always write about this concept that I don’t like to hear: “It resonates with me or use discernment”. Both are difficult to do for everyone because if we are not connected to higher self at the least, we can’t discern or resonate when our antenna is not connected. anything else is logic or common sense, but discernment requires higher levels of hearing, and resonating means the same thing.
      Several years ago I purchased a technology that is used for acupuncture. Instead of traditional needles I use this electromagnetic device that will find the acupoint, measure it’s energy/chi, and I can then adjust the dials to correspond to that acupoint. Eventually I started to use it for measuring chi all over the body, and experimenting with it. I made some amazing discoveries, and without going into great detail here, I can only tell you that our body does resonate ONLY when the whole meridian system and acupressure points or trigger points are aligned and flowing. A blockage will affect our connection depending on how widespread the chi blockage is. I can use this machine to break up the blockage and re align the energies to flow, when I do this to myself, I feel completely different. I think that I will write a post on this subject.
      I hope that whatever you create becomes your reality in 2015!


      • I am not sure how exactly the disconnect is/was put in place. As you stated, it may very well be an ongoing, external energy causing the disconnect. I may also have been an intentional, genetic blockage or modification. Maybe it’s strictly just not being informed and having the knowledge to connect to God/Source. I just don’t know!

        You state that some days you CAN connect and other day you CAN”T. My guess is, you are in the gross minority. I suspect that maybe your NDE caused a change and allows for this ability. I have never been aware of any sort of connection to source. At least nothing significant or above and beyond the “norm”. I assume most humans are in my boat.

        Peace, not pieces!


  2. Hi Leo,

    Happy New Year to you. I am enjoying synchronicity having discovered your website. Recently, I have had two personal contacts with Croatia — truthfully, a country I had no knowledge of until the last couple of weeks. The first was related to a young soccer player and the second was from a friend who had visited Croatia and was very impressed. You are the third, and it comes in three’s!

    And as for 2015, well, I’m believing that it’s time to get back to spiritual basics. I have learned so much for which I’m grateful, and thus I enjoyed the article, The Illusion of Ascension, though for me the idea is that the ‘knowing’ is possible in 3D and with that comes a whole lot of peace.

    Enjoy your New Year’s Eve. Cold here, too, which tells me ‘warm hearts’ are with us.



    • I wish you all the best Barbara. I’m trying to think of a sentence that is not the typical “happy new year” or “wishing you all the best”. I think what I will like to say is that we survived another year and we are now entering into another even though it is another time construct, but we don’t have a choice while here on 3D. I want you to create all that you want and that you remember how powerful you are. We don’t need to understand how the world works, we need to learn how to use our attributes and make them work for us, not them. We are powerful, I am slowly discovering this and using those attributes. So, nothing happens accidentally you are one of my soul sisters, I knew you were coming, I now remember you. Our other 2 soul sisters that I know of so far are Purpleskyz and WYSIWYG, when the time is right you will meet each other.
      Soul sisters means that we all agreed to incarnate together and teach each other the lessons in the same soul group, and help earth raise it’s frequency. It is perhaps a crazy notion that you are reading, but you don’t have to believe or accept, just open your mind to possibilities.
      Purpleskyz is on, that is her website, we work together and share the knowledge. Barbara, may all your desires and thoughts create the reality you want in the new year!


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