Loneliness – The Dilemma of the Awakening Mind

Dear Humans,

Today I wish to address to you a certain brand of loneliness.  It is perhaps the most debilitating form of the condition.  The state is sometimes referred to as “isolation” or the sense of being disconnected, apart, abandoned or simply “different” from everyone else you know.  This situation is compounded when friends, coworkers and even family members begin seeing you differently.  They’re not so much intrigued by your positive changes but rather disappointed by your shift in attitude and may even be concerned for your mental stability.  These otherwise well-meaning souls are occasionally characterized as the “sleeping” and you may very well be part of the “awakening.”

The Awakening Mind
I say “awakening” because the experience appears to be very dynamic and fluid by nature.  I’m not sure I would recognize or even fully appreciated an “awake” mind for they are far and few between us.  But for those who are experiencing various stages of wakening, you are as visible to me as I am to you.
Generally speaking, the awakening mind radiates at a much different and “higher” vibration than most other people.  Since this “vibration” wants to resonate harmonically with similar or complimentary energies, it can (and often does) resonate with like-minded people.  It can, however, just as easily create discord with those who resonate at a much lower vibration.  Just imagine striking a non-complimentary note on separate pianos, especially with one out of tune.  That’s the discord I’m referring to, except in this case, the resonance resides within the psychic and spiritual realms.

I speak in terms of “higher” and “lower” vibrations without truly qualifying what is meant by that.  First off, there is no state superior to another.  Like changing stations on a radio dial YOU choose the station you need (or want) to be on.  Most people are tuned to what I consider to be a limited awareness.  This does not make them any less sublime or capable as Humans.  This is merely the channel they are “tuned” to and as such they are acclimated with that world.
This vibrational density is impressive in its own right for it has the power to generate fantastic illusions so convincing that even the conscious mind can fully buy into it.  This ability to manifest a false paradigm and to believe it to be true requires considerable power.  But you, my dear reader, may have peeked behind the proverbial projector screen and have seen an assembly of gears and levers and perhaps even a portly, unassuming little man attending them with due diligence.

Stepping Out of the Matrix
The awakening mind —now that’s a different story.    The higher vibration of this mind-body state allows a more commanding view.  Like stepping up a ladder, you can look down and see (though not really live) the dynamics of the lower vibrations.  Each step up the ladder requires tremendous courage, an open and curious mind and a high degree of “functional” intelligence.  Those steps command effort -much more effort than what most are willing to exert.  Sleepers may go so far as to observe or even stumble over this hypothetical “ladder” and still not recognize what it is or how they may benefit from it.

People on the lower rungs of the ladder rarely look up.  They choose to frequently look “down” which may give them a false sense of superiority or dominion over their world.  They are especially prone to the hypnotic suggestion television creates and may even go so far as to “act out” various fictional characters or their favorite professional athlete.  The lower state is easily entertained- and anything or anyone who challenges their status quo will be dismissed as an outsider, a misfit or a threat.
The Slide and Adrenalin
I have alluded to a ladder- but now I would like for you to imagine a slide.  Going “up” the slide takes some effort.  You must go up the steps, higher and higher until you reach the top.  One may then position themselves in such a manner so to enjoy the ride downward.  This downward “thrill” is brief but exhilarating.   The slide provides a good physical example of going from a higher state to a lower state and the ensuing thrill from moving in this downward fashion.
There are also many examples of the slide analogy within the spiritual realm.   Turn on any news station and you will soon be bombarded with “energy dropping” stories that create a sort of “rush” –a rush that, curiously enough, is habit forming.  These news sources often report stories of tragedy and high drama.  So severe are these stories they actually can cause the body to produce an adrenalin related “rush” or high.  Once again we find ourselves “sliding” down that imaginary slide and into a lower vibrational state.  The “mainstream” news networks have created legions of adrenalin junkies.  The “sleepers” are their primary target.
During the course of their day, the sleepers gradually build their energy level back up.  But soon they find themselves back on that hypothetical slide and are sent swooshing down once again into a lower energy state.   It’s a vicious, repeating cycle that keeps the sleepers fast asleep and drunk happy on adrenalin.
Lonely at the Top
Many readers of Rattleberry Pie have stayed on top of the ladder long enough to take in the view.  They’ve recognized that the view is more exhilarating than the fall.  They saw many things up there- things that would be hard to describe to those below.  The awakening mind continues to build “steps” higher and higher, and soon they are peeking above the clouds.  Now they look down from this lofty position and see the tiny dot that was their slide.  They are amazed by how that relatively insignificant slide inspired them to move higher.   Sliding down from this cloud level height is really no longer an option, at least not in the traditional sense.  Here is yet another dilemma of the awakening mind.
Once you have experienced the process of awakening there really is no going back.  The one (down) side is the higher you get, the more rarefied the air becomes.  Loneliness can settle in.  The awakening mind is an exceptionally vibrant mind that requires considerable stimulation and camaraderie.  But it’s lonely up there.  Indeed.
Final Thought
The awakening experience is truly a gift.   It’s is not for the weak or the meek.  It takes much strength and courage to achieve these higher levels of enlightenment.   Those who are awakening come in all sizes and shapes –many are the so-called Indigo’s, the Crystal’s, or essentially any Human that realizes their personal power and potential and that there is much more to this world than they’ve been told.
One may ponder if those in the process of awakening have a moral obligation to try and wake the sleepers.  From my own observation and experience I would advise against this.  Simply let them sleep.  The best way to reach them is over time.  Be gentle and incremental in your approach.  This is the same technique the “powers that be” have used on you  -that was until you saw a little “string” that connected to other strings that held the tapestry of the matrix in place.
So be an example.  Radiate with love and truth.  -Project health, exuberance and happiness.  Be aware without being angry (easier said than done).  The sleepers must see the higher steps of the ladder as being worth the effort.  They may someday abandon the rush of the fall for the beauty of the view.
Just by virtue of being aware you are already contributing in a vast and energetic way to those around you.  They “sense” your vibration and may try to resonate with you some day.  You have been given “eyes to see” and “ears to hear” so you have been blessed.   Yes, until others begin to see as you do the loneliness -the isolation can feel very real at times.
Let me remind you that you are not alone.  We feel you out there- we are grateful for your presence and we love you so very, very much.
-Until next time
There is a certain obscurity that follows Julian Wash. We sense he’s benevolent, a little crazy and we think rather enjoyable to read. Email: jwash@rattlereport.com

Excellent article. Could have not done a better job but I don’t agree with his opinion that we should let people sleep. Perhaps we had the privilege of doing so years ago, but we don’t have much time left. If the sleepers are going with us at the same time, I guess there is no need for them to wake up; but then why am I working so hard on waking up;  but if it is required from humanity that we raise our consciousness in order to move on, then we need to wake up as many people as we can. There is no time to be patient or gentle, on the other hand, we can’t force someone to do something they are are not ready for. I will continue to post and share information, if they read it often enough, will that speed up their awakening? Probably not, it can be sitting in front of them and in their face, if they are not ready, nothing can progress, it’s a choice. That should not discourage us from trying though, many are just starting to wake up, perhaps all they need is a little push.



6 thoughts on “Loneliness – The Dilemma of the Awakening Mind

  1. Hello Leo,

    Just discovered your site today and what a lovely New Year’s Gift. Lots to read here and I’m looking forward to some in-my-face honesty! I agree with you about being talked down to by those who claim to have the higher-dimensional answers. One of the first books I read years ago (according to 3D time) was so insulting, it put me off taking up my path for years. Now decades later, I’m realizing it’s up to me to machete my way through what’s true for me.

    Really like Julian’s work. Interestingly, I met a shaman a while ago who mentioned as a by-the-way comment that ascension was not for humanity, but was for consciousness. Put a whole new perspective on it for me.

    Looking forward to being with you and your readers here where I sense it’s not nearly so lonely as where I’ve been.



    • Welcome Barbara! So glad you found me. If you read “about me”, you will learn more. I really don’t have time to write new content as we just completed making the documentary and my book has been accepted by a publisher so there is a lot of work as I wrote it in English and it’s going in Croatian Language, but I try to find things are interesting and will help us grow.


  2. Per your comment at bottom of excellent article…
    Some people may not be able to wake up…and perhaps those are the ones we came to gently guide home?
    As many as possible do need to wake up, and I thank you for the grand efforts you and so many others are giving toward this.
    We appreciate you.


  3. Leo,

    Good read, although there are other essays floating around based on the exact same topic. Still good none the less. It has been my experience that pushing people to “awaken” is the wrong approach. It usually ends quickly and with silence.

    If one believes in humanity’s unity consciousness, then most likely, the 100th monkey effect is real. The 8% of humanity being awakened may be what is needed. I certainly hope so!

    I do love this little tidbit from the last paragraph – “Be aware without being angry (easier said than done).” Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo TRUE!


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