Chasing The Little Guy While The Big Guys Get Away

Just as they are visiting my site on an hourly basis, so I will be doing the same for a while. They just don’t give up, obviously hell bent on something but I’m starting to actually wonder who these people really are.
You see, at the start when they first submitted re-blogging emails, I found it interesting that the link they presented of my work from the archives didn’t match the actual original post. Isn’t it odd that within a few hours of starting a new blog they are already stealing my posts without my permission? I think they are agents, someone or some group of people hellbent on destroying the truth movement. I can’t explain it any other way because as I mentioned so many times, yes, I admitted to making mistakes, so why continue with this stupidity? What is the goal here?
In the “Confessions of a Plagiarist”, I even asked why nobody contacted me first? Isn’t that the moral/ethical and legal thing to do before you start accusing someone of something? I emailed Veronica Keen, Kathryn E. May and a few other people before I actually was certain their work was not on the up and up. You can’t just go accusing people of something without giving them an opportunity to offer their side of the story.
So, I did some research myself, what one should do if they feel their work is being plagiarized. For starters, this group at Think and Discern are stealing my work without my permission. I have “refused/marked as spam” requests to re-blog my posts, so are they not doing the very same thing they are accusing me of?
You will find all the information below on what to do and how to deal with plagiarism.
Hey, I’m willing to work with people if they contact me, but don’t you think they are guilty of unethical and immoral behavior simply by not contacting me first and asking me to stop or asking me where I got the work from?They keep referring to me as someone who is dishonest yet they don’t post the admission and apology I made, so again, I have to wonder what their agenda is.
I think I am going to contact my cousin at Interpol and get him to look this blog up and who is actually behind it. Instead of denying, I am dealing with the truth and reality of what I have done, but I don’t understand why they are continuing with this, so I too will have to dig deeper and find out who these people/persons are.

2. Contacting a Plagiarist

The only thing more frustrating that searching for a plagiarist is finding one.For most, the act of locating and tracking down plagiarism is a relatively easy matter, but convincing those engaging in it to stop is a completely different game. Because, while knowing someone is plagiarizing your work is definitely better than being in the dark, it doesn’t do much good unless you can get the work taken down or properly attributed.

Contact the Plagiarist

Though some feel that plagiarists are simple thieves and that you shouldn’t negotiate with, it is almost always best to try and resolve these issue face-to-face before taking any further action. This is the same as with any other kind of personal conflict.To make matters more complicated, you don’t know where they obtained the work from or if there was some confusion that could have lead to them accidentally infringing or even plagiarizing your work. As such, it is best to give those involved a fair chance to respond and make things right.However, this doesn’t mean that your letter shouldn’t be forward and direct. Lawyers like to call this kind of letter a “cease and desist” letter and it lives up to its name by telling someone they should stop a certain activity, in this case an infringement, or face additional consequences.Though most cease and desist letters take on a very strong tone, there is no right or wrong way to present such a letter. The only requirement is that it have the following elements:

  1. What work you are claiming is infringing
  2. The content that is being infringed
  3. Your demands (usually either proper credit or removal as well as contact on the issue)
  4. A deadline by which the recipient must meet those demands and
  5. What will happen if they aren’t met (usually including possible legal action and a report filed to their host)

If you need assistance with writing a cease and desist letter, you can use the stock letter available for free on this site.Since most plagiarists don’t expect to get caught, when they do they generally go along with the demands to avoid escalation. Many will do so silently, never writing back and others will write back to apologize or make excuses.However, it is critical that you do not believe the excuses unless you have proof. For example, if the person involved claims to have gotten the content from another person, request the name and email address of that person so you can contact them. Usually, you’ll find they fail to give out those details.


2 thoughts on “Chasing The Little Guy While The Big Guys Get Away

  1. Dear Ines,

    This is the obsession of a stalker. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goal..Ms ET is the person with time on her hands, jealousy of your articles, your life, whatever the reason is, to feed her lack of ?? Call the police or prosecutor, maybe Google, ask who handles Internet crime and file charges. Until she finds a new person to harass or compete with, she won’t stop. They think they are smarter than the police and won’t get caught. You are dealing with a mentally ill woman. She wants traffic, attention or is just needs a reaction. Main thing is to document everything. It is very obvious it is her. She can change the look of the site but can’t change the energy of what she prints, it is the same and is very creepy.

    Stalkers do not understand the word “No” or care about the consequences of their actions. When you closed you page, she thought she won…now she is driven again. Her police department probably already have a file on her and maybe can assist in a C&D case or a Restraining Order. Internet stalking is a crime in most countries.



    • You are right Terry, that’s why I changed my mind, it would have meant she won and I was really just wanting to avoid more stress. The “think and discern” blog, I finally figured it out who it is. I won’t post it publicly, if you want to know I email me and I will respond back. My best way to handle this is not go over there anymore and let them think whatever it is they want. I can’t be any more honest than I am, and there is nothing else I can do. From now my motto is this: ” IF YOU DON’T LIKE WHAT I HAVE TO SAY, FUCK OFF”.


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