The Truth About Eve? Is Yellow Rose a Disinformation Agent or is She Being Deceived by Enitities Calling Themselves Eve and ONE?

An expression of disagreement today is the result of  upon arising out of bed this morning, the following was my first thought: “Eve is not the planet”. I must have had a dream or vision during sleep but because I slept on the couch last night, I probably didn’t have the comfort I usually have sleeping in my comfortable bed, therefore, didn’t remember my experience. Here is a great site for some information.

Mystery Streams in Europe and the New Mysteries  By B. C. Lievegoed” a great book to read; you can find it on

The Rift  By Frederica Pratter; another great book to read.
I have done some research on the subject of Eve being called Earth and there is none, I don’t believe that after 100 years and so many truth seeking researchers that we have not been able to find this information.

Lilith was the first woman to Adam and then came Eve. Both of these characters are not shown on positive timelines. I would like to hear more about how Rose got this information and not through just pictures because anyone can put them together, I want to see come history/credible documentation that the earth is called Eve. I think that we are done with just taking/accepting events as true just because someone said so or just because they have contact with higher dimensional beings. Look at all the channels now, they all thought they were communicating with gods, angels, ascended masters….for years they have been saying things that never happened but their followers believed them blindly because they have no way of proving them wrong.
Gaia Sophia became the planet billions of years/eons ago when by accident She created the Archons.  In her excitement of seeing her creation “humans” and “earth”, she plunged into the pleroma and thus through that process what I would call the  Big Bang effect; the archons came to be.

John Lamb Lash writes about this in detail as he has spent most of his adult life studying/researching the Nag Hammadi texts the Gnostic hid from the Christians cca. 3rd/4th century.

Sophia is a living organism and has waited to finally make her move, I was part of the Gaian Navigational Experiment as a crew member with John Lamb Lash which lasted 3 years. John charted her travel through/towards the galactic center.

Eve is not and never was Earth. Eve is Adam’s second mate whom she left for Satan and ONE/Creator/God does not act for us or in our behalf, people are being fooled again with a partly true story/fairy tale. The only truth in this story is that we were isolated and placed into quarantine; many will argue what that quarantine is comprised of: a shield, etheric veil, a construct, a server based technology, but nobody has and can actually prove it. In fact, we are now just realizing that we don’t have a true photo of Earth from space, let alone what Rose is talking about. Anyone can take a photo and zoom it in, pixelate and create because when altering at that level, pros can change the pixels and it’s very hard to see it.

If you believe in reincarnation on a karmic level, you passed through the Karma Lords where they helped you choose to return to Earth. The time I experienced my NDE, I didn’t know anything about karma or reincarnation. I was still a messed up Roman Catholic victim blaming my god for everything bad that happened in my life; thus I didn’t get caught in the karmic wheel of samsara. I went/materialized directly at source/my home, this is why when you leave the body or die, you do not go towards the light, the light is the trap. You ARE Light and always have been but because of your belief system at the time of your physical death, you will experience whatever it is your belief system was at the time.

For the last 2 years, it has been easy to convince the masses that madness is upon the planet. The various channeled messages, self proclaimed gurus and shamans have been preparing the state of mind into believing that something is about to happen. You are either going to get disclosure or the release of Prosperity Funds, or the Galactic CONfederation of Light is coming down to greet you and bring you new technologies, you are going to Ascend into higher dimensions and depart from your home planet or you may be shuttled down into Hollow Earth.

Now we have Yellow Rose For Texas claiming that ONE and EVE are going to save us by pulling us out of the construct we are currently in.

All of the stories provided here have not materialized to this day and now the new kid on the block who keeps showing up and then disappearing again is telling us that we no longer have free will because One or Eve will decide when to save us.

Rose is telling you a great story, another good guy/bad buy or light versus dark saga where the light goes up and the dark goes into the abyss. Fuck all the Universal Laws created by Creator of this Universe. You are asked to have blind faith, to sit back and love each other because any moment now you will be saved.

I totally disagree with this dis-empowering rescue mission. I will not and cannot dispute images or theories about this so called server, flat earth theory, gears shifting to move the planets around in our construct solar system because I’m not a scientist or physicist, but people; Eve and One if real are powerful, they don’t need to wait for the right time, they can just think it.
The same story with the GFOL, telling you once this and this is done/complete, they will land, you will get to trust them and then board ships out of here, but did they ask you about it? No, they said you already agreed to that in your contract but don’t remember. Isn’t this a free will Universe?

If, I as a soul in a 3D body can experience healing in my body by commanding my cellular structure to repair itself, can’t ONE do the same; think of a free planet or new Earth and think us all there already?

Rose has got you convinced it’s so complex with all the planets, poles, gears, battles going on and poor Eve and One need to wait for the right time to get us out of here without our permission? I’m sure Rose will eventually tell you when nothing happens that you already have permission and agreed to it; you just don’t remember. She will eventually tell you the reason we are not moving is because the bad guys grabbed the poles again and have gained control but don’t worry, it’s just temporary. This is the deception, so that you can tell yourself and believe and do as you are told because you already agreed, it’s bullshit.

Rose is just another disinformation agent or she truly is getting messages but like Kathryn E. May she can’t discern real from not real, because the New Age movement is fracturing and losing it’s credibility. Years have gone by and nothing happening and so people start to question that after they have been dis-empowered for years waiting for something to happen. People in the truth movement have been getting caught with their pants down, the most recent Kevin Annett being uncovered as a double agent.

As for Rose answering the reason we are having more dreams is because the dome is coming part; that’s not true. The reason we are dreaming/remembering other lives is because Gaia is moving closer to the Galactic Center and our frequencies are rising. We are already showing 7.8 Schumann Resonance measured.

So tell me dear reader, how do you think 99.9% of the population is going to react when all hell breaks loose? How is it possible that Eve and ONE are taking our destiny into their own hands and choosing what to do with us? I can accept everything Rose is talking about, but I can’t accept the thought/concept that someone is going to choose my destiny, nobody asked me what I wanted and if I already agreed to it, then should they not be restoring our memories first? Would that not be the logical step; would people not accept the new earth and that move a lot happier if they knew their origin, the history and current timelines?

I don’t have the answers, I have seen yellow reptilians sending messages to Rose. I have even seen a screen of sorts on the grid/veil/quarantine lines and their images turn into human like beings prior to arriving into Rose’s consciousness. Does she know this? I think so, why else does she call her self Yellow Rose?

Something doesn’t sit right with me, in fact, Rose did a superb job in guiding your mindset into accepting the following events. You have accepted her story because you WANT that to happen, like me, you are tired of this hellhole. I get that, I understand that, but all I see is people blindly believing another fairy tale story without any questions. I hope I am wrong, more than anything I want to leave this place because I don’t belong here, but Rose’s story is just too good to be true and I don’t accept the fact that I no longer have any sovereignty, I no longer have free will and I no longer have any say so in what happens to me. This is what Rose is offering you, no choices, just promises to whisk you away into a real paradise earth and yet not even she has asked if you wanted to leave.

So, according to her recent posts, she is using the words “it can be hours from now”. Let’s see how that progresses. I will be the first one to eat my own crap!


17 thoughts on “The Truth About Eve? Is Yellow Rose a Disinformation Agent or is She Being Deceived by Enitities Calling Themselves Eve and ONE?

  1. I would be really hesitant about getting on a ship of any kind. Remember the Twilight Zone series when all the trusting people were getting on a ship when their BOOK was deciphered and it was a Cookbook? Maybe it is getting harder just to take us for food and we are now volunteering?

    If it is the Creator, why do we need ships and isn’t it 3 days on the ship to get the upgrade? Seems like Nigel said something similar. I agree about the Creator should be able to fix us with a thought.

    There is something that doesn’t feel right regarding this whole scenario. Why won’t Rose go on FB? Who does she work for or represent? It is wishful thinking to a lot of people right now and there are several wanting to quit making house payments, etc., thinking this is hours away. Delay after delay and this could be just another let down to keep all in low frequencies when nothing happens or is there some group collecting IP’s for some reason? Remember FB doing an experiment affecting everyone’s emotions? The information given is interesting and many truths revealed but we need to live now and try to make things better and not just wait for a savior to do it for us.


  2. I am on the YRFT group on FB and the stuff they talk about I have heard it some many times off other ones. One thing which has me suspect is their “The One”, this is common in disinfo lingo. They seem to comment alot about memories been wiped with the leap and being saved. To me this is cult talk.


    • They have nothing to back up their information with other than information that can be true or not, our history has been erased and replaced with what they want us to know, therefore, from the very first day I read about Rose, I felt she was being programmed by a dark entity. This will go on forever now and these entities are just sucking up their energy and feeding off their hopes and dreams that won’t happen at least not through this ONE. Gaia determines when and where, and ourselves. You see, ONE and EVE present themselves as entities choosing for us, deciding for us, intervening for us, that is not free will or free choice, and this is why I don’t buy this crap. The other common sense question is: How come Rose is the only one that gets this information, what about the billions dying in wars and hunger, do they not deserve to hear some good news? And why Americans that are seemingly the majority to be contacted or channels? Just asking questions and have received no answers from anyone as to why.

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      • Noticed that too. I think the same as well. Thats the issue with channeling, there is so many dark energies mascaraing as light beings. I wonder if this has to do with either MK Ultra or Monarch programming, Certainly sounds like Project Northwoods or Conintelpro.


        • Here is my answer to this: This experiment/experience that we all chose to be here for, the condition was that we don’t remember where we came from or who we are, our experiment was about how much time it would take to remember who we are and in the meantime, there was no interference allowed. Free will/free choice, non-interference is the rules, so any entity or entities contacting any human are disrespecting or dishonoring the universal laws, by interfering with us or our lives they are changing decisions we might have not made or made, do you understand. The only true entities of the light are ones that send us loving messages, remind us how powerful we are, empower us and encourage us to call for help, but before anyone can assist us in this final stage we must unify and come together. No father/god/creator/one or whatever you want to call our creator cannot interfere nor can it make decisions for us, what is the point of all this work we are doing if someone can just come down, whisk us away and save us. This is not what we came here for, this Rose character may be programmed, she may be seeing a hologram, she may be one of them, it really doesn’t matter, what matters is that her information is full of crap. I predicted that she would say something about the 7 days and long before the 7 days expired, she was already talking about a date for something else that she may have misread. If she misread or mis translated then what else did she misread or mistranslate and how many times has she been wrong when she was telling everyone that ONE told her it would be 7 days. It’s hopium to keep people distracted from what is really happening.

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          • I said this:

            “. Something is a bit unsettling here, and love bombing is a technique used by cults, as is common with this don’t do anything we’ll rescue you coming from known illuminati sources. Why is there is no linkable sources? why is ED refered to a he when the true spirit is a merged female / male energy, eve is the feminine, and One is the masculine. Things don’t seem to add up. Where is the verification of the information (other than the images of space)”

            The reply:

            “There must be a bridge shortage somewhere…”


  3. i have been asking questions and eve and adam , why would she betray humans ? i read somewhere over the internet that eve and adams first wife got on well with one another o.O

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    • I think we’re all stuck into what should be or who should be. We need to focus on ourselves and how to raise our frequencies.


  4. All good go up , this is who the older races could see everything or sort things out
    ( 1 ) all healthy – weather good or bad
    ( 2 ) all have perfect DNA go up – weather good or bad
    ( 3 ) all that are dumb – weather good or bad
    ( 4 ) all able to work a lot – weather good or bad
    ( 5 ) all able to have children – weather good or bad

    those who don’t move up :
    ( 1 ) all unhealthy – weather good or bad
    ( 2 ) all Bad DNA – weather good or bad
    ( 3 ) all to smart or in this case know to much info – weather good or bad
    ( 4 ) all not able to work – weather good or bad
    ( 5 ) all unable to have children – weather good or bad

    plus some people have been under attack from these beings after they have talked to rose and her group weather its agreeing or disagreeing and have been looking for real info


    • IF we were created equally, why would we punished for making mistakes? If we are all equals and all came here to experience good and bad, why the punishment and consequences. This is starting to sound like a hell or heaven mythology. You believe what you want to believe, but I don’t believe that we would be created and then judged for the experiences we came here to have.


  5. Hello Ines

    Love your views and how you see things. It makesI sense without making any one feel pressure to follow or hero worship. I have been a seeker for more than 30 years on what is really happening here …………

    Thank you your views are refreshing.


    • Welcome Silver…that’s all I do, is give my perspective and using my logic/feelings. I experience a lot more than I write about, but most people think just because they get messages they should be making that public. My personal growth is mine, I am only sharing with you that journey and if there is anything that you can gain from my experience then I have done good today.


  6. From the first second I heard her voice in one of her videos it sounded really creepy. The info sounds like a really dark disinfo and in her last video she claims that trump is good and the protestors are on the left hand path – the last drop of BS I was able to tolerate from her. I sensed really dark energy from it all. Really glad to find this blog and see that there are people not buying into another portion of disinfo crap.


    • I didn’t know she was still handing out the koolaid. Wow, who would have thought she would last this long. Yep, I figured her out right away, I felt her out…I could feel her possession and I saw her reptile handlers. She may not be aware of this and really believes she’s got the best koolaid in town, but she’s taking a lot of people down the wrong path to disappointment. An amateur psychic at best.


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