Starting Anew in 2015

It’s been a very fast paced and exciting 2014. Looking back I can clearly see how fast we have gone from being in the dark to marching towards justice and light. 50 years ago we had no idea that we were more than just physical beings, today we are slowly catching on to our true identity, our true self that is higher self, our attributes unused for millions of years because of the invasion on Earth.

I would say that we actually all came here to save the planet from being destroyed by those that have been waging wars to own and control the resources on this planet. Each incarnation increased our energy levels and it is within this timeline now that we are reaching a momentum. As our frequencies increase, so do our attributes of lucid dreams, remembering parallel lives, connecting to higher self, telepathy and other attributes we thought only special humans possessed. This has nothing to do with those calling themselves One or Eve or GFOL or disclosure, this is the actual physical travel path of Gaia Sophia that is over the last 3 years reached closer towards the Galactic center where we will shift/integrate into 5D and higher beings depending on our soul maturity.

So, we are at the crossroads, shedding our human mindset and painfully accepting the fact that we have been lied to for millions of years, the deception is so deep that our lives will never be the same. Personally, I don’t want my life to ever be the same, I want peace, a humanity that doesn’t have to pay for living on this planet. I want humans to awaken from the coma they have been induced into and start thinking for themselves. I believe we are at the end of this world as we know it, this is a time when we need to  find  ways to come together, to become Unity Consciousness because without it, we cannot move forwards. We must stop living in a Poverty Conscious state of mind and start living in an Abundance Consciousness.

It is all within reach, within our reality and positive timeline. Now, more than ever, the disinformation agents, the double agents, the technology and dark entities are attacking us because they know if we win, their time is up. Although I believe we will have a way to go, perhaps into 2017 it will actually break loose, we can’t sit around waiting for it to  happen. We must together create the world that we want.

I created this blog so that we can “together” share knowledge, write about what is important to us and submit essays so that we can all share the information. This blog is about contribution, participation and appreciation of each other. Here we can learn to be tolerant, to be accepting, to not judge or assume, and we can spread our Unity Consciousness outwards to those that are suffering under Poverty Consciousness, believing they have no power over their current status and future. We can do this, but I can’t do it without you and I urge everyone reading this blog to spread the word, to share the information, to expand our energy throughout the blogosphere and create something of value.

Value is the keyword. What I want to do here on this blog is create value, something that will help others grow, that will shed the skin of mortality, that will increase and allow their true selves, this is where we can all contribute towards helping each other. I look forward to a long relationship after we end this 3D reality. Each one of us has chosen to be here before we arrived. There are no accidents, remember this. We staged this play, we lifted our hands up in the air like students answering questions; when wanting to take a special role, you are here because we agreed to be part of the play, this play we are in at this time and reality called the Matrix or Construct. Your presence on this blog signifies that you chose to be here, and that you are a willing participant in this value that we are creating.  I doubt that anyone knows the answers about where we are going from here, but we can all agree that something is going to happen, there are signs that something grand is about to happen, so lets not judge each other, lets combine our thoughts together and create something of value, especially for those that are just waking up and have no idea where to start in the plethora of information, some of it purposely placed to confuse the ones just waking up.

We owe it to our brothers and sisters to help them find their way. Why do we owe it to them? I had 20+ years to grow, I had 20+ years to seek and search for truth but the humans just starting their journey to truth do not have another 5 years let alone 20 years to find it, therefore, we have to help them with it, we don’t have that much time.

The end is not a bad one, it’s a good one. But for those asleep it may be overwhelming and therefore, it our responsibility to help them understand what can happen and or what is about to happen to change our reality. This is the value that we want to create, a value to our just awakened brothers and sisters, where they can come here and find information that is not marked by fraud, lies or disinformation because we have filtered it, experienced it, and we have all agreed that it is of value.

Being part of this blog means participating in submitting posts. Each one of us has unique experiences, unique knowledge and unique perceptions that we can share with others. I thank you all in advance for your participation and for spreading the word to others.


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