I gave up a long time ago with Cobra, I could not handle/stomach any of his crap, it was just getting too pathetic. It was by accident today that I came across this link and started to read the interview. My opinions and thoughts have not changed about this man, he continues to give out information without any backup or evidence. He continues to expect that people will just accept and believe what he has to say. This “event” has been happening for over 2 years now, when it does happen, it won’t be because Cobra made it happen, it will be because Gaia has arrived at her station in the Galactic Center. Humans have nothing to do with our journey, it is mostly based on planetary changes, the age we are entering and the completion of our contracts. None of these gurus, ascended masters, channelers and people like Cobra who claim to be working with higher dimensional beings have EVER been right about anything, why would anything be different now?

You can find the whole interview here:

Rob – OK.  is Jesus Christ, in some people’s opinion, Dr. Bell’s and Rays of Truth, Crystals of light, He says.  “Jesus Christ is the highest possible incarnation of a being on the physical plane”.  He says and that’s just simply a fact.  The Ascended Master Jesus Christ , is he a leader of the Ascended Masters.  Does he hold a special position in relationship to this planet.

COBRA – OK.  I would say his mission is very important because his mission is the distribution of the energy of unconditional love among humanity which is one of the most important aspects of the planetary liberation and he has been dedicated to that mission for the last 2,000 years and preparing humanity for this transition which is happening now.  That is quite important.
Without going into the bible, Jesus talks about all of us  being equal. He said that whatever he does we can too. Even though Cobra doesn’t answer the question, it is silly to assume that Jesus was any different than we are now, he just happened to be more aware of who he was. We have to keep in mind that in that part of civilization, with very little language literacy, many of the scholars that wrote the bible were of Christian decent, therefore, these script writers were not neutral. There are 13,000 contradictions in the bible because there were over 50 scribes involved. In Gnostics, Jesus is just a regular guy, regular in the sense that he never claimed to be the son of God, he was an enlightening being and teaching in the mystery schools. The bible and Gnostic texts are so opposite in context of who Jesus actually was, truth is, we don’t really know. 

Rob – We’re going to go into some other questions.  I’ve got a few more biblical questions I tossed in here this month.  We have lots of questions folks.  I apologize if your questions don’t get answered.  We just don’t have time.  I have also many questions from so many people, we may get 1 or 2 of some people who sent many questions.  So please don’t be offended.  I’m doing my best to get all your questions in there.  Who was the dark group of beings knows as the Anchara group.  Was there a peace treaty in place to stop Galactic wars.  Was there a peace treaty.  Who was the Anchara alliance.

COBRA – Yes, there was a peace treaty that was signed in 1995, and as you all know the next year was the big invasion, the Archon invasion that happened on this planet.  Because not all races and not all beings were happy with that treaty.  Actually one large segment of negative races have crossed into the light as a result of that treaty and the other ones who  did not sign the treaty were very unhappy with that treaty and they decided to invade the planet and that’s what happened in 1996.
Really, and we’re supposed to just accept this as a fact? Where is the proof of this?

Rob – OK.  Here’s an interesting question.  I’ve heard various takes from various various different people and I’d like to ask you.  Is earth and other planets that orbits our sun in our solar system, are they all hollow and do all of them have inner worlds that are of the higher dimensions?

COBRA – OK.   Every planet in the solar system, not only in this solar system has cavern systems in their crusts.  I’m speaking now of the solid planets, the gases planets have a different structure. On the higher dimension every planet has a certain light and a certain higher dimension structures that transmit light through the planet.
Really? And how do you know this Cobra? Can you please explain scientifically so that we can feel better about your knowledge?

Rob – Yes, that corresponds with what Fred Bell told me when I asked him that question so that’s consistent there.  Thank you very much.  Here’s an interesting question that some folks may be interested in and I’m pretty much aware of this and I knew this whole thing is a scam.  They have actually, literally criminalized the old form of light bulb here maintaining that they’re more eco friendly and energetic and will save energy.  I believe this is false, in fact I’ve been told that there’s mercury gas in those new light bulbs that have the spirals.  Some people are maintaining that they have a fatigue.  Can you comment on the intent of the ending of the incandescent bulbs and the replacement types that seem to be more toxic.

COBRA – Yes, of course this is, along with the poisoning of the foods, the chemtrails and other inventions of the Cabal.  They want people to be constantly suppressed with different chemical substances.  And yes, those bulbs are a little bit more dangerous for your health. They are not as innocent as they are portrayed.
You’re kidding me Cobra! To think there is mercury in the bulbs oh my. This has been common knowledge  for at least 10 years.

Rob -There are periods where we will go through repeated spraying of chemtrails from 3 am in the morning all day long.  We will have intense blanketing but the level of this has slowed down.  Cobra, at what point will this finally end.  Will this be at the event that we finally see the end of the chemtrails

COBRA – Yes, at the event.  Yes, you see all the activity of the Cabal will continue until the event and until they are arrested.  They will not stop by themselves.
Really? Gosh, I didn’t think they would spray us to the end! Until they are arrested? Between you, Drake and Wilcock, these arrests have been in the waiting for 3 years now.
Do you guys really know anything that we don’t already, I mean who are you fooling. You talk all this shit without a trace of proof or explanation. Just swallow my koolaid and believe me it’s all true. Yeah right.

Rob – Other contactees including J J Hurtak says that this process that we’re going through, although unique on the earth due to it’s location in the galaxy and the many portals and the different races that will be effected by the earth if it were to explode has brought attention here.  Many people have indicated that this is a process of liberation.  Generally speaking it’s been repeated on many worlds that have been taken over by the Chimera and I guess we can add the Anchara group.  Is that correct?

COBRA – Yes, many planets have been liberated and usually this is a standard protocol to liberate the planet, but here on this planet it’s a little more complicated.  One of the reasons is that humanity has been brainwashed much, much more deeply.  There is not enough cooperation from the surface population, that’s why it takes longer and it’s more complicated.
I don’t buy this crap anymore. I do agree that changes  are coming, I don’t think any specific group or savior will do it for us, but I think/pretty sure that our position in the Galactic plane will determine when we will trans-mutate. We have been moving through the photon belt and are nearing the galactic center, the closer we get the more we will see changes and people acting crazy. This “event”is not a man made or savior made event, this event is Gaia’s event, a cycle that all planets go through, therefore, outside of the our Planet, everyone knows this. They know there are certain periods of time/space where they can wage wars and battle for earth, but they also know now that our journey is almost over with. Cobra has nothing to do with this event and he has not yet ever provided any kind of evidence of what he is doing. If I even saw the photos of the groups that travel to the different portal regions, I might buy it for a second, but so far I have not seen anything credible to believe a word he has to say.

Rob – OK.  Someone named Ed Dames has reported in October on Coast to Coast that there is going to be a kill shot from either a comet or a sun spot.  I give it no thing, but I did have several comments on this.  Is there anything you can talk about the solar flares.

COBRA – Well, there be be continual solar activity but there will no drastic cataclysm in this time frame.
I kept up to speed with Ed Dames for a while, that ended last year when the 2nd killshot did not happen. Ed must have made a killing with all this seminars and presentations. He’s interesting to listen to, after the 2nd killshot didn’t happen, he stopped promoting remote Viewing and started to add the alien theory and that’s when I bailed. You either know something or you don’t. I get so sick of these so called experts that “put their reputation”on the line to tell us they  have information, and when things don’t work out, it’s the paradigm, it’s the vortex, it’s the matrix, it’s the aliens, yet they never mention these factors before the predictions. In other words, if Ed Dames really knew what was going on, he would have said that there is a % certainty because of certain factors that could interfere with the event. So, why do they use it after nothing happens? These are things that I question and when stuff like this happens, I bail, there is no longer any reason for me to keep up with them. You either know or you don’t. If you’re going to give a prediction, present the science to me. In other words: I predict there is a 60% chance of a killshot happening, it is all dependent on: weather, aliens, sun position, earth position etc. This is a real and realistic prediction because no matter what we predict there is always a chance that it won’t happen or an event that might prevent it from happening. These folks like Ed Dames, Cobra, David Wilcock never use scientific probabilities, and when the event doesn’t happen, then they have all kinds of excuses as to why it didn’t happen. Enough said!

Rob – Right.  Someone has asked a question and I believe this is mind control and maybe you can confirm this. Some people say; The pilots are unaware they are spraying chemtrails.  Someone says:  how can they be unaware and will there be repercussions for them or are most of them mind controlled and under threats.

COBRA – Sometimes pilots really don’t know what they are carrying on their plans.  Some of them are bribed, some of them are threatened and some of them are mind controlled.
This is utter bullshit. You mean to tell me that pilot entering into a huge 747 airplane, that is fully loaded with hundreds of canisters and has to perform several actions to disperse these chemicals won’t know? This is more bullshit than I can take today. Unless they are willing to be blindfolded while boarding the plane, and piloting blindfolded, I don’t buy this for one second.

Rob – Very good.  A question:  have you ever communicated with a person named Drake and do you have some of the same intel connection with Drake

COBRA – Yes, I was in communication with Drake.  I would say, his original contact was somebody from the resistant movement.  An agent from the RM inside the positive military and then Drake dis-connected from that contact and now he is having his own intel sources which are not the same as mine.
Here you go folks: Drake, Keenan, Wilcock, Cobra, probably Ben Fulford, all disinformation agents. Need I say more?



  1. There is a site called WordPress “Former White Hat”..this man is rather flippant in his remarks but claims to be a super soldier who was killed in Mexico a couple years ago? He writes a bit on Wilcock and claims he is MKUltra and controlled by the PTB. You can search on this site for comments on Wilcock. He also has posts on Fulford, Drake, Cobra and others. His posts just stopped in 2013 but if you search “Former White Hat”..there are articles from other supposed super soldiers stating how he died and who he was. My feeling is everything on the Net is controlled disinfo or it wouldn’t be out there. It makes all of us feel insignificant, powerless and gives the PTB more power, even if the truth is told, we are powerless to do anything about it, maybe that is the point of it all. All these people claim their lives are threatened…I think if the PTB wanted you dead, you would be dead, the fact they are still here should make them suspicious. Even Veronica Keen uses the threat lines and is in danger..Really??? It is all about money, selling something, egos, donations, etc..Reading this site at first was kind of entertaining, but later some rang true and I went back and it made more sense what he was saying. Wilcock’s constant bragging has made it impossible to read any of it anymore.


    • Exactly, that’s what turned me off from Wilcock his constant grandizing of self. I stay away from inflated egos. Actually, they are not inflated egos, they are very insecure people and need to do what they do in order to feel good about themselves. If Yellow Rose For Texas is correct, we should be up up and away in few weeks. She claims it won’t be months, so why do I get the feeling that she may be right? Because she will go down very fast if nothing happens very soon, this is how we uncover the frauds, they can only talk for so long and give reasons for why things didn’t happen. We are becoming more aware and savy, thus uncovering them much quicker now. I still receive subscriptions from Kathryn E. May. She’s fallen pretty low, begging for donations. Now she is offering exercises as she’s got nothing else/left to offer. It is so hard for me to understand why a well educated woman, psychologist can do this to herself? I’m surprised they haven’t revoked her license to practice. Some get away with it and some don’t. I’m only interested in truth and if I catch someone bullshitting me, will let everyone else know. Getting really tired of these folks begging, yes begging for donations as if they can’t get a job, so wash dishes, big deal. Those that want to work will work and find a way to make money, yes times are hard, they are even harder here, 30% unemployment,. but the lazy ones don’t have jobs, the honest ones do, it’s a mindset and belief system. I don’t need to ask for donations for information that I have taken from someone else. In other words, some of these people are just re-posting and asking for donations. I can understand if they are writers and contributing to new information, but making money on someone else’s work is dishonest actually.
      As for Veronica, she’s gone down, as Mony pointed out in his last message, her center has failed because of “false” accusations. LOL. Oh well…a few down and many more to go!


    • Hi Terry !
      Good arguments .
      ” It is all about money, selling something, egos, donations, ”
      and stirring chaos and confusion ……..
      meanwhile i don`t trust no one anymore .
      My motto
      Only “not guilty ” until proven .
      The one who is not paranoid these days must be mad .


      • I don’t know Hank? This post was from the old blog and I did a backup, so I don’t know, I don’t remove or delete comments.


      • Can you try writing it again. I just checked in my dashboard and there are no comments to approve because I don’t moderate anymore, they go through automatically now.


  2. I have only read a couple of Keen’s posts, couldn’t buy into the nonsense. On Yellow Rose, she does not post on FB at all and disappears for periods of time. She makes it hopeful for an end to it all with a rosy ending. I have a feeling nothing will happen, but it is easy to get sucked in with the hope. Good information but this may have gotten bigger than she expected. It is only time that will tell. Kind of ties into the pres. saying he is the last US pres. and the pope saying the same thing.

    Interesting vid saying the same thing as Rose called “Message from Enki” that states the same thing but goes into more historical background of humans.
    This video explains more of the bluebloods and religions made to control.

    Another article A story from a former freemason with a lot of the same history with a different slant called TEXT.

    We are waking up to some of the truth.


  3. While not all of what Cobra talks about is actually relevant, I never heard him say that we as humans here on the planet were unimportant, or that the galactics were saving the day. Actually, has said, time and time again, in a lot of different ways, that we humans are the whole ball of wax. He has also said that the planet will “ascend”….change, evolve if you will…with or without us…”she’s going”…so it doesn’t sound like the galactics could change that so that it didn’t happen. And no matter what anybody says, or who anybody follows, we all know something is UP, something unusual is happening here. Not saying it’s not useful and good for us to examine everything but all of us are speculating completely right now, and I will include Cobra, Wilcock and anyone involved in the money story. No one person or point of view can absolutely be correct, accurate, “the way it will be”…They couldn’t give it to us if they tried, because it’s not possible. AAre they all lying? Personally, I don’t think so but I know one thing: We’re not! and people like Ines on the planet are NOT. It’s not easy to be honest, to ask questions, to want someone to be 100% true…but this is the attempt we are making. Right now we don’t have to agree. We have to keep being honest, no matter what, agreement or not…that’s what I love Ines blog for. Keep the heart-truth coming somehow!


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