What is the power of connecting with your own truth?

I’m a big fan of Dr. Bruce Lipton through this teachings on Epigenetics, it has helped me stop being my mother and start being who I really am. Look up EFT (emotional freedom technique), great start to removing the obstacles to our divinity and power.

the biology of belief

In my former professional career, I was a medical school professor. I was teaching medical students about the nature of the body as being a machine, comprising biochemicals and controlled by genes so that we’re more or less an automaton, a robot. However, as I got deeper into understanding the nature of the cells, I found that the cells that make up the body, and there are 50 trillion of them, are very intelligent. In fact, it’s the intelligence of the cells that create the human body. Starting to listen to them and understanding how they communicate is a very important lesson. Cells talk to us. And, we can feel it through what we call symptoms or feelings or emotions. It’s a response of the cellular community to what we’re doing in our lives.

There’s a tendency in our world to not really pay attention to those things as some…

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One thought on “What is the power of connecting with your own truth?

  1. Ines, Hi again, interesting. I was given insight into our DNA many years ago, and was shown it looking like a platt of hair. I was given that this was it’s correct form and realied that there was a strand missing. Since then the scientists have discovered an apendix type of link on our DNA which seems to them, anyway, to be a useless attachment and don’t know what it is doing there. They have now discovered that at least 90% of our DNA is “JUNK DNA” which seems to serve no purpose. I have recently been given more insight into our DNA and believe that the JUNK DNA isn’t junk at all, but is alien implanted DNA which looks like junk, as it isn’t of the same structure as our own DNA. Without it the aliens can’t breed with us, that is why they they changed our DNA in the first place. They severed one of our links and added their own. I originally thought that our science would find a way to fix our severed DNA link, which would then get rid of the alien control over our species. We need to fix our DNA as the first step of our recovery from the takeover bid for our planet. That would get rid of the alien link to our body form, and they will die out without a phsical link to us. Our Oxygen intake would poison them. If we can meditate on the three strand DNA being our correct form, between 22nd december and the 25th december this year, we might be in for a surprise. I expect the incoming energies to be linked to the opening of the portal/stargate which is here to re-seed gaia. The same energy should fix up our DNA as we need to be in sync with Gaia at the same time. If you wan’t to give this process a name. how about a new broom called Resurection, not Jesus, he has nothing to do with the process. Lets get rid of our junk, and Jesus. A new broom sweeps clean. Blessed be , John. ps: don’t forget the worlds time lines, they will have something to do with the start date.

    Also posted on Biology of Belief.


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