Chris Thomas – Akashic Record of Earth Mankind & Alien Races

Chris Thomas is someone I mention quite often in my posts. It’s very interesting, I have not listened to this interview for a year and now it sounds different again, more welcoming, more acceptable, more real. One of my readers accused me of changing my mind all the time, and I smile at that because it means I’m growing, moving forward. Chris contributes many interesting perspectives, I can’t verify his information/knowledge, but it’s a perspective for me, it may be truth for you. So long as you’re not stuck in the same place, you’re doing just fine.




Chris Thomas is an author and healer who describes himself as having been `hard-wired to the Akashic since birth.’ This gives him a unique perspective from which to describe the human path of development, how humanity first appeared on planet Earth and what is our destiny. Our information on this has, says Chris, been distorted and mis-remembered over the course of millennia. In the first hour, Chris talks about the 13 races in the universe which include non-physical, semi-physical and physical form entities. We’ll also discuss the soul origin of these entities. Chris then explains how Earth is a unique, physical manifestation.

He’ll discuss Earth’s beginning and the early human prototypes. We end the hour on beneficial technology given to humanity from non-human races. In the second hour, Chris expands on beings called Velons and their relationship to Earth. He’ll also talk about UFO activity. Chris explains how…

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