Mark Passio changed my perspective to an extent that  the term “love and light”, became a symbol of new cage bullshit. This thinly disguised term crept into my psych so slowly that I almost started to believe that I should turn the other cheek and be slapped over and over because I am love. He debunks this so very good in other videos and what I like about him is that he doesn’t hold any punches back. You either love him or hate him. Truth hurts and it does take time to absorb his information, but you have to ask yourself: Do we have any other options?



  1. It was an excellent video and overall, I believe is 100% correct. EXCEPT – I believe he is a bit too strong and unforgiving in the awareness department. Stating women should divorce their cop/military husbands and the like is way off the mark in my opinion. As “humans”, one knows what he/she knows or is aware of what he/she is aware of.

    The level of conditioning, brainwashing and overall deception is extremely strong throughout the world. It starts from birth and just keeps on going…….. I was one of these individuals and I would imagine, those who are awake, are awake to varying degrees and most likely, were very much asleep at one time to varying degrees. It is my strong contention that each individual has to “wake up” in their own time, if and when they decide to do so for whatever reason(s). From what I have personally experienced in trying to broach the idea of “waking up” to others, it is usually met with skepticism or other closed responses. Unfortunately, it’s been my experience that you can’t push this on any individual.

    Aside from this, the video was well-worth the time.

    Peace Inus. I know you are doing well.


    • I agree with you about Mark being a bit strong, but maybe that is what is needed for some people, what matter is that he is doing good work and I really like his style, he’s very very educated and knows the language/latin language really well.


  2. I am confused. You are looking for unity consciousness with everyone having different truths, and you are complaining about being fragmented? Excuse me, but unity implies having an agreement o truth. It seems you all may be bickering about whose truth is better?

    A recovering New Ager now Christian


    • I’m not recovering from anything, we all have the right to express what we feel is truth. It’s up to each of us to choose what we know to be true and what we want to be believe to be true. I’m not complaining about being fragmented, it’s a fact that we are.


      • Truth in order to be truth must be exclusive and universal otherwise it is only opinions. What if your neighbors truth involves murdering you such as the religion of Islam. Do you accept their truth as viable? What about the truth of murdering babies? This your truth is your truth and my truth is my truth is a Big Lie. Ultimately truths collide. They never coexist. The history of the world is the clash of truths Hitler had his truth. Stalin his . Charles Manson was pretty convincing to some. There are far more lies out there than Truth. The Fall is the moment man decided he was able to decide what was good and what was evil instead of looking to God. Man’s only purpose on earth is to glorify God. You can’t when you create god in your own image.


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