The Wilde Weekly: Reincarnation & Fate

Posted on April 17, 2014 by Soren Dreier
Author: Stuart Wilde

God is right here, not at the end of a journey.
You are at the center of everything. There is nowhere to go. You are already there.

Reincarnation is a form of celestial geography. Creation is a hologram. It is everywhere. You are everywhere. Everything and everyone that ever lived is inside you: Hitler, Mother Teresa, Genghis Khan, the greatest creators, the saints, the animal worlds, the plant kingdoms, Jack the Ripper and Blackbeard. They are all within you and you are inside them. You are everything that ever lived. Hell is lifestyle choice we make day to day.

At my weekend gigs that I do twice a year in Amsterdam and Las Vegas, I show people how to dematerialize. I’m the only New Age teacher I know of that actually gets rid of his or her paying customers. Tee hee! They all come back a few seconds later, but the process teaches them the true nature of how non-solid everything is.

So in the non-solid world, gravity obviously doesn’t exist, and once our 3-D solidity morphs, you could drop a billiard ball on the floor and it would go straight through it. Time is what makes solidity solid to our perception. Once time began, solidity gradually appeared. We perceive solidity not just because atoms oscillate quickly to create solidity, but also because the mind moves forward in time. Your mind moving forward in time is what makes a wall hard. Thinking is linked to solidity. Once you stop your mind, the wall will start to morph after about 20 seconds or so. Castaneda knew all this stuff.

You already know in the non-solid world things are pulled together by their intrinsic ‘feeling’—the force of attraction. Gravity is a 3-D version of this intrinsic feeling. Love attracts, hatred repels. Gravity is the geometry of love in our 3-D universe. The sun is pure love. No one is attacking the sun. If you become the same, the celestial heat inside you becomes ‘as the sun,’ evil gets scared and backs off.

So to recapitulate. You have to be brave and go thorugh the shadow process, and you have to learn to stop lying and making excuses and you must embrace a ferocious level of honesty, for the power of the ‘authentic’ you is vast and the disempowerment of the ‘phony’ you brings disease death and dysfunction.

And to tackle your fears means being able to live inside yourself and inside a calm and Zen-like discipline. So you have few needs, and the needs that you do have, can be met simply by you without having to overly rely on others. This grants you confidence. You don’t feel threathened all of the time. Forgive yourself; once you have achieved a proper contrition, keep forgiving everyone else; love your tormentors and don’t make a fuss.

Embrace your silent power. Often doing nothing is the most powerful way to go. Evil burns itself out. I cannot tell you how many of my detractors and attackers are already in the grave, or in mental care; now that is serious. If you don’t move and give ground they all fall over, as all evil eats itself if it can’t find anything else to eat.

So stand strong, no fear no anger. Be patient. The insanity of the global change will pass and a Brave New World will emerge on the other side. The macho BS and state-sponsored violence will fall away as will the police state and all the mechanism of control. In a few years time there won’t be a tax system, it will have fallen over as all government lies and manipulations will falter in the end.

Find people of like-mind and learn to serve and make yourself useful and celebrate, for we are on the threshold of a new beginning, a new way.

For is it not written: from out of the darkness comes an even greater light – and the greatest love and courage comes from testing times. And that salvation and redemption and tenderness of spirit is what we seek to walk fearlessly towards.

© 2014 Stuart Wilde


2 thoughts on “The Wilde Weekly: Reincarnation & Fate

  1. Hi Ines, I looked for info on Stuart Wilde and found this great post .It is well written and the comments are also interesting. I liked the comment from the lady who attended one of his shows where he seemed drunk and most people left early in disgust . He then came back on stage unaffected ,having whittled out the audience and gave a valuable evening for the remaining people. This teaching method is often used in various forms, whereby the accolite finds the teacher supposedly compromised only for the challenge to be a learning process. Personally I dislike this sort of game playing even if effective.


    • I know the story you’re talking about. I have been Stuarts fan wow for almost 30 years. I bought his first book “Whispering Winds of Change”. What a great man.


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