Required Movie:  “Interstellar,” Co-created with Sananda and One
Kathryn E. May – Channeler and puppet of Sananda and One

Sananda and One have required that we – Gabriella and I – go to see the film, “Interstellar,” which we did last night.  It was “commissioned” by them, and they are very excited about having it as a wonderful tool for the awakening of humanity.
Kathryn and Gabriella are good little minions, listening and doing everything they are told. So, let me get this straight, this movie will contribute to the awakening of humanity?

You will understand when you see the film, especially when you see it for the 2nd or 3rd time, why this is such an important event in the opening of consciousness.  It will assist those who are open to it in peeling away the layers of illusion, and will help greatly with our Ascension.
I guess we must be pretty dumb ass to watch a movie a few times in order to get it. Personally, never watched a movie twice except for the Matrix because my partner didn’t watch it the first time. But, looks like we have to because it will help with our Ascension. Hmm, let me take a look at my video library, wonder how many films I missed watching that could have been used to help me Ascend.

Buy the film if you can, and loan it to others to view.  Talk with your close friends and family about the many layers of meaning in the film, which will reveal themselves to you gradually.  Be open, and be patient.
Yes, talk to your close friends and family about the meaning of the film, don’t forget to tell them if they watch it a few times they might Ascend and get off this planet. Good riddance, you must not love Gaia  enough to want to stay with her to the end, but then I guess these ladies have sworn their legions to God, go for it.

The acting is wonderful; Matthew McConaughey is truly a warrior of Light, and the women in the film are strong, brilliant and believable.
Matthew is a great actor, I bet he’s getting at least $10 Million for this movie. How many people can that kind of money feed? How many new homes can the Palestinians get for that money?

We welcome comments about your experience of the film on our Healing For Ascension Tour page.  It is something you are going to want to share with others.
Please pass this on to everyone you know.
Kathryn E. May, PsyD,  Nov. 9, 2014

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  1. Someone of my acquaintance….(no names no pack drill, they ‘meant well’)…gifted me ‘Interstellar’ and it’s a ‘fabulous’ DVD…it’s propping up one of the shelves on a bookcase I am repairing….as I type…and when finished…I shall give it the ending that it justly deserves…by throwing it elegantly…into the trash! Aunty A xo


  2. an addendum or afterthought…Matthew (I’m a total NWO cliche) McConaghey…needs to start thinking about getting a R-E-A-L gig…

    oh, hang on…silly me…it’s not about the ‘performance’…the ‘quality’ of material…the gravitas and impeccable lass of the co-stars and the honour of being able to INFLUENCE people with a distinct minimum of effort…is it ‘Matthew’…??

    No, nothing as cellubrius as that…and it reminds me of my quaint little Mum…as my Mother used to say…in her distinct Glaswegian accent…’I hope every dollar you ever earn, turns into drumsticks and beats yer flamin’ melon in…ya talentless bastard’…(on ya Mum) Aunty A xo


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