Raise your consciousness and embrace the light that is streaming into your world. Leave the 3D thinking in the Dark Ages where it belongs. Do everything that will raise your vibration. Connect, whether through meditation, reading, or through communication with like-minded friends. Connect with the central sun, combining your energy with others to do this. Remember, it is always darkest before dawn, and your dawn awaits you. You are now in the middle of the end game, hence attacks and sabotage are being used in an effort to keep you imprisoned in a 3D existence. When you open up to the light, you will find that all the assistance you require is already in place. It just needs your request for help.
Can someone please tell me what is so divine about this paragraph? What part of “we already know this” do you not understand Veronica? I call this patronizing.

The true picture of the Vatican emerges each day. You cannot now be in any doubt as to who rules your world and how they do it. Because of the information that is now in the public domain, they are losing their hold on humanity. More importantly, they can no longer hold their earthly physical shape. Many of them now have to hide from view.
What part of “we already know this” do you not understand Veronica?

Ratzinger had to resign as he could no longer hold his shape. He is still very active in trying to hold control at the Vatican. I showed you how they entered Planet Earth, changed your history, took over everything, everywhere, and planned the New World Order. They will have to use the same method to withdraw from Earth. In fact, the word has gone out that they need to be prepared to use the same method to leave Earth. Some refuse to accept defeat and will hide, in the hope that one day, they can retake the planet. This will not be allowed to happen. Material wealth will not save them.
What part of “we already know this” do you not understand Veronica?

Love and truth will lead the way forward. It will bring people together to create a world which is free of 3D wars and the poverty that these bring. You have recently learned how WORDS are used in Black Magic rituals, and in the Law Courts, etc. Originally, you communicated telepathically. That was the norm in Lemuria. It ensured peace and harmony. It was in Atlantis that words became the norm. Lies and deceit emerged and your world has never recovered from this change in communication. Those who took over your world have used the magic of words ever since. (Bradley has done magnificent work on this issue.) Be careful how you use words, since they hold power that was hidden from you. Be awake and aware.
What part of “we already know this” do you not understand Veronica?

Because of the light that is now emerging on your planet, the Elementals are returning. You were told that they were just fairy stories. No, they were real. The Elementals were part of life on Earth. They have returned to take their place beside you in the light. The Vatican is well aware of this. So they tried to prevent it. Those within the Vatican are learning that there is a greater power than themselves. The Prime Creator has answered your call for light and love to be restored. All that is dark and evil will have to leave your planet.
Which elementals are you referring to Veronica? The first ones were the Nature Spirits, the trees, they never returned, they always have existed.  Archangel Michael describes elementals as”“ Talmud. The Earth plane has essential energy beings who care for and bring the Divine Plenty to the elements of the Earth. These “Elementals” are called Faeries, Elves, Brownies, Pixies, Dwarfs (not Human), Leprechauns, Wee People, Sprites, Gnomes to name a few. Each type of Elemental cares for different elements of Mother Earth.”

There are those on Earth whose task it is, to bring about peace and harmony. They have found each other, and work together. Even though they are in different parts of the world, this does not deter them. They incarnated for this reason and have devoted their lives to achieving this goal. They are ancient souls whose experience is necessary for this work. They each know who they are, they know their mission, and they are fully aware of how your planet was invaded and taken over. They intend to rectify this. They know who I am and why I work from this side of life to assist them in the achievement of their goal. We will free humanity.
Who are these on earth that you speak about? Are they humans, animals, beings, do they have a name?
Your prison bars become more visible each day. Restrictions on life on Earth multiply every day and your every movement is restricted and observed. You have been conned into giving up so much, and you did so without question. Do not sleepwalk into any more restrictions.
What part of “we already know this” do you not understand Veronica?

Look to a future, when life on Earth will become harmonious. A world without chemtrails, chemicals in the water, and food which is grown free of chemicals. You will learn a new way of life. There will be free energy. All this could have been yours many years ago, but the Vatican prevented it, in order to keep you in stress and under control. But the plug will be pulled on all that the Vatican controls. So you must prepare for this by doing your research. We hope to create Centres of Excellence, to freely give help and advice on new ways of living and producing food, etc. With your help, we will achieve this.
These messages are being repeated since 2011, I’m sure if you try hard enough you could find something different to talk about?

Veronica and I have worked together in many lifetimes. We return when we are required to do so. This applies to many of you who are in the world at this time. We have connected many times. We recognise each other each time.
Yes, yes, we have heard this umpteen times before; and so what?

I was happy to take Veronica and her friend to Lemuria, twice this week. It still exists on another level of existence. You have been blinded to so much. It will be so exciting for you to explore all that was hidden from you. Everything will be open to you when you remove all the 3D restrictions and controls and enjoy the freedom that it will bring. Send love and light to those who are still fixed in 3D, as they are too frightened to look outside it.

Together, my love, we will help to bring love and light to your world. Love never dies. It continues to blossom and strengthen as times goes on.

Our work goes on. Always, your adoring, Monty.

So how is your fundraising coming along Veronica? I see that you have not changed the total donations from 104,000 Euros in months now. Hasn’t the deadline for the deposit come and gone? Hasn’t the deadline for paying for the property in full come and gone? Do you not feel that you should return the money to the donators since it’s obvious you haven’t purchased the property? Of course, you are under no obligation to do so, you can apply it towards something else, but I’m sure you really want that mansion don’t you? Can’t say I blame you, if I knew I would/could raise 1/2 M euros in a few weeks, I just might do the same. Oh, by the way Veronica, whatever you have said about providing at these centers they already exist and have existed for 30 years. Very few people are taking advantage of the new technology because people are being killed for it, the Cabal is not yet ready to give up their oil cartel.  Even Mr. Keshe is running for his life because they do not want his inventions to see the light of day. Aren’t you getting tired of the bullshit Veronica? We are.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

You can use Paypal to make a donation to the Foundation
to help towards the purchase of the new Centre in Ireland.
Any financial contribution, however small, would be greatly appreciated.
Veronica Keen

PS. I live in London, England. Yes you do, in  a very expensive home that Monty left you.  It is necessary to point out that US Postal Orders
can only be cashed in the United States. They can NOT be used here in England.



  1. yes indeed….. same old ..same old .
    Applause Ines …..tell it like it is . It`s all about money money money .
    Just feel disgusted .
    These are the kind of people who makes the world a nasty place .


  2. By the way … the headline


    really made me chuckle .
    A shot straight between the eye(s) ……(in the triangle) .
    Cheers !


    • Those were my first thoughts. I received an email from my sister in Chicago, she came across an interview between Colleen Rich and Veronica….I’m sure if you do a search it will come up or Purps can post it here, I deleted that email. I attempted to listen to it, but the energy was really bad so I stopped listening. I will get Purps to repost it here because I don’t want to debunk it..uhh bad energy


  3. Did a Google search on Veronica Keen and Colleen Rich (Omen est nomen ?)

    Really nasty.!

    I am not much into bible and that christian stuff (sympathizing a bit with Buddhism ,if there is any thing like Buddhism .)
    But some faraway memory came to my mind from my childhood , when i read in the bible.
    Did a search and found this :

    2 Corinthians 11:14
    And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

    2 Corinthians 11:14-15
    And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness.
    Their end will correspond to their deeds.

    And this song also came back ringing in my minds ears .

    Johnny “Guitar” Watson

    “Ain`t that a Bitch ”

    I’m working forty hours
    Six long days
    And I’m highly embarrassed
    Every time I get my pay

    And they working everybody
    Lord, they working poor folks to death
    And when you pay your rent and your car notes
    You ain’t got a damn thing left

    Ain’t that a bitch, yes it is
    Somebody doing something slick, there they are
    It’s got me wondering which is which
    Mighty as well go out of town and dig a ditch

    Ain’t that a bitch, yes it is
    Now ain’t that a bitch

    Lemme tell you about my qualifications

    I program computers
    I know accounting and psychology
    I took a course in business
    And I can speak a little Japanese, fox on

    Gotta work two years
    To get one week off with pay
    And when I’m on my job
    I better watch every word I say

    Ain’t that a bitch, oh boy
    Somebody doing something slick, downtown
    It’s got me wondering which is which
    Mighty well, go out of town and dig a ditch

    Ain’t that a bitch, it’s way, way to cold
    Ain’t that a bitch

    Make me wanna holler, Lord, Lord
    Lord, have mercy to see
    Won’t somebody please help me to see land. Lord
    I want to play the guitar, come here guitar

    Somebody doing something silly

    Now listen to this

    Stop at the supermarket
    To get myself something to eat
    And when I look at the prices
    They knock me off of my feet

    I was in the baloney section
    And I had to take myself a close look
    Now [Abdule Jabar] couldn’t have made these prices
    With a sky hook

    Ain’t that a bitch, yes, it is
    Somebody doing something slick, yeah they are
    It’s got me wondering which is which
    Might as well go out of town and dig a ditch

    Ain’t that a bitch, ain’t that a bitch

    Surely there’s something slick going on
    Surely there’s something slick
    Surely there’s something slick going on
    Surely there’s something slick, ain’t that a

    Surely there’s something slick going on
    Surely there’s something slick
    Surely there’s something slick going on
    Somebody’s show slick, ain’t that a

    Surely there’s something slick going on
    Surely there’s something slick
    Surely there’s something slick going on
    Somebody’s showing slick

    Surely there’s something slick going on
    Surely there’s something slick
    Surely there’s something slick going on
    Surely there’s something slick

    See ya !


    • Great stuff! BTW, I consider myself a Buddhist, Nichiren Daishonen Buddhism, it’s been with me for 20 years, the only part of that I still keep is the chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and it helps me because it creates a vibration during my meditation. Buddhism is good if you don’t look at Buddha as a god, which he is not and never was. He’s taught some really good things that I have applied to my life and continue to apply. For instance, compassion, forgiveness, respect for one another journey. I struggled with letting go of the Karma philosophy because at the time it made sense to me, although I still believe we reincarnate, but not to work off our karma getting caught in the Karmic dimension of light and being fooled into coming back here. All in all, there was a lot of good principles and teachings I have used from Buddhism.


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