Mehran T. Keshe on Cabal Hit List: Please Save his Data

Update: March 16th p.m. – Richard says… The first Keshe download ran out of steam at 50 downloads. This one won’t

Found on:

Here is someone we need to surround with love and protection.  
You can also help to protect the technologies he has gifted to Humanity by saving and sharing the data from the USB stick/thumb drive; link  provided below.  ~ BP
This message from the Keshe Foundation was posted today.
Mr. Keshe suspects his life is in danger, and he has now opened up the USB stick data to the peoples of the world, to begin the technological change that is needed.
Here is the full contents of the legendary USB drive that was previously offered to the governments of the world by the Keshe Foundation. …
Please distribute this file far and wide, so it cannot be suppressed!
It’s no surprise that TPTB want to do away with Keshe.  His technology would end the controllers’ reign.
Also, Mehran was interviewed on the Mike Harris show yesterday with over 3 million listeners.

5 thoughts on “Mehran T. Keshe on Cabal Hit List: Please Save his Data

  1. thank you, downloading, once I glimpse it and see what is it all about will take actions of re-sharing accordingly, once I had uploaded over 100 terabytes of data, so if this needs mirror and mirror needs these, suffice it to say cableguys will have some more serious trouble erasing it from file hosters and torrents…


  2. cant bother with this, apparently this was released in march and re-shared abundantly since, there is also argument among engineering circles about practical usage of all this, I m not engineer but it seams that people are, well, disappointment with more key elements missing from mr keshe share and hence practical application of this eludes people with knowledge in this field. I can only speculate on reality behind this but I chose not to

    wiki is not only source yet common..


    • I can’t determine it good or bad, but hey, I did my work in spreading it around. Maybe other scientists/inventors can use his info as a basis/foundation and build on it, the work that he has done so far I think 30 years of work can save other scientists time, don’t you think? There is always something good out of the negative.


      • yes, even if only theories, mr. keshe has done his part by giving it away thus clearing his own space and all the secrecy in regard to such technologies for which cableguys are attacking him, so it is good, I just found out after reading material and looking online that further spreading might not be needed it is already within numerous sources. I hope people in that field of science can and will get something useful out of share and that they will also be forthcoming to share further


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