Kathryn is like the energizer bunny, she keeps changing her mind, and changing her mind, and changing her mind, boy she’s got energy!

To our Family of Light from Kathryn and Gabriella:

Following up on Gabriella’s previous post, we want to bring up the fortuitous example of the distortion in the energy field that Sananda has described to us.  We have seen the rainbow of emotions on our Facebook page, from joy to frustration, anger, confusion and misunderstanding.  An open-ended question resulted in chaos, as all rushed to fill the space, and in came the dark thoughts, as Sananda and Kathryn described on Sunday.     When one person responded with a negative feeling, others became caught in the chain of misunderstanding and frustration, resulting in much conflict and bad feelings, even among friends and Lightworkers.
Have you ever heard of a term called „Unity Consciousness“? Guess not. Well, if your friends worked together as ONE, there would be no bad feelings here, but you keep changing terms and dates, and then you wonder why people get upset?

We have a rich example to use.  This is how the seed of darkness within us is ignited.  Given even a moment of unsettling, unanswered questions, our “innate” response is to jump somewhere, anywhere, to alleviate the discomfort.  The result is unpleasantness.  This is The Sign of The Seed, we might call it.  Or as Kathryn calls it, The Sleeper Cell.
Yeah, I call you all the sleeper cell, sleeping through the wars, the genocides, the mass murder of women and children. How come you never talk about them? Don’t you feel that they too need love and light?

We have all said we are in agreement that we want to bring about Paradise on Earth, and yet we cannot agree on a simple change of course to make it happen.  We have been told by Sananda that our past efforts have not been effective. (Sananda:  “Are you listening?”)  Apparently, being preoccupied with cheerleading for the RV has left us further behind, in a darker place than where we began.  Not that there is anything bad about it, it just was not working, and it may have distracted us from doing our INNER WORK. We wish only to do what is most effective, do we not?
DOH, I could have told you money is not happiness! Last year alone, your friends upstairs claimed the RV was imminent 36 times. Now that that is not important, you need to do the inner work? I thought you have been doing the inner work all these years? Do you know what is most effective? Honesty is the best policy and your friends upstairs have not yet been right about NOTHING.

Our beautiful Facebook page is a vivid reflection of our culture, where conflict is breakfast.  We wish to turn this around.  How will we do it?  How can we get aligned together and grab the prize?
Your facebook page is a vivid reflection of your confusion and dis-unity consciousness. How can conflict not exist when you keep changing your mind, you keep saying no more, and then a few minutes later you change your mind and say „Oh damn, just one more time“. You say no more, channeling yet within hours you were channeling Sananda. How come you didn’t mention what Sananda said about Ascension? He said *that’s what you said last night“ that you all got Ascension wrong. Ascension actually means „enlightenment“ now. Boy, now you got to start all over again to become enlightened.

Even people who did not hear the show are commenting with angry and negative responses, and others get caught up in it.  We need to take responsibility, and we need to be aware.  Being separated from joy destroys your inner peace and that of others.  How will we change this for all of us?
Kathryn, you are never separated from JOY. Joy is present in you at all times, just like happiness is, love and every feeling we can feel. You choose not to feel joy. Joy doesn’t fly into your body when you need it, it’s within you. Get your facts straight. How you change is by working on Unity consciousness, working as ONE unit. Don’t you have a god called ONE?

NO ONE IS TO BLAME.  As we have finally been told, because Kathryn saw it and specifically asked for an explanation –  we all, every one of us, no exceptions –  carry in a hidden place in our hearts a seed of “Luciferian” darkness which we contracted for in our agreement to challenge ourselves to overcome all darkness on our way to become higher Ascended Masters, closer to God.
WE are ALL close to God, why is that you use hierarchical terms with everything? WE are all ONE, therefore, we all are gods and god is us. I don’t have Luciferian darkness in me, speak for yourself, do not speak in my name when you say EVERY ONE OF US. You don’t know what is inside each and every one of us because we all came here as individual souls with different purpose.
Sananda said clearly that there are not enough of us.  If we are divided over how we will achieve our blessings, we will have chaos.  We all agree that we want ALL our blessings, not only the RV.  Now, let’s hold hands, in faith that we have the power to achieve this.
Not enough of you, how many does it take and for what? Oh oh, I get it, not enough means not enough people to generously donate correct?
It’s all about blessings and RV isn’t it? Has it ever occurred to you that you already are blessed? Just being here on Earth is being blessed. Blessings don’t come in forms of wealth or money but rather the joy of knowing who you are. You can hold hands, but not with me, I don’t want that Luciferian virus you got.

We are told we must first look inward to remove the Luciferian implant and to nullify our ancient contract.  This must be an individual process, but we can help each other achieve it.
Do you actually believe everything you are told by these entities? I can help you achieve it kathryn, clear yourself away from these dark entities and depend on yourself to become enlightened since you’re not ascending anymore.

Kathryn will post a meditation/exercise with elements from the most effective teachings, and we can all rejoice in freeing ourselves from the dark implant.  It is a powerful and completely effective tool that she has worked out with a number of brilliant Lightworkers who have used it with complete success in the past two days.
There you go again, interfering with their free will, and who are these light workers who have used it? Light is the same as dark. These entities teach you that dark is evil and light is good. You believe that you’re good because you’re light, yet you are on the same side as the dark, they want you to believe you are the good guys. You’ve been spinning your wheels around for 3 years now and you’re nowhere close to being anywhere? What is your goal exactly? You all can’t seem to agree on that either.

Together we will move through this to higher ground, and we will take many more along with us.  We will carry our torches out into the world, with this powerful tool as our offering.
The only word in this sentence I agree with is TOGETHER. You sure have a knack for poetic writing Kathy. I’m melting.

Stay tuned.  We will post it here shortly, in a special version for this family.  Kathryn is working with the Masters to make it as powerful as possible, imbued with the energy of Light.

With love and joyful anticipation,
Kathryn and Gabriella

It was a year ago this month that St. Germain said it will (the RV) will be happening Next week.

OCT 6 2013 ST GERMAIN ON GLOBAL ECONOMICSThe news today is about the revaluation of currencies. It will be happening this week from what we can see.  The holdouts have found they have no choice but to go along. There is a gradual changing of the guard as some of the old bastions of power are overtaken by new, enlightened leadership.

Sananda, you said no wars in 2014? There are more wars in this year than any other year since 2001. Where do you see light, love and harmony growing? Seems your whole group is fragmenting, it must be the distortion in the energy field you talked about today?

Sananda’s Predictions for 2014 Transcribed by Kathryn E May October 14 2013
The end of wars, the arrival of your Star Brothers and Sisters, and the introduction of new forms of governance will all come to pass in 2014. You are being prepared now for the new age of reconciliation, cooperation and an end to economic suffering. The light of Love, Harmony and Friendship is growing, as countries everywhere are ignited in the joint sense of self-respect and dignity that will not permit tyranny in any form to continue.



  1. WOW!!! Just unbelievable this woman!!!
    I have no words…. that I will post here and disrespect your blog Ines.
    Except that as predicted this greedy woman will never let go of her blind followers purse strings.


  2. I think Kathryns plan back fired and now she is trying to keep what little followers she has left. I started listening to her radio show wednesday, but I had to turn it off. It is always our fault that something did not happen. They know that people cannot do what they are asking, just shut off the world around them. So they can keep blaming us for it not happening.


  3. Kathryn May is the new Revered Moon. I can’t believe the stuff she comes out with – it’s like a mind f**k. Whoever follows her must be in pretty bad shape mentally.


    • Or maybe it must be this way so that people will learn from this? Nothing is accidental, therefore, let’s just hope these are lessons for the young souls.


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