Just for the record, I’m not laughing, perhaps only because Kathryn is questioning the reasons why and yes, I too believe that we all have to go through our lessons in order to learn them, even though I have been saying from the start that WE are the ones WE are waiting for and there is nothing better or more divine than we are. Glad to see that Kathryn finally saw the “light”. I also believe she is not being completely honest with herself let alone the reader, she’s now excusing this as a lesson and using words “perhaps”as if she never learned anything from these entities. She should be more truthful since she can feel their energies that they were  never of the light, and that after ONE wrong prediction she needed to question them, after all, Creator doesn’t make mistakes.  She needs to mention EGO as a huge part of her attachment to these entities, and as a Psychologist I’m surprised she didn’t use it, I guess we can all figure that one out. No matter, I always say it’s better late than never!

Dear Friends,

I have decided today to resign from my position as “The Voice of Mother/Father God” and “The Voice of Sananda.” I will not be channeling messages from the Ascended Masters for the foreseeable future. I will explain why.

For several years, I have kept my promise to channel the voices of the Company of Heaven with absolute fidelity. I have changed not a word, not an inflection, not a bit of what they have given to me. I add nothing and leave out nothing. And so, the messages stand as they were given. I do not take credit or blame, except perhaps for having been the messenger for a program that evolved, little by little, into a series of cheerleading, encouraging and repetitive messages which have turned out to be, finally, a carrot without a prize.

I was told unequivocally that it would happen this past weekend, with details, times and specific instructions. I was assured repeatedly that they would never again promise me something that was not to be. I reminded them not to give me details if they are not fact. Once again, after enormous build-up, their date came and went, with more explanations and promises. The same ones, again.

The whole RV build-up was a way to help people envision helping one another to build a new world. I was delighted to represent the promise of hope, peace, and prosperity which could raise all of us out of the dark control of the cabal and discover our own power to change the world. But ultimately, it has been all about money.

The explanation was that we would beat them at their own game, take back control of our institutions, our structures of governance and our own lives, to live no longer under the yoke of the overlord, Money. We were to do this by having more money than God, as we joked. Perhaps this makes sense from a certain perspective – that there are some who can be entrusted with great wealth, who can buy back our freedom and our dignity.

Is this what we really need? This promise of material riches to set us free of the brain-washing, the poverty, the misery and want that was created to keep us divided against one another and against our God?

It has been my life’s work to help people search within themselves for the anchor to their true Center – the heart and soul connection that can free us from the brain-centered selfishness that co-opted all of us into believing we are not good enough, worthy enough unless we have great wealth. I still believe this is the real work we need to do, to be true to the body and soul we were born with, to live a life of integrity and Love regardless of what propaganda and mind-control our brains may have been subjected to along the way.

I will continue this work, the Visual Centering that has proven so effective in helping so many to find their center, to free themselves from childhood pain and childhood programming. This is what matters to me – to see people reach deeply into their hearts, beyond religious beliefs, beyond any teachings or philosophical arguments, to find peace with the beauty they came here to express.

I have given notice to my beloved friends in Higher Dimensions. I will no longer channel any messages from them because they broke their promise to me to activate the revaluation of currencies, the flood of blessings we were promised by this weekend, or I would refuse to channel anything more. I commanded that it be done, and they accepted my declaration that this was enough, enough cheerleading, enough promises, enough explanations and seeming apologies.

We have done our work in good faith. We have searched within to connect with our highest good, and it makes it impossible now to accept anything that is not pure. Pure truth, pure Love and Light does not support manipulation or lies, not for any reason. The end does not justify the means. Not now. Perhaps the months and months of encouraging messages were necessary to help us raise our vibration to accept the energies from the Central Sun. Perhaps you were testing us to see how long we would tolerate any kind of untruth.

I for one will not tolerate it any longer. I have promised to the dear people who have followed me and my messages that a new day is here, and it will be filled with Light and endless Love. I will not be a part of disappointing them again, not for any reason, not for any excuse.

On Earth as it is in Heaven? I do not believe Heaven is a place of tricks and riddles. Only here, in lower dimensions, do we accept half-truths and “well-meaning” white lies. No more. I will not be a part of helping to create a drama, a house of mirrors, a slide down the rabbit hole into upside-down rationalizations, supposedly reasonable sounding explanations and outright lies.

We are aware that God is powerful enough to intervene when the time is right to do so. We have given our vote to request help where we would have faced the threat of assassination if we were to face down the cabal, who feel no restriction against murdering Lightworkers wholesale. Nevertheless, we have taken them on directly before, and I for one have no reluctance about doing so if necessary, if our Friends in High Places refuse to step in as they have promised.

Perhaps that is one of the rules of the game we agreed to before coming here, that we would go it alone, without intervention from outside ourselves. We are told we are Them, we are One, and we have the power to manifest the Paradise on Earth we were taught to envision. If we truly believe that, then we do not need their intervention or their money (Thanks, St. Germain, but are you true to your word?). We are the Light.

I see brilliance all around me – the rising energies of unbelievably talented and powerful individuals who graciously share their blessings, their unconquerable Light, for the benefit of all. Do we really need more than that? When we join with one another to make our world a better place, it does change everything.

Why have we been promised these things that do not materialize? Why have we been asked to believe in the face of endless disappointments? Was it to help us, the small group of Lightworkers who truly trust in God’s good Truth, to finally accept that we need nothing more than our own strong hearts and sturdy souls? We have been forged in the fire of hundreds of lifetimes here. No matter how dense the Veil, we still know we deserve real support, real nourishment for our tired bodies and our souls that really are reaching for the Impossible Dream. We will settle for nothing less.

I pledge my heart and my energy to making our world a better place. Continuing to channel these messages no longer feels right. I am profoundly sad to have to refuse to bring messages from those I love deeply, but I must do so for now, until we are all made aware of why this has been handled in such a strange and uncomfortable way.

Perhaps I will channel again after we have received the blessings I still hope to see manifest, but only after I have been given a clear and reasonable explanation for why we have all been dragged along with endless seemingly empty promises, until everyone is exhausted, fed up and on the verge of losing faith in the proclaimed Gods who profess endless Love. I command that they show us the faithfulness and good will that we have given to them. Nothing less would be fair. Love is Light, and Light is Truth.

I remain, in service to One, Kathryn

Kathryn E. May, October 27, 2014, 10 pm, New York



  1. Good for you Kathryn…I know this was not an easy step. But you did it and I honor you for that.

    May many Blessings fall upon you 🙂

    Yalbaldaoth I told you we Humans from Earth would blow this construct of yours up from the inside out…And I saw it happen in My Minds Eye past summer…



    • Yes, Yalbaldaoth the wrathful god is losing his voice finally, it’s not just the cabal that is falling, but all those that got caught in dark lies and channels, we are waking up, that is a certainty, maybe not as fast as we want, but it is happening.


      • Yaldi a god…hihihi don’t think so!!! A “wanna-be-god” at the most…wrathfull…maybe…I never seen it wrathfull…Fearfull? Absolutely! Greedy, jealous, wanting to forsee and thus controle the future for sure. A week nagging persevering kid that wants to take over and rule House and Heart(h). Allways telling story’s in retrospect to fill the Silence, the Filled with Infinite Posibility’s of apearing and disappearing Creation…Life, the No-thing , it is feeling…

        But how can you fill Infinity ? How can you forsee or even controle Infinite Posibility’s and Infinite Creation? 🙂

        I love you Ines.


        • it s quite clear that human kind have freedom. how do you contain freedom? impossible, by containing freedom, creativity is killed, by containing freedom you are not with interest in growth but with interest in control. Original Creator knew this, thus all the demigods and wannabegods should have adopted this fact. Actually I m at peace with universe on this just because of it. If God tried to contain us, he would have lost us, and gain but rebel fraction in battle to extinction (if such thing were possible) so whenever anything is entrenched, with obey signs, with surrender signs, with hierarchy all over, it is not God (not in that sense at least) and should not be puzzled about where all the resistance is coming from. God knew all that too well, that is why we are the way we are. All the concepts and veils surrounding our physical or forgotten links in regards to our spiritual, or any chem trailing gmoing, vaccination, fear porn and other crime terror and decadence can severe that link which is reestablishing itself. supply which meets demand, it is good to remember..


  2. She answered her own question of why – “until everyone is exhausted, fed up and on the verge of losing faith in the proclaimed Gods”. Who proclaimed them to be Gods? Why should anyone follow beings who make promises and then are proven wrong time after time? From my own perspective it is because we continue to hold out hope that ‘this time they will be right’, and life will get better. Like Mark Passio says, “It doesn’t work that way”.

    We have to be tired of following and start leading our own lives from our own Source. Abundance will follow naturally from exercising our own creative powers. The work is realizing what we are creating and how we are doing it. Then we can do it with ever more awareness and align it closer and closer to our inner impulses.

    I wonder if Zorra and the Hollow Earth gang will change their tune any time soon, since they also claim the title of Mother/Father God and continue to state the RV is done and is minutes away.


    • Hey Brian I too asked the same question if Anne DeHart over at Hollow Earth network made any changes, but nope, in fact she’s pushing the TNT RV any day.


    • Brian, it was 2 years ago that I personally emailed Kathryn and asked her to think about what she was doing because it was not just about her, it was about thousands of people that could get hurt, if she went down everyone else went down, but she brushed me off, she said she knew what she was doing. My first reaction this morning came from EGO, “yes, finally, I was right”but as the day progressed, my feelings changed. It’s not about Kathryn, it’s about the people she lead to slaughter by buying up mass amounts of dinars and keeping their hopes us while they were losing their homes. It’s about them. I always say if someone wants to shoot themselves in the head, LET THEM, but we must protect those that follow folks like her. I agree, she’s made a lot of money, she’s also heavily invested in dinars, one of her former followers told me that she used every single penny she had/received to buy dinar. Doesn’t sound like a very spiritual person to me, and her resignation didn’t change my mind about her, but it offered some relief knowing that her followers are finally free even though this will be tremendously hard for them, their foundation just dropped out. they have been in dire straights financially drinking the koolaid of hope for years….but they will get over it and be able to move forward now, smarter and more cautious, not trusting so fast and questioning everything from now on. Hard lessons, but I think most of us here have gone through similar experienced. I never followed anyone, ever, I’m too much of an independent thinker, and don’t like anyone telling me what to do, but also, its’ allowed me to be objective in this whole Love and Light Religion. Great comments folks…this is another sign that energies are shifting and we are on the positive timeline.


  3. comment of decrypter11-11 on

    after all delusions you placed into naive human kind from your divine sources kathy, this apparent meltdown of your will to “channel” now supposedly be taken as something “good”. it is, regardless of mental situation people you have all embracing manipulated and conditioned into new cage lies based on arguable sources, I guess you seeing it at least will roll-out out of minds of seduced.

    whats next, mike quinsey and shelly broken record needle follow in your footsteps? or anyone in decade and more long spiritual scam with active role of deepening deception doing same?

    good for you kathy. is this enough? no it is not, you need to stop collection of donations, give people their money back as cause you now admit as-well us non true, regardless is it worthy or not. also kathy, you need to expose delusion that you helped enforce, this “channeling” quit doesn’t seams enough as you portray as commanding your sources which has not resulted in fruits yet you needed so much time to grasp this, over pretty much intensifying and numerous voices openly doubt any of truthfulness within your “sources”

    so just this “I m out” as good as it sounds, is not enough, if you care anything about your spirituality you should seek to undue damage you caused with your hierarchical entities.



  4. I agree with John Smith! Give the money back Kathryn! Along with Ms. Keen. I really can’t believe someone hasn’t sued these people as you now have a confession in writing. Wishful thinking.


  5. Very powerful statement… WE are the ones WE are waiting for and there is nothing better or more divine than we are. And thanks a million! I stopped listening about a year ago to the nonsense and when I read “a Project Human Extinction: The Ultimate Conspiracy” by Chris Thomas that tied it all in a neat little packet for me. 30 years of my search came to an end. Thanks again Ines!


        • Ne osecam se glupo, a ti pokazujes svoje pravo bezobrazno lice. Dokazi da sirim dezinformacije, lako je optuziti nekoga, ali teze je postaviti neke inteligentne argumente no sigurno tvoja govna ne smrde jeli da?


            • majmune oladi malo, glupacha je tvoja keti sto ti je dala knjigu, zar ne kapiras da vise ni ona sama ne veruje u mentalne pomije kojim je uporno zasipala masu, ostavi Ines na miru, nemoj da je vredjas.

              “kad istina izadje na videlo” zar nije vec izasla?

              Vidim da po svaku cenu odrzavas program napisan ti od strane entiteta ketrin mej, cak i kad vise ni ona sama ne pije to pomije kojima vas je usrdno ulebila


                • vidis u tome razlika izmedju budnih i zaspalih, zaspalima ce vreme pokazati a probudjeni pokusavaju da ih probude jer vreme moze pokazati da je prekasno. istina nije ni sakrivena ni otkrivena vec je sakrivaju ili otkrivaju, (potrebna je akcija i za jedno i za drugo, i napor i za mrak i za svetlost) vreme ne govori nista samo oni koji su u vremenu kazu po nesto.

                  istina ce ostati sakrivena sve dok se daje paznja lazima i dok se veruje u lazi , jer je tako lakse ili pese ili komfornije ili sta god i dalje su lazi. cak i kad njihovi kreatori prestanu da veruju i da ih forsiraju nadje se poturica da zameni turcina u zulumu..

                  mozes pasivno da cekas svoje spasitelje, svoju svemirsku porodicu, svoje uspete mastere, i svoja bozanstva (ili jedno ako ciljas na neko odredjeno) ima tu materijala za svakog sanjara da ceka promenu valuta, reset, spustanja izvanzemaljaca i vandimenzionalaca a rezultat, pasivna vreca iscekivanja u bespomocnom zivotu poslusnika roba. i ona knjiga sto si je malopre svesrdno citirao isto to kaze, da se cuti trpi i ceka tu je parlament tu je crkva, vatikan a kome je to malo dobije uspete mastere, sarena hierarhija, za svakog po nesto osim za one koji nisu za bone… (oni dobiju etiketu da mrze, ili da sire dezinformacije zato sto lazi nazivaju lazima) vlast je od boga a stradanja ljudska jbg, sletece ashtar da im se NM.. ne?

                  ali tako ti je to nekad u predatorskom univerzumu hranis kera da te ujede…


                  • Da ti kazem da sam osoba slicna Jovanu iz Biblije i dacu napisati knjigu otkrovljenja opet bi bio nazvan lazovom. Biblija ja iskrivljena, nije to rec bozija. Ja sam samo zeleo znati istinu molio sam Boga za istinu I trazio sam da mi posalje Isusa. Receno je da onaj ko trazi taj i nadje…
                    Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!
                    Nemoram tebi dokazati sta znam, dokazacu sei ko Sam Ja, a i sa svetom cu da podelim Istinu o Svetlu i Ljubavi. “I posla Bog čoveka po imenu Jovan koji dođe za svedočanstvo da svedoči za svetlost da svi veruju kroz njega. On ne beše svetlost, nego da svedoči za svetlost.”


                    • “On ne beše svetlost, nego da svedoči za svetlost.”
                      znaci jovan nije bio svetlost, vec samo svedok, a svetlost je Hrist, a mi ostali publika? ili ne, mi treba da svedocimo publici, ili neki od nas, koji nisu to, a svedoce za to, onima koji isto nisu to, ali treba im svedocenje? vidis nekad je takva prica mogla da prodje kod mene, kad sam bio mlad i glup, pa nisam kapirao sta su podele, sta je hierarhija i koju namenu imaju price i igrice “iscekivanja”

                      Vidis ti si molio Boga, mozda i na kolenima, ponizno, kako su te vec naucili, mozda na neki svoj nacin, i dalje verovatno ponizno, jer ti vidis Boga kao nesto van sebe, nesto drugo, van svog identiteta, neki entitet koji ti trebas da umolis…

                      moj Bog nije takav. takvog su probali da mi ga predstave. I kad sam shvatio u cemu je stos, eto od tad se pitam kako to svi ne shvataju. kako ne vidi recimo ketrin mej da se bruka ko mesni politicar pljackajuci fond nekog decjeg vrtica, dok radi to sto radi, i na kraju, i na srecu, pukla je i ona, ne na moju srecu, na njenu srecu jer ocigledno nije potpuno pogubljena, osim ako je i ovo gluma za novi con artist projekt, meni se ne silji bas mnogo za to, niti za angdotu sta daje otac detetu, otac sam i normalno dajem sve sto mogu najbolje za svoje dete, ali ne vidim da svaki otac/ocuh/staratelj to cini. ne kazem da Tvorac nije dobar roditelj, ali anegdota roditeljstva je krsh i ne znaci sama po sebi nista, pogotovo jer je diskustabilno sta neka bozija deca prodju kroz zivot pa i od svojih roditelja.

                      ali ti si trazio od Boga istinu, i da ti posalje na raport Isusa. vidis ja nisam, ja celog zivota pokusavam da shvatim ko sam, i posto upornost ne resava sve ali moze da preveze dug put, prilicno kockica se vec slozilo, zato sto vise vi nju kejdzeri trcite okolo ko kokoske bez glave meni je tajmlajn sve vec sinhronizacija. sto se vise gube politicari, institucije, ljudi zakljucani u survival, pasivno iscekivanje i poslusnicko ropstvo, meni je sve vise jasno kako dan za danom to puca, kako nema svega toga sto su im razni mentori vodje i poglavari obecavali i kako eto ostaje da se adaptiraju na istinu takvu kakva jeste a ne na naucenu obojenu laz.

                      na kraju svetlo i ljubav si lepo demonstrirao svojim komentarima Ines i tu nemam sta da dodam, lepo se vidi i svetlo i ljubav.

                      i ma koliko bi zeleo da vam se smejem ko budalama izborom tj svojevoljnim budalama sto jeste svi vi letargicni stovaoci nju ejdz kulta, nesto mi ne da, pa mi i zao, te vam zato bodem oci, ne bi li ih otvorili…


                    • To sto sam napisao Ines sam napisao iz ljutnje, to je bio moj Ego kojega ocu da se resim zauvek. Kraljevstvo nebesko je u tebi, u tvom srcu. Bog nije van tebe, ti jesi Bog. Mi jesmo jedno. Potrudi se da zasnas ko si, i naces to kraljevstvo, bices svestan da si sin onoga najvisljega. Ona svest koja ce na kraju ostati sama – to JA JESAM.


  6. I had been wondering how long Kathryn May could continue with this charade. She may once have been a clinical psychologist, but she has clearly never applied what she should have learned about delusions to herself. As usual with New Age claptrap, any criticisms are dismissed as “low vibration” negativity.

    She has also been complicit in promoting the convicted fraudster Tony Renfrow – “TNT Tony” – (and awaiting trial on further charges) as “validated” by the “Company of Heaven”.

    She did demur at the promotion of Laminine and Soul, but now promotes just as dubious alt-med such as “miracle Mineral Solution” and “Nano Silver”.

    She and her like repeatedly claim that “rationality” is over-rated and has been over used, but his sort of turnaround shows the folly of relying on “intuition”, “resonance” as a substitute.

    You can, with a high degree of confidence, dismiss virtually any factual claim by her or her followers on her Facebook group page as being the opposite of the truth.

    Of course, her followers just lap it all up.


    • Thank you for your comments. Kathryn was the first person I did an expose on last year and TNT tony aka Anthony Renfrew so I am very familiar with that whole poo poo goo roo scene. the truth comes sooner or later, and that’s what is important. Sure it’s hurt a lot of people but they all made choices.


  7. Thank you Dr. Kathryn May for standing in integrity in this situation. I am grateful for ALL of the messages you painstakingly channeled. On many levels these communications took us to a place of envisioning ourselves as we had not seen ourselves before. This is good. This is necessary. We are now being asked to go to this place of envisioning without the prompting from external sources. To know that each one of us as children of God, are deserving of God’s richest Blessings. As conscious recipients of the abundance of Heaven & Earth … we are to generously share these blessings with those who are devoid of confidence or worthiness in themselves… to realize even enough in the way of blessings to sustain their daily lives. It is those who are perpetrating the Wars, deceptions, lies and theft on a grand scale – of the property of others… who disbelieve so profoundly in their own God-given heritage… that they are impelled to stoop to hateful actions against their fellow man. We must recognize we are ONE Civilization on this Globe. We must Heal our total selves. We must all continue to unite in our strength, our conviction and our focus to bring down the blessings of Heaven on one and all while at the same time… providing necessary restraints and support to those who possess such doubts about their own entitlement to the blessings of Heaven, that they must commit the vilest crimes against their fellow man. In this exercise we have displayed our visualizations for the future. We must acknowledge that we have fallen short in our ability to be all-encompassing… otherwise we would not be faced with this continual dilemma. The thing that we are wishing and hoping for, MONEY is in fact a “No Thing”. Money is just a token… a token of activity taking place. What should or could take place that many tokens would be circulating in society so that no one was without??? Now we are talking about feelings, generosity, the activation of acknowledgement that we all already have all the resources to solve the present problems…. we just have to look at ourselves… and our gifts… and our creativity and willingness to work with others… to solve the problems of today. So I thank you Dr. Kathryn May for your essential part in leading us this far along the way and I am thankful to those invisible levels who have shared these communications through you.. with us. We are all just a bit farther along the path…. than when all this was begun…. so THANK YOU!


    • Thank you for your comment, I don’t moderate anyone but this is not the place to thank kathryn, hopefully you found her facebook page and home page where you can thank her for that. I have nothing to thank her for, I’m calling her out for what she is a fraud. We can figure it all out without her doing what she does, obviously you don’t know the whole story about this woman, but I thank you for your contribution and you have a right to voice your thoughts here. I used to think like you, that was part of the New Cage clap trap, you know, love and light…and love everyone even when they are performing evil deeds and THAT is the reason we are in trouble. The Cabal is not doing anything we don’t allow them to do, it is us making bad choices such as trusting people like Kathryn to lead them blindly into a brick wall while emptying their pockets at the same time.
      This is not about creativity, this about begging for donations, a dishonor to humanity that a woman with a degree needs to depend on others for her survival. So you can preach all the love and light you love to preach, but the truth is: Nothing good came out of her actions, if you think it did, you’re just as delusional as she is. I’m certain you will be offended by my comments to you, and I apologize for that in advance, but I don’t play the “gentle”game anymore, I call it out for what it is. Bullshit!


    • thanks for your comment Sahib I appreciate it, but this is not kathryn’s blog so not sure why you are referring to it as if it is. If she was awake she would have felt their presence 2 years ago. I was warning her 2 years ago that the entities contacting her were not of the light.
      don’t you feel stupid when someone called father god is teaching you how to eat and what supplements to take? I don’t need a god to teach me that, I just type in “nutrition”in google.
      Enough of this excusing people, they did use Kathryn, but she knew this all along, she was more concerned about complimenting a MLM fraudster and con artist awaiting for a new court date TNT Tony…you trust these people? Sahib, you have a right to your own thoughts and opinion and I thank you for that, but I don’t have to agree with you.


      • dunno if you were following timeline apparently kathy may I e. discredited herself on her own. well not like discredited but anyhow she shows doubt in her own never coming to pass predictions of all encompassing glory in heaven shared with stalin hitler mao and other psychopatic creatures. heck, love light and forgiveness stuff, whats what working with light is all about, no?

        this “old dark cabal witch” have done service to human kind by exposing networks of lalaland propaganda speakers and their minions and you dear “lightworker” if that is what you do (work with light) know no shit about “dark cabal” but are parrot-ing as delivered to you from your AM channels


        • Blessed are you when men hate you, and ostracize you, and insult you, and scorn your name as evil, for the sake of the Son of Man. Be glad in that day and leap for joy, for behold, your reward is great in heaven. For in the same way their fathers used to treat the prophets.Luke 6:22


          • you can narrate whole damn corrupted crap contains book all you like, of course there are some truths within it, there are some truth in coca cola ingredients label as well… anyhow I do not hate you, so fuck it, you are not blessed then? I do not hate Kathryn either , wonder why? because when I was hating I was plotting and when I was plotting and had to remain honest with myself it was always too bloody scenario script and decided not to get so dirty, so hate was out of question because it is not constructive if one does not pursue into revenge mode, not that there isn’t what to revenge it s just that I chosen different path. so hate not but be transparent and real, lalaland induced followers and their leaders happy and swallowing all then channeled mental poisons and spirit entrapping material in delusion with conditioning need record straight at-least in honest words I buy not into such crap, and your rewards in heaven, good luck with it, you aren’t protecting Christ from me, nor there is hate for this verse to be well put, but I guess your book giver can be counted as such she claimed relation with Christ which meanwhile changed name into Sambalambadananda but you still lack hate for it, damn.

            p.s. go support Kathy she must be feeling awful these days. I have read the script so no point in citations..


              • good luck with train games sir (following) I follow noone, we share we communicate but we all have our own path and perhaps same beginning and same destination but certainly different ways of getting there and if so. you see there is lack of your understanding of eternal, that is why you call it in so boldly, one get pissed of own self during such elongation of time, so at times forget in order to remember, aside from growing can be out of boring too. and to invest it all in order to follow lying old lady and fictional character based on energy signature of unclear origin came from bid of previously mentioned lady seams like reckless act to me, but hey it s your path freely and willingly…

                If I had to follow anyone in order to exist temporarily or eternally I would probably not exist if such thing was possible.. but that is why hierarchy was invented because not everyone are so sucking at follow up game like me, so are so good at it that will follow blind even when he admits he cant see…


                  • This Sananda entity has made some incredible statements trough poor Kathy, which never came to pass. was it same Sananda as this Sananda of Kathryn? Why do you believe them anything? Because of fancy term “Akashic Record Consultation” done to you by third medium person, I suppose? Perhaps you paid or even donated such service? if answer to these are yes, it seams to gullible for me, you would not even survive in my country which such mental state… Also please take note that I have absolutely nothing against Christ whether story is true or fake which I do not know I can’t claim nor provide evidence too, actually I can provide more references that story is seriously compromised and then again I can believe in symbol of it, however out of context from these people placing claim on Christ bandwagon for various reasons of life and aftermath. And then however I can recognize powers that wanted to be tempering it in the east west and in the middle, and it s still more convincing regardless or borrowed days for different Messiahs based on winter solstice…

                    Long story short dear, all that has still somewhat more plausability then modern day Sananda invented for new cage folks, with place where He (changed name not yet gender) will wipe all your tears and keep you tight in their knees from left and right side respectfully…

                    what a mojo…

                    in the end just one advice for you (free of charge of course) once you will have choice, a very important one, to betray your movement and your time and all your previous actions or to betray your own self, chose wisely…


                    • I won’t waste any time proving anything to you. You’ll find out the Truth for yourself if you are destined to do so. Wish you all the best from deepest place in my heart, namaste


              • The Prosperity Funds are about to begin pouring forth for all Earth’s people. You, your family and friends will be free at last to enjoy our Earthly Paradise.
                Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, November 16, 2013, Sedona, AZ, U.S.A

                Well, that was a year ago and I don’t think you will find many who would say it is anywhere near coming true, rather, many would say the earth is darker than one year ago and prosperity is still a dream for most.


      • Why call yourself ” Light worker” ?

        Who and what are you really?
        You cannot even use your given name.

        Your words and intentions hold nothing but fear and negative frequency.
        Take that and shove it up your rear end where your brain is steeped in shit
        And go away


  8. For all you folks thanking kathryn, why don’t you thank all the people that believed her, sent donations and bought worthless dinars? How come you don’t mention them when you’re thanking her? Why do you love and light new cage people always avoid the negative and not confront it for what it is, why do you ignore the pain and suffering caused by Kathryn? Can any of you answer that for me? I would really like to know who is protecting those that believed in her and got hurt?


    • WOW!!!
      I can not believe some of the comments I am reading here.
      Thanking May for being a con artist pretty much takes the cake.
      Calling Ines a cabal witch??? Now this is just insane. What part of the fact that May discredited herself do you not get? Never mind… it was a rhetorical question of which I am sure you could not ever possibly answer.
      I banned any posts by this fraudulent con artist a long time ago on my site. I am actually surprised it took her this long to knock down her house of cards. I have been asking myself why would a successful doctor with a thriving practice walk away from this and pander for donations saying she was talking for god?? I guess the answer is she makes MORE from the commissions she receives from her product pitching and dinar pumping. I guess the donations she receives must be a nice chunk of change too!!
      I hear that she is well invested in the dinar. So I have a suggestion for her. Sell back what you hold and give back to those that you ripped off or put in a bad life situation by their mindless following of you. Maybe then you might be able to undo some of the damage you have caused to those that blindly trusted you.


  9. Kathryn has send me her book Who Needs Light for free, she paid the shipment herself, from her pocket 🙂 because I asked her 🙂 She is wonderful woman, Ines doesn’t know her, neither she can recognize the truth with her toxic ego.


  10. Hello Ines

    How odd it is to observe the ‘ fall out’ on the Katherine ‘story’
    Almost like one of those real life stories on true movie channel. Poignant, touching, weak and pitiful with run of the mill acting.

    Hers is not the first channeller breakdown/ breakthrough, and most likely, won’t be the last.
    I’ve lost count of the names of those who came and went into re-hash before.

    As I’m sure many of us following the unfolding ascension Energetics on the internet must have observed before, over the years.
    Ive come to understand this as being part of the process, albeit a not without its down side part.
    The people trading for and against arguments, the aftermath, what’s even the point/ focus in that?
    I know we’ve been programmed into that type of behaviour, we kinda got used to having a rant, and it has its place/ serves a purpose. I’ll accept that.

    And for the more seasoned observers , the forerunners, who have been on and observing the ascension process for many, many years now, at an advantage by having all these channellers document everything they’ve ever channelled, as proof to tell it like it is/ it was and as it happened/ written down. There is no hiding place for/ amongst all that the channelers have shared out there. Predictions etc.
    We should all be ecstatic that we are at this vantage point now, and so should the other’s who can learn and benefit from and of years of sifting through what’s a gem of information coming through, or not, and throwing out/ transmuting all that was/ is dis info/ or just plain wrong/ or the channellers fantasy/ ego.
    I’m just repeating what’s been said many times by you and other’s already

    If we understand that the input we give to/ at the unfolding process on the internet, and in each of our lives, we know how it serves in creating very powerful motivation into reality.

    My message to those who don’t like the fact that there are people in this world with a highly tuned intuitive band frequency of radiance or basically / in plain words knows truth is Tough Titty my friends. Deal with IT. And if you can’t, then look inside your self to understand why not.
    My message to those who understand what the purpose of this, and other truths/ progression has/is about is thank you for all that you’ve enabled, are holding together/ up and are Being, cos it’s been a long tough and intense haul.
    To say the least.


  11. Folks, is pointless to blame each other. All meant well. Many of us have been deceived by negative energy and it can happen to anyone. Just learn to forgive May, if you have been hurt by her being deceived (by her channeling the wrong source info).


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