Santos Bonacci is On the Run After Failing to Pay Fines

Santos Bonacci is On the Run After Failing to Pay Fines

A freeman on the run. Although I do respect his way of life and principles, I think that people like him that are public figures and teach others should be an example for us don’t you think?  Since I only found this a few minutes ago, have not done enough research for the whole story, but if anyone knows what is going on, would love for you to comment here.
I wholeheartedly support this movement, but it’s not possible to win in the matrix and even more foolish to bring attention to ourselves as most countries now have black lists of “anarchists” and they will come for them one day. Going against the system especially at this crucial time is not a very smart thing to do, especially if you’re doing it alone, you’re helpless. I hate seeing people fall from grace as I really liked what Santos had to offer in terms of knowledge. Hope he works it out.


5 thoughts on “Santos Bonacci is On the Run After Failing to Pay Fines

  1. There are ways to buck the matrix system. For example the right to travel that these folks purport actually can be used and will be accepted if an “unlicensed driver” is stopped. First of all you HAVE to file the right to travel doc with your local circuit court. Then and only then is it accepted. I am such a person and I have given my document to a retired Chief of Police that I am friends with. He looked at the doc, his eyes grew large and he then asked me where I got it from. He was surprised that I had it to begin with though he knows of my work and how I am when it comes to getting around such pesky things such as home foreclosure, credit card default, etc. He asked if he could study the doc and I said sure. When he came back I asked him “Well does this have teeth?” His reply was it has FANGS!! When I asked him if I was stopped for a traffic offense and handed the officer this doc how would that go? He said I would have to be let go. That if it is filed at the court house it is a legal document that does in fact insure my right to travel. So there are ways to win against the system.
    The guy that did this video and the Kate exposed video, though well meaning, is not clear on the power that we ALL have. BUT… we have to play the game and have these powers enacted by the very court system that we are challenging.
    Now I can not speak to the Australian courts as in Santos case, or the Canadian courts as in Kate’s case, but I do know how it works here in the US. I have been schooled by some pretty smart folks that have made it their life’s work to get this info out.
    So DO NOT GIVE UP people! There are indeed ways to exit the matrix and play them at their own game.


    • Thanks for that Purps, it’s also the method you use? perhaps not being so in your face and anarchistic might help you get further? Not sure, I have been in Croatia for 10 years now, but I know the forces are strong and they will sooner arrest you than let anyone in the court hear what you know and have rights to. If we are going to be examples/leaders for this movement, we need to do it without getting too much attention, but hey, glad you figured it out sister.


      • If your document is filed with the court they have no cause. Now if the person stopped was blasted drunk, or whatever you would be arrested but the charges against you would not include driving without a license nor would they be able to revoke your right to travel doc. I have been license less since 1993. I am blessed to have some very well versed people guiding me through the many legal dilemmas that life can sometimes bring.
        And you have it right! Sometimes less is best! Santos had a small amount of fines. He did blow through tolls I believe or some other minor violation. I am not remembering the exact charges. I get his stand against paying this and I get his protest that was well followed. But to what cost? How does being on the run and having to look over your shoulder serve the higher purpose of getting over on these jokers that run the system. Seems to me he played right into their hands. He could have paid the fines then launched a counter suit. He would have had more camera time and would have served the movement in a better light. Of course this is just my opinion.


  2. Santos Bonacci survived his last issue and was successful against the system last time. I wish him all success necessary to get out of this dilemma. He is a very intelligent guy and knows how to defend himself. Nonetheless i’m with him in mind.

    By the way Ines, someone that also was and is on the run is Greg Hallett ! Remember his offensive against the british monarchy ? He was called dead last time but here is another sign from him :

    I guess this hint is worth an extra topic ! If you listen to this new interview you will be very surprised.. to say the least 😉


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