Taxes Are Not The Worse Thing That Can Happen To You, It’s Religion You Dumb Ass

A Saturday Rant: I  left this link for you instead of moving all the text here because it’s easier for both of us. One of my readers made a comment on my post titled “DO AS YOU SAY, PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH, he mentioned that Ken (the link above) has also been going through some spiritual shifting as his focus moved over to exposing the false light gurus: “Lately, I’ve been so busy pushing back against fraudsters and propaganda that I haven’t had time to engage in my first love: spiritual writing.” Hey Ken, if you read this post, you’re not alone.

It seems that Ken and I have been having the same thoughts lately, although his motives are different and reasons for starting the blog. Honestly, I wasn’t sure where the blog would take me, after writing 2 books that are waiting to be published in Croatia because of the controversy, I decided to express my thoughts on a blog, even if that meant nobody reading it, it really wasn’t important. I needed an outlet to express what I was feeling and how I see the world that we live in currently. To my surprise, the blog attracted readers and it slowly evolved into uncovering the false paradigm, the false light teachers and gurus, the fake religion of New Age Movement.

Living in Croatia has offered me so much, mostly a free lifestyle, free of debt, free of chemicals (at least so far), freedom from tight government grips, healthier lifestyle and being able to live in the country with all the modern amenities, but there is one need that I can’t or have not yet been able to fulfill and that is meeting people that are NOT part of the religious paradigm, if they are, they are not making it known. I miss the real interaction of humans, the ones where I can sit with and share back and forth, without having to type it out. By the time we place our fingers on the keyboard and prepare to type, our thoughts are already fragmented because we are using parts of the concentration to do other things.  Sitting with like minded people, seeing eye to eye, touching their hand when the topic is sensitive or there is a conversation happening with pain and suffering involved. We can instantly touch and hug, offer the “real” physical comfort rather than having to type it out here in this virtual reality.

I miss the touch, the hugs, the deep intense eye contact where they say we can access their soul if we look deep enough into the eyes. It’s difficult to have that kind of real human interaction. Although a few people have contacted me across Croatia for a meeting, it’s a long distance relationship where you don’t see them often enough, again, it’s maybe a meeting a year and the rest is followed through via emails.

Even after 10 years of living here in Croatia, I am still struggling to stay quiet when I come across my people needlessly suffering because their religion teaches them that suffering is part of life, that Jesus suffered and died for their sins, therefore, they must suffer and feel privileged to have that experience. Sure, the mind can accept it because someone said it must be so, but the body over the years breaks down, this is one of the side effects of accepting bullshit dogma about suffering.

The Mediterranean diet has been listed as the most healthiest in the world. When I first arrived here, I could not understand how come so many are sick yet they are eating so healthy. It took a few years to fit the pieces together, but it sure has nothing to do with Genetics or bad genes. Dr. Bruce Lipton discovered that we are not victims of our genes, rather, we activate the genes by our thoughts. The environment will change the gene and it will adapt to it’s environment, we activate the genes by believing we ARE victims of them. Maybe there is some truth in that, that contributes to the sickness, maybe even the DU weapons dropped on Serbia by our saviors NATO also has some contribution toward it, but I am pretty sure that the Catholic Religion and it’s dogma has the most to do with people being sick, dying young and high cancer rates.

In case you don’t know what the Mediterranean diet consists of: Olive oil, olives, fresh grapes, fresh figs, lots of seafood, natural based wines without any sulfur or chemicals, this is just at the top of my head, I can add to that clean air as the winds basically move everything on shore/continental, we are still fortunate to be untouched by chemicals  in the soil, in fact, I still dig up some shells as I dig parts of the yard up, this island like everything on it came out of the ocean millions of years ago.

So back to my thought process of suffering because of the religious dogma and many people being sick here.  To me, someone who was never indoctrinated into any religion, my mother was a Catholic but she never pushed anything on me and besides, I ran away from home at the age of 16, there was no time to indoctrinate me, they were too busy beating me up, so really I have no preference or aversion to any religion, but it baffles me that someone goes to church every Sunday and other religious holidays, prays on a wood bench, puts up with the burning stench, repeats prayers ad nauseum, yet they suffer tremendously in their lives and with their bodies. Nothing good ever comes from their religion. They feel worthless, they feel powerless and helpless  and when the doctor diagnoses them with a health problem they claim that God wanted it that way. Whenever something bad happens in their lives , God wanted it that way. When and if something good happens in their lives, they thank God for it.

I can’t imagine waking up each morning and feeling helpless. I can’t imagine depending on another force or entity for my well being, but it probably would be easy to blame God for all my health problems that way I don’t have to take responsibility for myself.

So the diet has no effect, despite the fact that my people on this island live as natural as you can get. We have our own olive oil press, we make our own wines from our home grown grapes/vineyards. We catch our own fish or buy it from local fishermen, we eat fish at least twice a week, we grow our own vegetables and fruits, our lifestyle is laid back, no rushing anywhere and most important of all, families don’t break up or separate, they are together. People will mostly give up better job opportunities to stay home with the family, so above all else, there is a unified family that sticks together and takes care of the children while the parents are working. You can’t get healthier than that, you can’t have a better lifestyle than that; so why are people so sick?

What is left is mental attitude, the soul suffering and fear vibration and lack of water (severe dehydration). These are the 4 most destructive factors in the question of health and longevity. Living in fear of sin, giving all your power away to a God that is vengeful and hurtful, that is a hypocrite and that scares the shit out of you and that vibration keeps you in a low frequency and does not allow the body to heal itself and dehydration which does not allow the frequency to go up even if it could because it needs water. It just shocks the hell out of me when a 77 year old woman does not know she needs to drink water, that she has lived in that body for 77 years and has no clue that water is life force.

I understand the older people and why they don’t drink water. Before water was brought to the island via pipelines, the only source was rain collected in wells. 50 years ago, the climate in Mediterranean was very arid, there was no rainfall from May to October on the average with maybe a day or two of rain in between but not enough to soak the ground enough to provide the trees any benefit. People were in constant fear they would not have enough water for their survival so they rationed and only drank water when they needed. I suppose this mentality or way of life was passed on and of course the parents of these parents didn’t promote drinking water because their parents didn’t either.

Today we have no reason to fear lack of water, some families still have wells and collect rain water for agriculture, but everyone has water delivered to the house now, there is no need to save it or fear lack of.

I have spent the last 10 years asking questions, investigating how people eat, drink and live.  It’s now become obvious that the Catholic Religion has been and still is the most destructive force in this country. I can’t speak for other countries, but I assume any country that is dominated by the Roman Catholic church has the same issues.

I see this everyday as clients come for therapy. Once they get up from the table and I tell them they will be just fine, their answer is: “If God wills it”. I don’t let them get away with it anymore and speak up. They then tell me it’s just a habit, but I teach them that the brain does not know the different between habit and joke, it will act on what it is told, so they need to watch what they think as well. It’s not easy breaking the habit of years of programming, in fact, that would be the key issue in terms of changing their belief system. Their thoughts are so deeply ingrained that that process in itself, the process of reprogramming how the mind works and certain auto pilot thoughts that need to be changed will be the most challenging.
The Catholic religion is the most destructive force in this country. No clean water, no healthy diet, no healthy and organic food, no loving family and close family can repair the damage it has done to humans.

I have wracked my brain trying to find a way to help, one on one is not effective and it takes too long, so when the opportunity came to participate in the Documentary film about sexual abuse, I knew it was finally delivered, the Universe finally gave me what I believed would happen, the means to speak to thousands of people at once. It won’t be done through the film, but the film will allow me to book some speaking engagements where I can first start talking about Sexual Abuse and move into other subjects.

I have to start somewhere, credibility in Croatia is a big deal, doesn’t matter you have been a public speaker for 30 years, if you don’t have a diploma of some sorts then you’re not an expert, but that is another post for another time.

You know, I have 60 or so friends on Facebook. Half are Croatian and half are English. None of them on either side read this blog, yet none have ever commented on anything I write, if they did, it was done without me knowing, it’s the standing in front of truth stark naked they can’t handle. I stand naked in front of truth and have no problem with it. It is not the religion I have issues with, it’s the side effects and damage that I have issues with, yet no Catholic wants to talk about it, they don’t know any other way so it’s easier to just accept the status quo then change anything, they don’t connect their health issues with their religion yet they blame God for it. Aren’t they the same? Not to them, even though they blame God when they get sick, they don’t see it as their problem. They don’t want to see that by giving their power away to their God, they have no say so over their lives and therefore, the body basically breaks down, it’s not God that broke it down, God has nothing to do with their bodies, but blame is what they are taught in their sick religion. After all, didn’t Jesus die for their sins? I mean come on, aside from making them feel like shit, they need to toss in the guilt trip as well.

It’s not easy living with this everyday, but my friends and clients have learned to not touch the subject anymore because they know I will continue. I never bring up subject because I don’t want to instigate anything, but if they bring it up first or mention God in their conversations then I do pitch in and say what I need to say. I am not putting down their religion, I am simply trying to teach them to take their power back, they can go believing that they will go to heaven or hell, but if they can just take responsibility for everything that happens to them, they won’t feel so helpless or powerless. I know that feeling, it doesn’t come from believing in this God of theirs, it comes from being abused for 16 years and not being able to do anything, I know that feeling really good and had I not left the house, I think that I would be dead today. Statistically a run away, homeless, sex trade, prostitution, drugs or alcohol. This is what happens to kids that are abused, and sexually abused. It’s called the Religion of beating you down until you surrender to my authority.

Life is good. I love you all.


12 thoughts on “Taxes Are Not The Worse Thing That Can Happen To You, It’s Religion You Dumb Ass

  1. Here’s one more clue Ines, are you going to miss this one too?

    “One of my readers made a comment on my post titled “DO AS YOU SAY, PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH, he mentioned that Ken (the link above) has also been going through some spiritual shifting as his focus moved over to exposing the false light gurus: “Lately, I’ve been so busy pushing back against fraudsters and propaganda that I haven’t had time to engage in my first love: spiritual writing.” ”

    Ines has been so busy with her nose all up in everyone else’s busyness she doesn’t work on herself. She’s so busy “exposing” everyone else’s dark, that she never looks at her own darkness. Is Ken having that same problem too? Both keeping themselves very distracted with other people’s creations that they never bother to look at their own?


    • Tell me John, what am I missing since I seem to be? You seem to know me better than I do, so I am curious what it is about me you feel I am missing?


  2. Ines exposes the lies and even tolerates the trollfaces that appear now and again … offering a fair discussion … I admire her dark side which is holistically balanced with her light side … that is why she is a healer, has an acute eye, tactful communication and enchanting humour … a healthy organic mix that can open doors for those that are downtrodden by abusers. A truthful, fearless, friend indeed for friends in need. Perfect for a quiet chat with a cup of tea.


  3. I think that John’s comment is inappropriate…you could argue he is doing the same thing he suspects you and Ken of. Perhaps I am misinterpreting his comment.
    To be human is to be perfectly im-perfect. I don’t think you or Ken ever suggested that the two of you were higher, or better, or different even than anyone else. Writing about the fake internet spiritual teachers and their shortcomings does not mean you put yourself above them. We’re all the same, just at different levels maybe, different motivations, different lessons to learn? The biggest obstacle I face when I try to help people expand their awareness is they imply that I think I am somehow above them. I get that, I understand why people think that. I say something like ‘my awareness is bigger than yours’, and it is, but I don’t mean it in a way that I am smarter or better, I’m just more aware. It comes across as a turn off for people that don’t get it yet. As much as I have to change my approach, I also recognize it’s the ego. People have been conditioned to think they are smart, and obviously an entire population would not be taken for a fool, right? LOL – we have though, and people’s ego prevents them from admitting it. When you get to the arena that we play in, the players have already demonstrated an ability to fight through at least some deception. The ego can go either way, reinforcing that more deception is likely, or that I’ve already fought through deception and this new fake reality is true.
    In a lot of ways, knowing what you/we know is a blessing and it offers freedom in ways that other people can’t imagine (think no hamster wheel), but it is as much a burden as well because for all intent and purposes, we’re broken humans, we can’t be happy living the ‘normal’ way of life, constantly chasing something that does not exist – it just does not fit what we believe.
    Thank you Ines for providing the space for me to post this.
    Thanks for mentioning me in your post too!


    • Mike, I cant’do anything about people like John, they are what they are. I remember years ago I read somewhere something like this: “We can’t change people or circumstances, but we can change the way we perceive them or respond to them”. I can’t change John and his unfair assessment of me, it’s in his head not mine, I don’t own it and I don’t react to it, that is what he wants, he’s fishing for an argument and he wont’get one from me. And Mike, I really enjoy all of your comments and thoughts, I learn a lot from all of you.


  4. You said : “…but there is one need that I can’t or have not yet been able to fulfill and that is meeting people that are NOT part of the religious paradigm, if they are, they are not making it known.”

    This is really true Ines ! The religious paradigm is the hardest “nut to crack” to be free from brainwashing and walking all your life around on invisible “strings” that remote control you…
    They manipulated our whole believe system so intensely with those “heavenly figures”, that we couldn’t see the wood anymore because of too much trees 😉
    When you listen to “Yellow Rose” and her latest information about those figureheads of the dark side (that change their names and “calling cards” seemingly by the day throughout history) and find out what they did to us under the cloak of “religion” you become speechless for a while.
    All those crimes in the name of a “Christ” that man did to his fellow people here on earth (not to mention all of the crimes that the church and the vatican did and are still doing) are so obviously documented – but it is so hard to argue with that because i is like a dogma that could not be touched !


    • Yes Spock, I did study Gnosticism and the Gnostic Texts, I’m a great fan of John Lamb Lash and so I am familiar with the atrocities committed by the church to convert people into their dogma, look at us, we are killing each other in the name of God, exactly what their Yehovah wanted! By us killing each other they don’t have to do all the work, we’re doing just fine ourselves. I live in the epicenter of Roman Catholic thinking and dogma, despite being here for 10 years, I am still shocked that some people still believe they are just a rotten body that decomposes after death. They spend more money on flowers and graves than they do on education for their children, it’s disgusting.


  5. When I’ve read your blog I came across this…there is an connection between objective hardship, such as forinstance (fear of) lack of water and changes in genes related to immune function Imagine all that woman that are pregnant and have to endure an dissaster including the objective hardship…

    Also this came to mind 🙂 Thinking or talking yourself/others ill : the nocebo effect


    • I believe it’s part of the new science of Epigenetics. If you have not, I would suggest you look up Dr.Bruce Lipton! I like him the best because he has a simple way of describing things for the lay person to understand.


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