“Go forth and be the ‘Champion of Christianity,’ Vlad”…

The flow of information has become a bit overwhelming lately, so I had to sit back and wait for a nudge to decide what to address next. That nudge came from Benjamin Fulford’s latest article, which contained this passage…

“Another interesting thing these sources had to say was that the Chinese government was thinking of starting up a state religion combining elements of Christianity, Confucianism and Mohism. The aim was to improve moral standards in China and strengthen social unity, they said.”

A Christian “state religion” for China, eh? In Russia too, Vladimir Putin has been championing the return of Christianity. According to numerous sources, he has vowed to defend Christianity worldwide and has “called for the Church to play a larger role in citizens’ social lives, better religion classes in schools, and television programs emphasizing religious values.” And who else just so happens to champion “Jesus” and his bloodline? Yep, the Dragons/Illuminati, who present the Jesus figure as coming from their Family.

In an interesting coincidence, another thing Putin helped reintroduce to Russia
is the Dragons’ double-headed eagle symbol…

…(originally displayed in this Reuters article).

Needless to say, this is not the first time the Occulted Powers have instituted a state religion. The Roman Catholic (“catholic” means “universal”) Church arose from such an effort back in the days of the Roman Empire

“The state church of the Roman Empire was established on 27 February 380 with the Edict of Thessalonica, when Emperor Theodosius I made Nicene Christianity the Empire’s sole authorized religion. Unlike Constantine I, who with the Edict of Milan of 313 had established tolerance for Christianity without placing it above other religions and whose involvement in matters of the Christian faith extended to convoking councils of bishops who were to determine doctrine and to presiding at their meetings, but not to determining doctrine himself, Theodosius established a single Christian doctrine, which he specified as that professed by Pope Damasus I of Rome and Pope Peter II of Alexandria, as the state’s official religion.”

Upon establishing this new state religion, a long process ensued by which Christian doctrine was gradually cobbled together and aspects of “pagan” religions were incorporated to draw their adherents into the “big tent” of the Church. In the same way, the rumored new Chinese state religion will blend-in elements of traditional Chinese spirituality (Confucianism and Mohism) to get them into the Christian tent. But the overall plan goes far beyond China.

Many are aware of the Occulted Powers’ intention to create a “New World Religion” (in essence, a Global Universal Church), and it’s looking like that religion will be based on New Age channeled material, will draw in people from the various religions by offering their figureheads as “spiritual masters” within the new paradigm (“Master Jesus,” “Master Mohammed,” “Master Buddha,” “Master Confucius,” and so on), and will be centered on a deity called “mother/father god.” So who is this mother/father god (MFG)? According to Chapter 3 of “The New Scriptures of Jesus/Sananda” presented by the self-proclaimed “Official Voice of Mother/Father God,” Kathryn May…

“3. There is One Prime Creator, the One we refer to as The Father of Creation. He does not require that anyone worship him/her. He is the Creator of all Creators, the God’s God, as you might say. He is One, and he is not male or female.

4. Prime Creator is the beginning and the Source of all. He created me, and he created the one you also refer to as your personal God, the Mother/Father God who are the Creators of the Milky Way Galaxy. They are One, and they are both male and female.

5. Mother/Father God have been known by many names: Yahway, Jehova, Allah, Shiva, Alcyone, Mother Sekhmet, Zorra and Saraya to name a few. Notice that most of these names are male. This will change, to reflect the truth of their equality.”

So MFG is actually Yahweh/Jehova (the old god of the Roman state religion)
with a new look and a new attitude…

…You go, girl!

The fact that MFG = Yahweh/Jehova is further confirmed by another mother/father god evangelist, Sheldan Nidle. In the FAQ section of his PAO website, Sheldan offers this definition…

“Mother/Father God: Supreme Creative Force or Supreme Light of Creation. Consists of three immortal and powerful creative aspects, of which only two — Lord Siraya and Lord Kuwaya — have been revealed. God’s purpose is to unfold Creation according to Divine Plan.”

So Sheldan equated MFG with Source at the time he wrote this definition, but there is little doubt whom he’s really talking about. In his updates (such as this one), you’ll often find the “ascended masters” saying “Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” And the word “hallelujah” literally means “praise Yah” (Yahweh/Jehova).

Seeing the variation in MFG definitions from one spiritual propagandist to another makes me wonder if they are beta-testing them to see which version the public likes best. In fact, I’ve been watching James Gilliland changing his definitions of the Anunnaki in real time. He now states that they were never really bad guys, apparently because the “they have evolved in the last 450,000 years and are now better” line wasn’t working.

Getting to the core of this new channeled theology, though, we are told that Source created MFG (our “personal god”) and MFG created us. This implies that the only path you and I have back to Source is through this god. So, again, we are having someone place him/her self between us and Source. This is the standard practice of these parasitic beings: they maneuver themselves between us and what we need/want, then they demand a price to let us pass. They are a pack of toll-taking trolls. But let’s get back to the structure of our connection to Source….

Under their old model, we were presented with Yahweh/Jehova as the “one true god” and the “creator of everything,” and the Church and its priesthood stood between him and us and took a toll…

…They made no mention of the true nature of Source Consciousness, effectively cutting us off from our higher aspects (through our self-fulfilling acceptance of their definitions).

Under their new model, we are told about Source, but we are taught that we are not creations of Source, but of an intermediary god, MFG…

…and that the priests/politicians of the recombined church/state will lead us to the better life MFG wants for us.

If you have read the Our Relationship to Source series I wrote, you’ll know that I have intuitively arrived at a different model…

Under my own personal model, there is no god between me and Source; there are only larger aspects of myself. When I wake up from this life, I will find myself awake in my soul extension (the part of my infinite soul that is exploring this particular universe). And when I no longer find interest in this universe, I will wake up in my soul, which swims in Source like blue light swims in white light…

…Note that the light on both sides of the prism is the same light, but on one side, it’s experiencing oneness; on the other, it’s experiencing manyness. This is how I see our individuated souls’ relationship to our unified oneness as Source.

I have no doubt that MFG’s agents will attempt to tell me that MFG IS my larger self, but there is one small problem with that: it calls itself a “god,” and I would never do that. The desire to be seen as a “god” springs from the desire to have control over others and from a distorted desire to feel important. Even as a measly human, I am above that, and so are most others. This tells me that MFG is not really a direct part of me, but is an extension of another soul that is exploring something that doesn’t appeal to me. As another extension of Source, it is free to play its games with my blessing, but I don’t wish to participate.

I’ll be writing more about MFG and the New World Religion in upcoming entries.


Your thoughts are welcome!

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